Legit Online Jobs Review: A Wakeup Call to Avoid Scams

Legit Online Jobs

It is difficult to figure out legitimate online jobs ? The online world is haunted by scams. This is why it becomes difficult to dig out genuine opportunities. Judgement and investigation can save you from a fair amount of trouble coming your way.

To make your quest easier we did our investigation about Legit Online Jobs platform to evaluate its offering. We identified many red flags and we will talk about these elements in our review.

All you need to know about Legit Online Jobs

Legit Online Jobs was launched by Ross Williams. If you are wondering you will get access to an out of the box income idea, then you are mistaken. This program focuses on ad posting. You will have to post short text ads for different companies.

You are not getting access to these ads free of cost. Currently, you have to pay a fee of about $34.95 to get access to the ads. We started to get the negative vibes the minute we looked at the fee. The reason is that the actual fee to access the ad posting facility is about $64.95. This is why a discount of about 50% was a bit shocking for us.

Legit Online Jobs

We felt that it is an attempt to entice the visitors so that they plunge into sign up right away.

To  get access to the Legit Online Jobs you have to click the order now button on the site. Yes, the minute you click the order button, you will land on a traditional payment page.

When you will click the order button, you will land on ClickBank page. This makes one thing clear that Legit Online Job can be termed as an affiliate website for ClickBank.

You will need to enter your email and your credit card details on the ClickBank page. Personally, we do not approve of the idea of making payments till you know that the program works.

When you have made the payment, then you have to create an account. Next, you have to select the company of your choice for which you have to post ads. When you are done with these steps you can start posting the ads right away.

Apparently, you are allowed to post a maximum of 13 ads a day. The worth of each transaction is in the range of $20 to $70. You can post ads the entire weeks as stated by Legit Online Jobs.

Legit Online Jobs

What we did not like about Legit Online Jobs

First, we do never encourage job opportunities that do not inculcate any creative skill in the user. Ad posting can never be termed as a reliable source of income.

The price they are paying for posting each ad is  quite suspicious. For example, a rate of $20 for a simple ad posting should be enough to make you sceptical.

Ross Williams also seems to be shadowy character. There is no link to his Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile.

How can you trust an income program without having sufficient information about the owner?

Legit Online Jobs Scam

Search the name of this person on Google and you will not get a clue.

The most important thing to identify here is that you should never pay for a legit job. If you are looking for any real testimonials, then you will be disappointed.

Yes, you do see happy customers holding cash but they are stock photos. Let us prove it right here.

This is the picture you see on the website of Legit Online Jobs.

Legit Online Jobs Scam

This is the stock picture.

Legit Online Jobs scam alert

This shows that Legit Online Jobs has started on a negative note so this platform cannot be trusted.

To win your trust you will see anti-virus logos but they are not clickable and this is yet another red flag.

Plus, Legit Online Jobs exploits different perks to attract the users. For example, they seem to be offering bonus which you will never get to cash out.

If Legit Online Jobs state that they offer you bonuses worth $60, then they will not help you much because they are already charging you a fee of about $34.95. $30 extra will not make much of a difference and you are not even sure whether you will get the bonus in the first place.

Support Team

Do not have your hopes pinned on the support team. An email address is available on the support page but you are not sure whether you will get the answers to your queries or not. We were unable to find any live chat support so we believe you should not depend on the live chat support.

The most probable reason the live chat support is not available is that the Legit Online Jobs does not have the answers to your queries and concerns. This means that if you get stuck you cannot question anyone at all in this situation.

Online Assets

If you think you will be able to create your brand using Legit Online Jobs, then you are mistaken. Legit Online Jobs is a dead end.

Community Forums

You do not expect to find any community support for a scam like Legit Online Jobs. Remember community forums are a reliable support so if a platform does not offer this support, then it is not viable to trust such a platform.


Well, the truth is that Legit Online Jobs offers zero value. In fact you are at risk of losing what you invest in this platform. This is why you need to be careful when making your decision.


We do not recommend Legit Online Jobs at all.  This platform fails to prove its authenticity and you might end up wasting the fee you pay. If you are looking for reliable way to making money, then you look into Wealthy Affiliates.

Wealthy Affiliates gives you freedom to grow your career the way you want. You can  think about a business idea and create a website. This way you can expand your business over a passage of time. Remember:

“ Only Smart choices  equate to consistent and legit income”

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