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Maxsima Review
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Maxsima is a tactical scam that has no investment services or products to offer. The entity is operating without having a license. Investors who blindly join this entity will suffer huge loses. Invest with legit companies that are trading cryptocurrencies like BTC.

Maxsima is an operation that has been deceiving clients for some time. The entity is a scam that is running its business illegally. The company claims that it conducts Bitcoin investment activities. The platform targets investors with little to no knowledge about trading.

Moreover, this suspicious venture also promises its clients that they will train them. Therefore, there is no need to worry if you have zero knowledge. Online investment has made several people decent earnings.

However, this should not be taken as a guarantee that you will automatically make money. The industry is filled with multiple scammers that target innocent traders. Those that are triggered by high profits are at increased risk of falling victim.

The returns that Maxsima promises its customers are mind-blowing. Unfortunately, the entity will eventually collapse. The company is a pyramid scheme that its survival depends on new investors signing up.

Once there are no new individuals that fall for their scheme, the website will shut down. The money of investors will be trapped in the scammer’s system. There is nothing that you can do since nobody knows who are the real people running the entity. Review

Just like all other fraudulent companies, Maxsima also has its unique financial narrative. The entity allegedly has a power team that is experienced in trading. The platform team is the most significant contributor to its success.

The firm guarantees high profits to investors who will observe their security. It is hard believing such information, especially when it comes from anonymous people. It is essential for every company to present its team for credibility purposes.

Maxsima Review, Maxsima Company

Unfortunately, since this is a scam expecting anything from them is a huge requirement. Your money is not safe in their hands, and you need to be very careful. Maxsima continues to brag that they have enough manpower to assist investors.

Invest with trustworthy and great investment cryptocurrency trading companies. These platforms have no intention of defrauding their clients or availing false information. Your information is safe with them.

The company also states that it also offers forex trading, stocks, bonds, gold, futures, and other assets to its clients. The entity claims it has extensive knowledge and tools to help them thrive. Sadly, what they promise is not achievable, and investors will suffer huge losses.

Investment Plans and Promised Returns

The minimum amount that you can cash in at Maxsima is $20. It is baffling that this small amount of money is purported to yield a profit of 2.5% for two months. Additionally, the firm claims that traders can cash out immediately.

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The higher the amount that you deposit, the greater your reward. The entity has a total of six investment plans. All of them are outrageous and unrealistic. Their VIP package is the most absurd.

Maxsima Review, Maxsima Investment Scheme

It has up to 2250% profit. The duration you are supposed to wait for the return to mature varies depending on the plan you select. Everyone wants to become rich, but there is no shortcut.

Whenever you come across a venture that is offering such a package, you need to be cautious. Logically speaking, nobody would offer such a lucrative opportunity for a few cents. Moreover, there would be countless investors flocking to this website.

Withdrawal and Deposit

Maxsima accepts funds via Perfect Money. The entity does not have an option that permits investors to issue a chargeback, which is a huge shortcoming. Once you deposit funds, they will go straight to the scammer pocket.

The trading conditions of this platform are not disclosed. The entity has a commission for everyone who helps them grow their venture. The more people you bring in, the higher the outcome. The platform is not safe to trade with as they are operating illegally.

You cannot trust Maxsima. Once the platform meets its objective, they won’t mind your goals. The chances of this company disappearing in thin air are high. There are better ways to earn decent returns. Ensure that you only deal with licensed firms.

Contact Details

Maxsima is allegedly based in the United Kingdom. Investors’ can contact them via their email. The firm expects traders to trust them with their funds, yet they don’t have enough funds to hire support. The figures which they display are mesmerizing.

Sadly, this is not reality. The platform does not have a physical address. The location which the entity displays are false. If they cannot be transparent with such a minor aspect, what makes you think they will generate funds for you?

Regulatory Status of Maxsima

The entity features a registration certificate from a company house in the United Kingdom. These materials are easily and cheaply accessible in the country. Furthermore, what investors should be looking for is a license from the relevant authority.

Maxsima avail this info to confuse novice investors. The majority of the investors do not know the difference between being a company’s registration with regulation. Therefore, scammers tend to confuse traders with these two terms.

The platform claims that it is being managed by Maxsima limited. Unfortunately, this corporate is not regulated by any government. Moreover, this venture is not in the database of the FCA. The firm does not offer fund safety to its customers.

The Domain Insight is a platform that has no trading history. Additionally, the firm has no intention of being in the industry for a long duration. The pyramid scheme has the possibility of exiting before the expiry of its domain.

Nonetheless, this platform seems to be attracting multiple numbers of audiences. The entity has an average engagement from the trader. According to, Maxsima ranking is at 953,210. The specific location from which the entity targets its clients remains unknown.

Maxsima Client Feedback

Maxsima does not have client feedback. It strange that an entity that guarantees such high income to their customers fails to have endorsements. The pyramid scheme might pay at its initial stage. However, a time shall come when the withdrawal surpasses the funds coming in.

The platform will not have any other choice but to close down its entity. The scam will leave a lot of traders high and dry. You might find positive reviews of individuals claiming to have earned from Maxsima avoid believing these notions.

Look for evidence like proof of payment. Scammers are smart and even go to paying people to claim having earned from their operations. A time shall come when the real colors of this entity shall be exposed.

Final Verdict

Maxsima states that it ventures in various markets once their clients deposit funds. The platform invests in Forex, mining, and exchanges. The entity also states that it utilizes technology to generate high returns for its clients.

Unfortunately, the venture is unreliable and only after clients’ money. Once you grant them access to your funds, there is no getting it back. The company is luring traders using bonuses. The main red flag is that the firm does not have a license. You will only suffer losses with this firm.

Therefore, the security of your fund is at greater risk. There are better crypto trading companies in the industry that are reliable and transparent. You have nothing to worry about once you invest with them.



2 Replies to “Maxsima Review: a BTC scam”

  1. Hendary

    Hi I’ve paid R3000 into maxsimatrade before I can do my withdrawal they sent an email I must pay first a amount of R15300 to genarade to a bigger account. The money is to much for that account sum of 9300 dollars. I told them I don’t have that kinda cash then they tell me I can pay R5300 and I still can’t pay that money they asked me to make a plan.

  2. Vuyo. Matyana

    I deposited R3000 and they told me to pay an extra R8000 to upgrade to a classic account in order for me to make a withdrawal. That was 4 months back. Up to now I got nothing from them. I lost the money.

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