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Lyndon Finance Limited
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Lyndon Finance Limited lacks a trading history. The platform even fakes its times of origin to win investors’ trust. They do not credit the account managers, founders, or financial analysts. You should be wary of investment companies that operate discreetly.

Lyndon Finance Limited dates its history back to 1983. They claim that a group of professionals came together to form the organization. They put the needs of their customers first. Ever since, they have attained great success. Their major milestones were achieved in the year 2018 after utilizing innovative technology.

Lyndon Finance Limited Review, Lyndon Finance Limited Company

However, the venture does not mention existing using a separate name. Once we checked on, we realized the entity was established in October 2021. We are not aware of the individual behind the company. Moreover, the domain name is expected to expire in a year.

Lyndon Finance Limited lacks a trading history. The platform even fakes its times of origin to win investors’ trust. They do not credit the account managers, founders, or financial analysts. You should be wary of investment companies that operate discreetly. Once they exit the market, it is impossible to go after them.

Invest with genuine forex trading brokers. These are entities operating by the law. Their trading conditions are also sound and transparent. Additionally, the withdrawal process is swift. Review

Lyndon Finance Limited purports it takes the safety of funds seriously. They segregate the company’s money from customers’ accounts. It is a good approach that ensures a broker does not receive their clients’ funds. Additionally, if the investment scheme faces bankruptcy, investors’ fund is safe, and they can receive compensation.

Sadly, the enterprise discloses the top-tier banks with its partners. Deutsche Bank, Citi Bank, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, and UBSC. This being an offshore company, we can only assume it is bluffing. They are misusing the names of reputable financial institutions to gain the trust of their victims. 

Lyndon Finance Limited offers fundamental and technical analysis education. Unfortunately, we do not have the liberty of viewing the learning material. Some of these fraudulent companies will copy-paste what is already available on search engines. They accept even novice traders.

They make trading seem effortless. The entity claims you can copy-paste to the strategy of expert traders. But before embarking on such a journey, you should know that once the person you are emulating makes losses, you will also suffer the same fate. Fraudulent companies deliberately make you lose for them to earn.

Trading Conditions of Lyndon Finance Limited

Lyndon Finance Limited has five trading accounts. The beginner account requires investors to deposit capital of €250. It comes with nine currency pairs and over 25 trading tools. A dedicated account manager is also available. Investors, she’ll enjoy floating and fixed spreads and only three insured trades. 

The silver accounts accept a deposit of €2500. You can trade on margin and have four insured trades. There are over 50 instruments and two types of assets to be traded. The investor account takes capital of €5000. It has a company lending in micro lot trading. Furthermore, the account is insured and has three types of assets and over 200 trading instruments.

The Premium Account accepts a deposit of €10000. It comes with four types of assets and over 250 trading tools. Investors can enjoy ten insured word trades and a 50% bonus. There is also a mentor training program and several trading signals for contract account insurance. The Gold account is the mega plan which requires a capital of €50000.

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It comes with 15 insured trades and four types of assets. It has company lending and a 70% bonus. An account manager will also be assigned. Users will also have access to the broker’s reserve fund. A personal analyst is also available.

Lyndon Finance Limited provides a web trader interface. Despite the platform having recommendable features, traders who are used to the MetaTrader version will not settle for less. Moreover, offshore schemes tend to manipulate the trading activities using web traders. Withdrawal and Deposits 

Lyndon Finance Limited is allegedly only accepting funds via debit and credit card. However, these options seem not to work. You will have to consult a company directly to make a transaction. It is a common trick used by fraudsters. They may ask you to install a remote access desktop on your computer.

They can view your critical data and steal the information. The entity may also be accepting money via methods that limit clients from issuing chargebacks. Additionally, investors that cash out funds less than €20 are subjected to a commission charge of €20.

Lyndon Finance Limited does not provide sufficient information regarding the withdrawal. Moreover, you will be exposing yourself to severe danger by choosing them as your trading partner.

Customer Support and Contact Details

The name of the company insinuates The venture is operating from London. Our suspicion was correct as even the address on the website is from the region. Lyndon Finance Limited customer support is available via phone number and email address.

The scheme is providing false information to remain relevant. Nobody knows the actual location of the scheme. Moreover, offshore platforms do not waste money hiring professional support. Their sole intention is to defraud as many people as they can.

They will cut you off after realizing you have run out of money. They will either blacklist your number or disconnect their phone number. The email will also go unread. 

A transparent company will put the needs of its client at the foremost. If you face any challenge while trading, you are assured the problem shall be resolved in time. The team is also friendly and ethical. 

Regulatory Status of Lyndon Finance Limited

Lyndon Finance Limited ought to be in the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) database. Every company operating from the United Kingdom must legally be in business. A capital of 732 euros should be kept in a segregated account. It facilitates a speedy withdrawal process. 

Additionally, it also proves a broker can sustain its trading activities during volatility without compromising traders’ funds. Moreover, in case of insolvency, the client will receive compensation of €85 000. Customers enjoy peace of mind and ideal trading conditions. Review, Features

Lyndon Finance Limited is a platform that does not report its daily transactional report to the financial watchdog. Therefore, they can manipulate the price to appear as though you are winning while you will only be making losses. 

This being an offshore platform, can exit the market unceremoniously without being caught. The entity states Japanese laws govern it. There are limited numbers of Japanese brokers in the market. The financial bodies responsible for overseeing the activities of brokers are The Financial Future Association of Japan and the Japanese Financial Service Authority. The murky company is not in their database.

No benefit comes with offshores companies. Furthermore, they only advertise alluring trading but never deliver. Lyndon Finance Limited does not have proof of payment. We are also yet to see anyone that has gained from their system. Walk away while they still can.

Final Verdict 

Lyndon Finance Limited is a nasty Ponzi scheme. The broker is operating against the law. You should never rely on a company that provides a false office address. Additionally, it is impossible to uncover the people behind the scheme. We cannot validate that the firm is working with professionals.

You can check out these legitimate forex trading companies instead of throwing your money in the air with an exposed scam. Moreover, they take the safety of investors’ funds seriously. You will enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re dealing with experts. 


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