Khann Finance Provider Review: Another Scam

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Khann Finance Provider is an online-based platform that claims to provide Forex Investment solutions to investors. The company claim investors from all over the world can access the platform.

The company founders are not known, and this is an ultimate red flag. You deserve the right to see the company owners prove genuineness.  Legit trade companies always provide founders information and are trustable in return.

The company brags being a legit company, yet the location is still not known. claims the company accepts clients from all over the globe.  The company claims the investors hail from the U.S, Asia, and Europe. Scam Review, Khann Finance Provider Platform

The company boasts having a top-notch team to assist you in growing wealth. Khann Finance Provider brags you can earn funds from the company and that investment entails minimal risk.

The trading world is vast growing, and in the past, attaining high returns was possible in a short span. Like any other business, good and bad days occur while trading, and it is not a child’s play.

You need to apply education and patience to attain pleasing profits. Khann Finance Provider promises you a minimum of 15% -17% profit on your primary investment. The estimated figure for any keen investor with experience in the trading world you will realize this red flag a stay away from the company.

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Khann Finance Provider method of operation is murky and only raises more questions and doubts about their legitimacy. The company claim they have no cloud; hence they guarantee you no.loses incurred while trading with the platform.

The company claims to create a secure and profitable environment for you to boost your investment growth. Despite there being numerous scam platform there are legit Forex brokerage platform that you can trust. boasts you enjoy low risk and optimal convenience while trading in an alleged worry-free platform.

Khann Finance Provider lacks visible evidence to support their claim and earn your trust. The company claim they have Forex traders and analysts who trade in foreign exchange markets and maximize profits for you.

The company does not have financial reports, and without evidence of how they are doing in the industry, they lose investors’ trust. We cannot endorse this Forex brokerage as there are better transparent platforms.

The company provides its address as P.H. Century Tower, Ave. Ricardo J. Alfaro, Office 77-07, Floor 20, Panama City, Republic of Panama. However, during our research, we found out the location is just made up and does not exist.

Funds Safety at Khann Finance Provider

The company claims investors will receive instant payouts upon successful trade completion. No investor has withdrawn funds successfully. Khann Finance Provider accepts multiple payment methods.

The withdrawal process in is not transparent; you should not trust anything the company plans to offer. Once you deposit funds, you may never hear again from the company.

Regulation and Customer Support

For any company to generate funds from public regulation is a mandatory requirement. Khann Finance Provider is not regulated, and the company may smoothly go against the law whenever they choose.

The company risks facing criminal prosecutions. Legal trade farms always provide^the required documents to you and are trustable in their deals.  The company telephone contact is (507)2820777, and the email is; the contact details do not grant the companies they reply to your query.

Unregulated companies quickly go out of the market once they swindle enough funds. You risk losing personal information to goons. Investment Plan

Khann Finance Provider features numerous scam characteristics. The platform uses huge investment plans as a way of luring you into depositing funds. Review, Khann Finance Provider Plan

The company investment plans project high-profit return figures.  The first plan projects for you returns of up to 15% hourly, the minimum deposit is $1 – $200. The next plan promise investors 16% every hour and a maximum deposit of $500.

The last plan offers 17% each hour, and the maximum tradable figure is $20000. The profits this company claims to offer are very unattainable, and they do not make sense.

Khann Finance Provider Affiliate Program

Ponzi schemes generate traffic to their website by using initial investors to attract new customers into the company. The first investors are promised a specific commission after the new member deposits money to the account.

Referral programs do not limit the number of new clients you bring into the platform. offers investors 5-2% off the customers’ deposit. You do not need to invest with Khann Finance Provider for you to profit from the referral program.

Once you join the program, most companies create special links you use to attract new investors, and in return, you earn individual commissions.

Is a Scam Investment Company?

We hate to break it up to you that is indeed a Ponzi scheme that uses attractive figures to fish naive investors into their system. Logically speaking, there is no Forex brokerage offering the kind of profit that this platform displays.

It only raises suspicion, and you should keep off. They entice users with their lucrative affiliate program, but keep in mind that the money will only be available on your dashboard. However, you cannot cash out.

The mode of communication that is available is a significant indicator that the company is not transparent with their clients. Legit companies offer telephone support. It is the norm of pyramid schemes to maintain a high level of anonymity to avoid being put behind bars.

Khann Finance Provider is not left behind. The method that they accept funds to ensuring the amount cannot be traced or reversed. Once you deposit, you instantly lose your money, as you are cash indirectly to the scammers’ pockets.

The platform is an offshore firm, that can disappear at their timing. If they are doing so well, why is there no available testimonials from real investors with proof of earnings? It is because the company has nothing to sell apart from its enticing financial narrative.


Domain Insights

The company was registered on 2020 May for one year till 2021 the same month. The domain name for the company is

According to, we found that the company has massive traffic coming to their firm. They have a global ranking of 685,475. Furthermore, we were also able to know the area they target their victims. The majority of the traffic is coming from Bangladesh, Russia, and Ukraine respectively.

Khann Finance Provider Final Verdict is in no doubt a Ponzi scheme with a significant objective of swindling your money. The method the company plans to use to generate the hourly returns is also not known.

Nothing this company does or claim makes perfect sense. Once this Ponzi platform swindles, your money reaching them remains an impossible task for the authorities.

No contact information is provided, and this is an ultimate red flag. You may come across SMS and social media ads inviting you with the tempting massive return amounts, but you will only receive shocking outcomes.

The platform is not regulated, and this only proves is operating illegally.  You should only trust trade platforms that offer sensible profit margins. Legit trade companies will always provide certification data to investors.

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