Lagrand Group Review: is Exposed by FINMA

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Lagrand Group Review
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The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has warned Switzerland citizens against investing with Lagrand Group. The scheme is illegally operating in the country. The first thing the platform would have done is seek a license from the watchdog. 

Lagrand Group is a broker dealing with forex, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, and stocks. The entity claims to be the best in the industry. Its main focus is offering traders education, tools, and the best support to succeed in their ventures. 

Lagrand Group Review, Lagrand Group Company

However, new evidence has come to light showing this company is unreliable. Everything seems in place until you dig deeper. There is no evidence of trading activities happening on the website. 

Additionally, we didn’t have the liberty of reviewing the learning material. We even doubt whether there is anything useful on the site. Nonetheless, brags about meeting customer satisfaction. We are yet to see anyone who endorses the broker. Additionally, there are no existing client reviews. 

Lagrand Group assures traders of innovative and secure investment. Unfortunately, offshore schemes don’t care about the user’s experience. Your data is at risk of being misused. The entities are run by criminals who can sell or use your data for manipulation. Enjoy the security of funds and personal information from legitimate firms.

We have done the legwork for you and found some of the best crypto companies. These are regulated and authentic platforms. You stand a chance of growing your portfolio while enjoying top-notch services. Try them today!

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Lagrand Group encourages all levels of traders to join them. Their latest technology features boost the confidence of customers. However, expert traders won’t waste their time and funds with a doomed platform. Mainly, offshore schemes target novice investors. They are gullible and easy to sway around. 

You will always be a Ponzi scheme victim if you look for unrealistic ways to make money fast. These companies will lead you to an unfavorable trading environment. Also, they never honor their promises. They leave customers high and dry when they least expect it. 

Lagrand Group’s educational program is available via tutorials, videos, and webinars. We didn’t see the course outline or any evidence of training. Ensure you trade with genuine brokers to boost your knowledge and trading skills. 

The scheme brags about having a solid and experienced team. These are individuals dedicated to helping others attain financial freedom. Unfortunately, the broker does not bother to introduce the team. 

We cannot blindly believe the firm is working with professionals. The least they could do is credit the team by publishing their name alongside the qualification. For all we know, venturing with the scheme can only lead to negative outcomes. 

Trading Conditions and Accounts

Lagrand Group assures traders of their dedication to offering unparalleled trading experience. They use intuitive trading tools that execute trade fast. We were quite disappointed after learning they use a web trader interface. The platform is easy to use but lacks advanced features. 

We recommend using superior software such as the MetaTrader interface for forex trading. You can place orders automatically and keep your trade active using VPS. Furthermore, many investors prefer the platform. 

Lagrand Group has three trading accounts. Their leverage is outrageous for the basic account. It caps at 1:200, which is above what financial bodies approve. Licensed companies in the EU and US offer leverage of 1:30 and 1:50, respectively. Review, Accounts

Leverage is a double-sided sword. It cuts both ways. Either you make huge profits or devastating losses. Other trading conditions, such as spread and commission, are not discussed, which is unprofessional.

The second account leverage is 1:300 with a swap discount of 25%. The Platinum package cap is 1:400. We believe Lagrand Group is deliberately leading investors into risky positions for them to lose cash. 

They do not have a demo account, which you can use to familiarize yourself with the interface. We have enough reasons to believe there are no tradable assets or services. Look for legitimate brokers instead of risking your safety with offshore schemes. 

Withdrawal and Deposits 

Lagrand Group claims to be accepting funds via wire transfer and credit cards. The minimum withdrawable amount is $50. They are offering bonuses and promotions. The withdrawal process allegedly takes 30 days. However, you must first submit compliance documents, proof of address, and identity. 

Never share such information with unregulated companies. The entity claims there are no withdrawal fees. However, we cannot rely on the word offshore scheme. If you accept the bonuses, then you must meet absurd trade volume. Failure to attain the requirement means the withdrawal won’t be processed. 

Unfortunately, there is no proof of payment. Lagrand Group is the kind of broker that withholds your money. They will come up with all sorts of excuses till you give up. They may even inflict hidden charges never mentioned in the terms and conditions.

Legitimate companies don’t try hard to persuade traders to join them. Instead, their good reputation brings in more clients. You will easily find client reviews on third-party websites. They also present audited trading performance, increasing the trust of investors.

Contact Details and Customer Support 

Lagrand Group office address indicates the company is operating from Switzerland. They have a Swiss and UK phone number. You can also reach the support via email. Unfortunately, we cannot validate if the entity has a sound response rate. 

However, we suspect the firm uses a generic address to appear trustworthy. The best brokers work with professional support. Their response rate is fast. On the other hand, scammers only care about the money you deposit. Once you run out of cash, they treat you unethically. They can even insult and block your number. 

Lagrand Group has no customer feedback. Such information shows traders what to expect. The company is exposed as a scam. Therefore, do not expect any exceptional treatment. Eventually, the firm will exit the market. Avoid the platform at all costs.

Regulation Status of Lagrand Group

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has warned Switzerland citizens against investing with Lagrand Group. The scheme is illegally operating in the country. The first thing the platform would have done is seek a license from the watchdog. 

However, considering these criminals don’t intend to help traders, they choose to operate independently. They break the law as they please. You won’t get negative account balance protection from an offshore firm. 

Moreover, traders won’t receive compensation if Lagrand Group exits the market. The platform doesn’t work with reputable financial institutions. Therefore, funds deposited will go to the con artist’s pockets. It is impossible to recover cash once you make a deposit. 

Legitimate companies work in full transparency. They present the names of their account managers, financial analysts, and founders to the financial bodies. It ensures the authority knows whom to hold accountable. These firms also operate per the book. They report daily transactional results to the watchdogs. 

The platform requires traders to install virtual applications like AnyDesk that give them access to your computer. Do not install such things on your gadget as it will give scammers access to your gadget. They can copy passwords or steal other information. 

Final Verdict

Lagrand Group is an unprofessional investment company. The entity is unregulated and offers risky trading conditions. The authorities won’t be able to help you when the scam’s system fails. Avoid trading with such ventures to retain your cash. 

Here are some of the best crypto companies in the market. They offer real-time returns without subjecting investors to unfavorable terms. The withdrawal requests are approved in time. The customer support is also friendly and ethical.

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