Link2Link Forex Review: Flimflam Firm

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Link2Link Forex Review
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Link2Link Forex’s website has no information regarding who runs the company. The only information available is the vision and mission. There is nothing about the firm’s executive or where it came from.

Link2Link Forex may seem like a genuine broker, but there is more than what meets the eye. When it comes to making money, there are no shortcuts. This has, however, not deterred people from looking for them. The internet, in particular, has created many opportunities for people to make money, albeit through unorthodox means by some. One of the avenues for making money today is through forex trading.

Link2Link Forex Review, Link2Link Forex Company

Many people who join this business see videos on the internet of people driving big cars and envy their lifestyle. However, not everything on the internet is accurate, and many people there do not know the first thing about trading. You need to train and work with a reputable and reliable forex broker to make money in this venture.

A good broker will inform you about all the risks involved in trading the forex market. There are also scam brokers like Link2Link Forex. Despite the efforts of governments to curb their spread, they seem to be increasing. Part of their proliferation is people’s desire to make quick money and a lack of information. These scam brokers give you attractive offers, and before you know it, your money is gone. This review will show you why this broker is a scam and how you can avoid falling for their dirty tricks.


The broker seems convincing enough. For one, it claims to be a leading forex trading platform registered in the United Kingdom. From the website, the broker also claims to be the best in India. As such, it is probably targeting the Indian market. The firm aims to give customers the tools they need to make the most money possible. They do this by supposedly providing them with the best possible service.

They claim to have a vision of seeing traders succeed in this lucrative and volatile forex market. The broker claims to be operating in more than 65 countries worldwide, helping to make forex trading more accessible. The broker does not, however, offer services to people in Cuba, USA, Iraq, Sudan, North Korea, and Myanmar. They have not explained why this is the case.

As a trader with this broker, you can trade CFDs, oil, precious metals, and currencies. On the website, there were some dysfunctional links. For example, we tried to access the news link and read more about the company, but we got an error message.

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The broker offers three different accounts with minimum deposit, spread, commission, leverage, and minimum withdrawal. However, all the information on the website is aimed at portraying the broker as legit. When we thoroughly scrutinized them, we uncovered some shady things about them.

Founders and Team

In legit companies, a portion of the website talks about its inception and journey. This is where you find details about the founders, employees, and current leaders. However, the Link2Link Forex website has no information regarding who runs the company. The only information available is the vision and mission. There is nothing about the firm’s executive or where it came from.

There is no timeline for its achievements or other companies they have partnered with over the years. After checking how long they have been operating, we realized the website was created on 2020-09-01, updated on 2021-10-03, and expires on 2023-09-01. The broker will not be in business for long since its domain website will expire soon.

Contact Details

These details are essential to any company’s success. When it comes to spending money, customers always have questions and worries. Due to the high-stakes nature of forex trading, clients must have round-the-clock access to their broker. Review, Features

When trading, it’s essential to keep tabs on more than just the market but also your account balance. Many traders overtrade; thus, brokers must keep them informed when their funds are getting low. This is critical since it prevents traders from completely wiping out their accounts.

Link2Link Forex has provided an email and messaging platform. These are not enough, however. They should provide a functional and reliable phone number to reach customers for queries.

Link2Link Forex Regulation Status

When choosing a broker, many traders focus on who is offering the lowest spreads. However, overlooking the legal aspect is dangerous. The goal of trading is to make money. The only way to ensure you will get the money you earn is by working with a licensed trader. Unfortunately, there are many unregulated traders in the market, and Link2Link Forex is one of them.

One of the signs that this broker is a scam is its conflicting information. For one, it says that it is based in the UK. However, it also says it serves Indians. Therefore, it is unclear whether the Indian authorities have registered it. The firm claims to be registered by the Registrar of International Business Companies to prove its legitimacy. In the UK, any forex broker must be registered by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). When we checked their database, we did not find Link2Link Forex as they had purported.

The company does not meet the demands of this regulatory body and hence does not qualify for a license. Per the FCA regulations, the broker should not offer leverage of more than 1:30. This broker has violated this rule, and thus there is no way FCA would have licensed them. Regulated brokers are also required to have segregated accounts to protect client funds.

Link2Link Forex Customer Testimonials

We could not find any credible reviews from actual customers online. There should be a lot of praise and recommendations for them if they have helped traders as much as they say they claim. There is also no active social media presence where people may find such details. They avoided having one because doing so would have disclosed their secrets. If the company is international, as they claim, many people could be talking about it.

Trading Conditions

These are essential for a trader. It is what differentiates one broker from another. Things like spread, commissions, swap charges, and initial deposits are vital. The minimum deposits for this broker range between $100 and $5,000. This amount can discourage many retail traders.

Something else we noted about this company is their $100 minimum withdrawal requirement. This is a red flag. If you traded with $100, you’d have to double your account to get back your money. That isn’t easy to achieve, even for experienced traders. The demand is unrealistic and proves the company is up to no good. The $10 commission is also unacceptably high for any legit broker.

Link2Link Forex Deposit and Withdrawal

How, as a trader, you can make deposits and withdrawals are unclear. Because this broker lacks the proper licensing, customers will probably be required to use underhanded payment methods, such as Bitcoin, making any potential refunds difficult.

It’s also possible that this broker will charge you a lot in withdrawal fees or complicate the process. It’s no wonder they have included a minimum withdrawal amount. They have only provided a QR code that traders must scan to deposit. This raised further questions about the shady broker.

Final Verdict

We have determined that Link2Link Forex is a fraudulent broker based on our investigation. They profess to be experts in the field, but in reality, they have zero relevant expertise. They present a dangerous work environment, and you should avoid them.

There is no shortage of reputable and reliable brokers available to anyone interested in trading foreign currencies. You may look at their official paperwork online and see if they are legitimate.

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