Legithartford24 Review: Avoid the Broker

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Legithartford24 Review
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Despite all the glaring falsifications by Legithartford24, the available customer review is positive, which is laughable. However, such a review is attributable to the referral system, which rewards based on new leads.

Legithartford24 is an unregulated offshore forex broker claiming to be an authentic investment platform. Forex trading dominates mainstream investment, with many investors swearing by its lucrativeness. The lucrativeness is probably due to how this market works- extreme inflation and interest rate fluctuations.

Legithartford24 Review, Legithartford24 Company

While we do not dispel this sentiment, our main concern is the rise of scamming incidents surrounding forex. Despite the regulation efforts, fraudsters still manage to circumvent operation laws and trap unsuspecting investors. Statistics show that 60-70 percent of investors lose money trading with legit brokers-how much worse for scam brokers!

But before you buy into this story about the company being legit, we got some disclaimers for you. The most obvious is that our browser cautions about the company’s website because it is dangerous and deceptive.

 It is advisable to ascertain the legitimacy of a broker before investing with them. You can do this by conducting a background analysis, double-checking all claims a broker makes, and checking customer reviews (though not reliable).

Lucky for you, you are one review away from making an investment mistake. In this article, we give a comprehensive review to expose the illegality of this broker. The review reinforces the browser’s warning and gives substantial grounds for why you should not invest with Legithartford24.

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Legithartford24.com Review

The company claims to provide trading and crypto mining services. Nonetheless, the broker’s website gives lots of unverifiable claims regarding its credibility as a broker. For instance, Legithartford24 brags about a solid client base of over 230,000miners.

However, even though we cannot verify some of these claims, the broker sets a low trust bar, and we can only conclude that most(if not all) of these claims are false. The fact that there is a security warning attached to the broker’s operations denotes that it has negative publicity.

Here are some of the best crypto companies in the market. These schemes have a solid reputation. Investors who choose regulated platforms stand a better chance of utilizing advance tools. Additionally, clients can earn passive income without having to watch their back.

Contact Details

The location address that Legithartford24 gives is obscure. On its website contact page, the broker’s address is 1090 Dunaway Road, MS. However, it is unlikely that this company operates here, given that the US is one of the countries with the most stringent forex markets. Strangely, the broker provides a different address on its about page- 56 Burnley St, Richmond VIC3121, Australia. You do not need further proof that this broker is shady- otherwise, why would it give two addresses?

Legithartford24.com Review, Legithartford24.com Features

The company’s telephone contact is +1(863) 216-8835, and the email address is support@legithartford24.com. Even if it is possible to contact the company, it would be unwise to let the broker access your personal information, including your contacts! There is no telling what it can do with such details.

Domain Insight

Whois database indicates that Legithartford24 registered on 7th April 2022. Despite this broker claiming that it has many years of experience, we find that it is only a newbie in the market.

When investing, it is advisable to seek a broker with an established track record and solid reputation of transparency and excellence. In our case, the broker is 184 days old, which is insufficient to give an accurate track record or reputation.

Also, the fact that the domain expires next year leaves many questions. The longevity of this broker hangs in the balance, which gives us more reason to doubt its credibility.

Trading Conditions

The enticing incentives lure you into depositing your money to the broker. Legithartford24 allegedly offers a $50 cashback for new accounts and up to 200 percent as investment payouts. Also, the broker claims to segregate investors’ deposits into a different account. Recall that regulators forbid such incentives are they are extortion tools. This proves that the broker is a scam since it should not offer such terms under regulation.  

 Legal documents, such as the terms & conditions, are mandatory as they set clear expectations, obligations, and rights of the parties involved. The broker’s T&Cs are vague and dodge any detail specifying the rules or contexts of engagement with the broker.

Do not assume that this ambiguity is a coincidence. The broker is cunning and knows that concealing such material details gives them an advantage over your money. We recommend that you only invest with legitimate brokers who are clear on the terms of engagement.

Trading Software

Legithartford24 has no trading software but instead provides third-party charts. Once you deposit your money, you will not be able to trade because these are charts and not an actual platform. The only sure thing about this broker is that you will waste your time (the charts give you the illusion that you are making money) and money (since they will not refund).

When investing, always confirm the trading software that your broker is providing. The trading industry recommends the MT4 and MT5 software as they offer extensive functionalities that optimize your trading experience. With such a platform, you can backtest, auto-trade, and instantly execute orders.

Also missing from the broker’s website is a demo account. This is inconvenient because those unfamiliar with crypto mining do not have a chance to gain exposure. In most cases, reliable brokers provide a demo account for better acquaintance.                                                                                               

Regulation Status of Legithartford24

Legithartford24 claims that it is based in Mississippi in the US. This information gives the impression that the company is under US regulation. However, the chances of the shady company being in the US are low, let alone licensure to operate there. The broker also claims that the Australian Securities &commission (ASIC) regulates it. We checked with the register but did not find such registration credentials, proof that the broker is falsifying its legality.

In all likelihood, we are dealing with an offshore and unregulated broker, which is bad news for investors. Unregulated brokers are dangerous since they will swindle your money, and there is nothing that you can do about it. This is because you do not enjoy the refund guarantee and immunity that regulators provide to those investing with legit brokers. Furthermore, it is hard to get legal help when dealing with an offshore broker due to the jurisdiction challenges inherent with such brokers. You are thus safer avoiding such brokers.

Legithartford24 Customers Reviews

Despite all the glaring falsifications by Legithartford24, the available customer review is positive, which is laughable. However, such a review is attributable to the referral system, which rewards based on new leads.

In any case, we do not recommend relying on customers’ reviews (genuine or otherwise) as they are subjective experiences that can be misleading. Regarding Legithartford24, the only safe and failproof option we can guarantee for you is avoiding the broker.

Final Verdict

You are never entirely immune from losses when in forex investment, which tells you that the situation worsens if you deal with scammers. These brokers will use any trick to gain your attention and investment capital, whether impersonating or faking their credibility. If you fall for their catchy marketing gimmicks, you will lose all your money with no chance of recovering it.   

Always exercise due diligence when choosing your investment broker to avoid such occurrences. This entails, among other things, fact-checking all information and claims that brokers make. Also, be keen on any omission of material information, as this implies a lack of integrity. These steps ensure that you only settle for safe and genuine crypto companies.



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