Main Coin Review: Trustworthy or Not?

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Main Coin is another pyramid scheme in the market that you should be on the lookout for. They offer clients unlimited income by venturing into their projects. Through increasing your funds, you will have the opportunity to have to earn stable returns.

The company has insufficient data regarding their activities. The business model of this platform is additionally lurking. If at all, there are investment activities taking place on their website, they should create transparency with their clients.

Main Coin states that they pay their investors on the 11th day after they deposit funds. The least amount of money that you can invest is 10 p. They assure their clients that they automatically release funds into their account.

The shady company does not have a restriction on the amount that you can deposit. However, you can only withdraw at least 5 p. In the most pyramid scheme, it is noteworthy that you can only see your account balance in the dashboard, but upon withdrawal, there are no funds available.

The company entices users with a bonus gift of 1 Ruble. Additionally, the platform assures its clients that their funds are secure in their company. They allegedly have DDOS and SSL certificates.

The pyramid scheme features a section that showcases their recent withdrawal and deposit. promise their clients a daily profit of 10%. The amount is attractive, and many investors will fall for this scam.

Unfortunately, this company has no intention of making any investor rich. They will only leave you high and dry. Invest with trustworthy cryptocurrency platforms that will help you reach your financial goals.

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It is not clear what type of crypto investment undertake is it mining or trading. The info on their website is insufficient and bogus.

Moreover, the company does not showcase who their owner is, or the team behind their alleged high performance. Venturing with Main Coin would be the worst financial mistake that you could ever make.

You only need to register in this platform using your Payeer wallet for you to start earning. The amount that you cash into their system turns into the speed of increasing balance that you can withdraw at your favorable time.

Main Coin Review, Main Coin Platform

Cryptocurrency investment associates numerous risks. Main Coin is offering absurd rewards to investors, which raises suspicion. How they mitigate those risks remains a mystery.

If any investment venture discovers an opportunity that would yield them such returns, chances of sharing it with members of the public are very slim. Nonetheless, there is no financial report on their platform to show they are indeed the best company in the industry.

Considering they do not have any banking information available. It would be unwise to trust the Main Coin company. Their investment plans are not openly discussed; they only shows the minimum amount that you can cash in.

You can expect that the salesperson of Main Word will be on your toes, trying to convince you to deposit more money for you to earn even more profits.

Regulation and Customer Support

Main Coin is a company that is accepting money from clients across the globe. Unfortunately, they do not have regulatory documents that permit them to collect funds from members of the public.

Countries like the USA, UK, Australia, among others, have put up strict measures that investment companies must adhere to protect their citizen from losing money to scammers. The online venture is plagued by professional con artists who are after your payment.

Moreover, they will do anything possible to convince you to deposit. You should check for the licensing form before trusting a company with your money. Some advantages come along with investing with unregulated companies. Scam Review, Benefits

In the long run, it is not worth the risk as you will lose money. The company brags that they have an operational, technical support team. You can reach them via Main Coin does not have a telephone number that you can contact them through.

Legit investment companies in the industry have a mobile number that their clients can quickly contact them. The kind of anonymity that possesses tells more about the type of venture that they are.

The platform is trying so hard to remain discreet to their clients. Why would you trust such a company with your money? You will get nothing but bad experience and vast losses. Referral Program

Main Coin claims that their investors can earn money without having an active deposit. All you have to do is invite people in their company to receive a 15% bonus from their deposit.

There is no available proof to show that investors have been able to earn from this platform. Hence you should not trust their dealings. Pyramid schemes utilize their marketers to scam as many naïve investors as they can.

You may encounter adverts, videos, and written content endorsing this shady company. Avoid believing everything you read online if a deal sounds too good walk away while you still can.

The platform like Main Coin will only pay you if you deposit a small amount of funds, but if you make the mistake of cashing in vast funds, the company will ghost on you.

Is Main Coin Legit or Not?

Main Coin is not a legit company as it is operating against the law. The company does not have a license permitting them to carry out their investment services.

Moreover, the platform does not disclose who its founder is also running it incognito. They have not left any concrete evidence to trace them. Email as a means of communication is not convent as you may have to wait forever for feedback.

There is no enough information on the withdrawal process. Additionally, the mode that the platform accepts funds with ensuring you cannot reverse your money. You will be cashing indirectly to the fraudsters’ bank account. Be wary of this kind of company.

Funds are not safe in this pyramid scheme as the platform does not disclose the financial institution where they segregate investors’ funds. There is no visible evidence of people withdrawing funds from this firm.

If this platform is doing so well, then there should be proof. There are many loopholes that we cannot turn a blind eye on. You should not deposit money in this platform, or else you risk losing your hard-earned money or even worse your personal information may be used against you

The Domain Insight

During our research, we were able to gather useful information regarding this suspicious company. The platform official domain name is Its registration, according to, took place in April 2020 and will expire in the same month the year 2021.

The information regarding their owner is hidden. The website has high traffic; according to, they have a global rank of 184,124.  The majority of their traffic comes from Brazil, while the other is from Russia and Egypt.

Main Coin Final Verdict

Unregulated companies can break the law willingly without minding their clients. Main Coin is one of those platforms that you should keep off at all costs.

To make even matter worst, they do not have the terms and conditions of venturing with them. They may change their terms compromising your funds. Additionally, such platforms have hidden charges that they will never disclose to investors.

Ensure you only venture with the best mining companies in the industries that will guarantee you receive profits.



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