Logic iq Review: Logiciq.co a Dangerous FCA Blacklisted Company

Logic Iq Review
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Logic Iq is breaking the rules of many countries. Their actual country of origin is unknown. The venture is anonymous and the people that are handing traders cash are hiding behind the scene.

Logic Iq is a company that will make you lose your hard-earned money rather than helping you secure the future. The company is unregulated and they are also on the warning list of the FCA.

The market has several fraudsters that eye for traders’ funds. However, this should not deter you from investing. We have compiled a list of the best cryptocurrency trading companies to save you the trouble of dealing with con artists. 

Logiciq.co Review, Logiciq.co Company

Logic Iq is a broker that makes empty promises to customers. In this review, we provide relevant information that exposes the company. The red flags are many and turning a blind eye will leave a negative balance on your account.

We look out to all investors informing them of the newest Ponzi scheme in the market. Rookie traders may have a hard time identifying a scam. There is no need to worry as you research and understand more about the investment your funds are at minimal risk of being lost.

The company is capable of asking for hidden fees from investors. Suspicious platforms do not care and they can violate their own terms whenever they please. The scheme is trying to woo over traders with their false promises. 

Logiciq.co Review

Logic Iq is a problematic investment company that will exit the market when you least expect them. The platform will cut off communication with the traders. They will try their level best to limit investors from issuing a chargeback. 

The company may push you to the edge requiring that you trade at a specific time and deposit a high amount of funds. The firm will then push you to risky limits. In an actual sense, they are not trading.

You will then lose your cash. In desperate times you are likely to encounter recovery .agencies guaranteeing to get back your money. However, this is impossible unless you made a deposit via Visa or MasterCard.

Logic Iq is breaking the rules of many countries. Their actual country of origin is unknown. The venture is anonymous and the people that are handing traders cash are hiding behind the scene.

There are many reasons to stay away from fraud. They are not trading forex, cryptos, stocks, or commodities as advertised on th website. This is an offshore investment scheme. The venture will soon be out of the industry. 

How Does Logic Iq Work?

It is hard to tell and the only people who can answer this question are the fraudsters behind Logic Iq. The company fails to share its banking information. They may go bankrupt and exit the industry leaving clients high and dry.

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Con artists disturb traders with constant calls. They will keep asking for more money. Moreover, the entity does not have feedback from its clients. The company is infamous and the statistics it publishes on the website are misleading.

Logic Iq allegedly uses Artificial intelligence. Their software is hardly available to traders. The venture praises their efficient bots that only deliver great success to traders. Traders do not need to perform any hard task. 

The bots track data online and analyze it on behalf of investors. It eliminates any human mistake and executes your order. The speed of the automatic machine enters a precise price. The company is lying about being licensed. Unfortunately, there is no security at Logic Iq.

Logic Iq Investment Plans

The broker has 6 investment plans. All the accounts have access to 3 standard artificial intelligence, indicators, and console. The Bronze package has a 1-3% ROI. It comes with 5 HFT block trades and 20 indicators.

Things keep getting better if you are willing to invest more funds. The VIP account has a position size of 1-10%. There is 30 HFT block trades and over 500 indicators. The company does not seem to be investing. 

Hence, this information is to sway traders into choosing the scheme. We do not know the accurate performance of Logic Iq. The trading bot should publish its trading results to prove their profitability. 

Customer Support and Contact Details

 Logic Iq is a company that is welcoming to visitors coming to their platform. A chatbot keeps popping up and you might never see them as being a fraud. They will shower you with attention just to appear reliable. 

However, assumptions can cost you in the online investment venture. The only way to determine whether an entity has great communication with traders is to check their customer reviews. If they don’t check them up online to see whether the platform is genuine. 

Fraudsters ussualy stop communicating with clients by refusing to reply to emails and deactivating their phones. We recommend that you don’t share your personal data with Logic Iq. They can sell it to third-party exposing you to more danger. 

The scam does not have a parent company. Therefore, it shall be impossible to track them down. Invest with legit platforms that provide their ideal office address and are focused on providing professional services to clients.

Regulation and Registration

Logic Iq is a company that does not feature information on its regulatory status. The venture is operating as it pleases without giving a hoot about the law. Moreover, the venture is targeting investors from the United Kingdom. 

After visiting the FCA website to check whether the platform has a license we instead found the firm on the warning list of the financial body. It is illegal to collect money from traders without having a regulatory form. FINMA the financial body of Switzerland has also slapped the scheme with a warning.

The Financial Conduct Authority ensures the trading conditions of an entity are sober and ideal. They supervise the daily activities of the company to make sure there is no manipulation. A broker must also deposit capital of 730K in their name. 

The amount act as compensation to traders in case of insolvency. Another requirement is for the firms to segregate funds in separate tier 1 banks. This boosts the security of funds. Logic Iq is a company that wants to disappear in the thin air without the authority coming after them. 

It is important that you stick to a legit investment scheme in the market. It is unwise to trade with this venture. The safety of your funds and information should be your main concern. 

Logic Iq False Testimonials

Logic Iq is a desperate investment bot company that provides false information using stock images. The information market the fraudulent activities of the platform. The company wants traders to upgrade plans for them to generate more profits. 

Logic Iq Review, Logic Iq Testimonials

The futuristic software accepts investors from all corners of the world without considering regulatory bodies. Why don’t these traders show us their trading results or screenshot of their earnings? 

Final Verdict

Logic Iq is an illegitimate offshore platform that fails to adhere to the set rules. It is hard to know how the broker manages its daily financial activities. The founder and team are anonymous. Investors should not struggle to find the information as the company is responsible for providing the data.

The entity does not instill confidence in traders. They are suspicious and their whole operation is hazardous. A legit cryptocurrency company will avail key features of their services to shed light on their operation.

Moreover,  is not safe for traders. Two regulatory bodies have warned investors against trading with Logic Iq. Nobody will come to your rescue when the platform decides to steal your cash.

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