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LSG Financial Review
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To reach LSG Financial, customers can call or send an email. There are, however, no details on how to access them physically. The company does not also have any social media platforms to facilitate communication.

LSG Financial is one of those online investment firms you should stay away from. Even if you do not have any experience in online investment, there are some red flags you can use to identify a scam. As a rule in investment, never trust any deal that promises quick returns. There are many companies out there promising a high ROI, but in the real sense, they are just angling for your money. They cannot deliver on their promises.

Although the internet has changed the world considerably, it has also opened doors for many criminal and unethical activities. Now more than ever, people need to be educated on the potential dangers of the internet. Although there is a lot of awareness about these issues, it is apparent that we still have a long way to go.

People are still forwarding messages on social media asking their friends to click on a particular link with the promise of getting some quick returns. This is one of the features of a Ponzi or pyramid scheme. Although some people may get some money, the vast majority lose.       

LSG Financial Review, LSG Financial Company

Although many scammers are plaguing the online investment market, all is not lost. There are still many legit crypto companies and transparent and honest online investment companies you can work with. With these companies, you will get value for your money.

They will not promise you quick returns. However, they can promise you that you will not lose money through dubious means. These registered companies are also open to scrutiny and welcome any concerns you might have concerning their services.        

This review will show why LSG Financial is a scam and some of the red flags you should check.  

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We gathered a few things the company claims about itself from their website. Using analytics and data, they locate promising new investments. Whether you’re looking to capitalize on the rise of AI or spread risk across a global defence portfolio, LSG Financial claims to have you covered with data-driven solutions and tactics designed for success. When you register for their services, they ask you questions about the reasons for your investment.

Regardless of the reason, the firm claims its team of qualified financial experts will guarantee returns. The company then allegedly helps you to build a flexible personal portfolio. If you have challenges deciding how much to invest, they will help you. This is an obvious red flag, as the company has no right to interfere with such a personal decision. LSG does not mention how it makes money through this process. It only claims to help investors make money to create the impression that it is focused on helping you.    

Founders and Team 

The acronym LSG means “Liam, Sachwell & Galahad.” We, however, could not find any evidence that these are names of people affiliated with the company. Even if they were people’s names, it is absurd that the company did not mention this outright. Every company should be proud of its founders or current team running it. Keeping these identities concealed means they are hiding something. Review,  Features

On their website, the company has mentioned something to do with workforce diversity. Although this is good, we expected they would release more information about the employees. However, they have provided images of people from different races but no names. These are not enough to explain who the firm administrators are.   

From, we found that the company website was created on 2021-06-07, updated on 2021-07-05, and will expire on 2023-06-07. We could not establish who runs the company or where it operates.

Contact Details

These are essential for any investment company. Given the risky nature of any investment, clients need to access the company whenever they want. To reach LSG Financial, customers can call or send an email. There are, however, no details on how to access them physically. The company does not also have any social media platforms to facilitate communication.

LSG Financial Products

Regardless of all the services the firm purports to deal with, it has no legit goods or services. The company affiliates can only sell LSG Financial affiliate memberships. This is how their compensation plan works:

Once you invest in LSG Financial, the company promises you daily returns as follows:  

Safety Net: Here, you invest between $100 and $9999. In return, you get 0.8% to 0.85% per day

Equity Pool: Here, you invest between $10,000 and $24,999. In return, you get 1% to 1.05% per day

EFT: Here, you invest between $25,000 and $49,999. In return, you get 1.6% to 1.65% per day

Fixed Income: Here, you invest between $25,000 and $49,999. In return, you get 1.6% to 1.65% per day

Balanced Fund: Here, you invest at least $100,000. In return, you get 1.9% to 1.95% daily

Retirement Fund: Here, you invest at least $100,000. In return, you get 1.5% to 1.7% daily.

As you can see, the Balance Fund is better than the Retirement fund. This is a red flag. It shows either the deals are shady or the person investing will not have clear information about what they are doing. Another thing we noticed about their investment plan is that their validity is only for one year. After the period lapses, you must enrol for another one to continue earning.        

For referrals, the company pays commissions on invested funds. This means the commission you will get depends on the amount the person you refer will invest. This is how the program works:

1st: When you invite affiliates, you get a 10% commission

2nd: When the person you recruited in level 1 recruits another person, you get a 5% commission

3rd: When the person in level 2 invites another person, you get a 3% commission.

The scheme is designed to encourage you to invite as many people as possible and convince them about the ‘infinite’ possibilities of investing with this company.

LSG Financial Regulation Status

Due to the sensitive nature of online investments, governments have put strict licensing requirements in place. Since this company is a Ponzi scheme, it cannot be legal. For one, there is no way to tell where it operates from. This is a strategy to keep them from obtaining the necessary legal documents.

If it were working in the United States, it would be required to acquire registration. Before a company can be registered, it has to meet specific standards. One of them is that it has to guarantee client funds’ safety. In case it goes bankrupt, clients should not lose money. This company cannot guarantee this.                   

If the company were registered, it would provide its certificate for all to see. As it is, there is no such documentation on the company website. This lack of openness indicates that you are dealing with a fraudster.

LSG Financial Customer Testimonials

We found no customer reviews on the website saying how much they have earned since investing in the company. This is very critical to determining whether you should invest in the company. The company did not provide proof that someone had invested and made money.    

Final Verdict

Irrespective of what the company says about itself, it is clear that LSG Financial is a Ponzi scheme. The company has not provided any details regarding how its investment plan works. They have just given investors unrealistic expectations.

This promise is just for luring people into investing in the company. When enough people have invested, they will disappear. To invest, you need to work with trustworthy crypto investment companies. Here you can rest assured your money is safe.        

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