Mega Money Review: Ridiculous Scam

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Mega Money markets itself as a platform that offers investment opportunities to institutional and individual investors. It claims that they utilize the best trading technology in the market as well as their professional team.

Unfortunately, the platform has no trading experience to prove there is investment taking place in their company. They have no managerial reports of the team they brag having.

The company does not avail of any data from the people that will be handling your money. Regardless they claim that their clients will enjoy high speed and flexible trading experience.

Their allegations are false as this platform is being run by professional scammers. Mega Money is not paying investors, and investing with them would be an unwise decision. Deposit your Money in credible cryptocurrency trading platforms that will earn you real-time investment returns. Review

Mega Money allegedly deals with digital currencies and Forex trading. They offer ridiculous high returns to their clients within unrealistic maturity time.

The company state that they use a unique method of 50:50 pipe. The method helps them to diversify clients’ investment; they place 50% of investors’ money into digital currency and the other 50% into Forex. Scam Review, Mega Money Platform

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Mega Money is a platform that is a Ponzi scheme, and its financial fantasy is nothing but a scam. The company state that they offer instant withdrawals and deposit to their clients.

They additionally assure investors that their information and funds are secure in their website. However, there is no banking info available on their site, which translates to funds insecurity.

Licensing and Customer Support

Mega Money is a platform that is operating illegally. They claim that they accept funds from across the globe, yet they have no licensing certificate from relevant financial watchdogs.

Investment company needs to acquire regulatory document before collecting Money from members of the public. is operating illegally, and they do not care about the law.

A company that risks facing criminal charges does not care about making anyone rich. They will eventually exit the market without the government tracking them down.

Considering the don’t avail of any contact details. Moreover, once you experience any query, there is no available means of resolving it. Mega Money does not offer customer support services.

No legit company would risk their PR by hiding such critical data. Avoid risking your Money with this pyramid scheme that is already accused of not paying investors their Money.

Investment Plans and Return has five investment plans that have overestimated returns. Keen investors will refrain from investing Money with the platform. The maturity period that it takes for clients to yield these profits is a complete red flag.

The shady company’s starter plans offer returns of 200% within 20 minutes. The amount that they accept as the initial deposit is $10. The golden account accepts funds worth $25; it returns the amount will yield a profit of $250 after half an hour.

The platinum plan takes only one hour to generate returns of 260%. You can cash in the amount of $50. The fourth account promises users 303% profit after two hours and accepts the deposit of $100.

The fifth and final plan of this Ponzi scheme offers an absurd return of 440%. There is no limit on the amount that one can cash in, but the least amount that they accept in this package is $60. It only takes one hour to yield ridiculous earnings.

Mega Money is another scam that is after investors’ Money. Logically speaking, it is tough to make such amount through trading Forex and digital currency.

Especially considering this platform does not have a trading bot or any visible evidence, there is investment taking place on their website. No company in the industry is offering anything close to what is promising investors. This should raise questions.

They are targeting naïve investors in the industry who lack adequate knowledge of how the market operates. The misconception going on that crypto trading is a get prosperous quick venture is misleading and false.

For you to make reasonable returns, you have to acquire relevant knowledge and skills. You cannot just dive in and start making huge returns.

Mega Money Referral Program

Pyramid schemes depend on traffic coming into their website to survive in the market. Without traffic, there is no revenue for them; hence they encourage their existing clients to invite as many people as they can for them to earn a certain amount of bonus.

Mega Money offers a commission of 5% to investors. To participate in their affiliate program, you do not need to deposit money into their system. They provide banners to help in marketing their services.

Pyramid schemes do not monitor the method that clients use to drive traffic. You will find them using unethical means. The referral program of has unrealistic demands.

From a 1-50 referral, you will receive a commission of 5%. They urge investors to share their referral links in social media platforms, blog posts, among other platforms. The only people who benefit from a fraudulent company activity is their shady markets, and itself.

They will say anything to convince you to deposit money. Keep in mind that they will get a cut out of your money while you go through the agony of losing your cash.

The Domain Insight

The official domain name of this pyramid scheme is Its registration took place in May 2020 and will expire on May 2021. They have a low global Alexa of 761,243. They target their victims from Bangladesh.

Is Mega Money Scam or Legit?

Mega Money is a scam pyramid scheme that you should not venture with if you do not want to lose all your earnings. The platform is operating against the law, and they have multiple red flags that we want to discuss.

First, the platform is not regulated. We took our time and checked the list of Asia, Europe, and Pacific financial watchdogs data, but we were not surprised when the company did not appear. The owner is running the show behind the scenes.

Why would any investor proceed with a company that does not offer customer support services? We cannot fathom why one can make such an unforgivable mistake. The financial institution, if any of which Mega Money segregates users funds, is also missing.

Nonetheless, the shady platform has no trading history. They have been in the market for less than a year; their domain name has a duration of one year before it expires. It is highly unlikely they will renew it since their traffic is growing daily. They will have scammed a lot of investors before they exit the market.

Mega Money Final Verdict

The platform offers crazy rewards to investors that are unattainable. The company is unregulated; hence it is operating illegally.

You should invest your Money in legit Forex brokerage platform, and trustworthy cryptocurrency trading companies. The safety of your money should be your most significant concern.

Mega Money is a platform that will exit the market without being tracked by authority. Once the system collapse, you will lose all your funds.

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