MegaMindFX Signals Review: Dreadful Signals Scam

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MegaMindFX Signals ( is claiming to be the place where investors can take for their money. It is another Forex robot scam that has gripped the trading world. They are without a doubt a scam as our investigation recently revealed. After receiving hundreds of complaints, we decided to conduct a thorough investigation. Our findings will shock you due to the high number of irregularities. Read this detailed review and find out the truth.

MegaMindFX Signals Review

About MegaMindFX Signals

On their about us page, they immediately start with the statement of having over 5 years of trading experience. They apparently decided to ‘unite their knowledge’ and skills and make them available to investors. Such a charming sales pitch to get investors to sign up thinking a band of professionals are behind it. They go ahead and claim to help investors learn the ropes and know how best to trade. Their biggest problem lies with failing to back up their claims of being Forex professionals. For all we know, they could be a bunch of online scam artists.

MegaMindFX Signals is a website filled with a lot of grammar mistakes. It makes the platform appear unprofessional. The grammar mistakes point to a platform that is operated by amateurs who don’t have a clue. One of the biggest mistakes is spelling the word signal wrong on their Google page. Another spelling mistake is the word experience as seen on their homepage. A professional trading website will not condone such silly mistakes. It is clear that we are dealing with amateurs looking to have their day in the forex world.

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Assets Traded by MegaMindFX Signals

They claim to be pros when it comes to offering accurate signals to investors. These signals include assets such as exchange-traded funds, futures, options, shares, and others. One of their biggest claims relating to forex signals is being able to generate 85,000 pips of profit. Other notable claims include offering over 7,000 active trading signals to 1250 of their active clients. And this could be the reason why we should inform our readers about this dreadful signal provider.

Business Owners

MegaMindFX Signals is boasting of having a team of experts with over five years of experience. The sad truth is that the team does not have a single person mentioned. And this is a sign that we are dealing with another anonymous online trading platform. These platforms have been in the industry solely to steal from unsuspecting investors. If their platform is that good, why not give the owners the benefit they deserve. The anonymous nature of the people working behind the curtain is the reason for worry.

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Customer comments and feedback

So far, there have been a high number of negative comments and reviews regarding the signal provider. Most of these comments are coming from disgruntled investors who don’t know what to do. In return, the robot has hired freelancers to hit back by posting positive reviews. Any positive review will be from a hired professional. That’s why reading reviews from a trusted online platform is the best source of information. Mega Mind FX Signals is not able to provide any proof of their positive comments.

Domain details and records

Thanks to trusted domain registers, we can pinpoint the exact date the site went live. According to whois.domain tools, the website went live on 4th May 2018. What this points to is a website that is barely two years old. The claim of having an online trading experience of over five years is false. They have been using this number to try and sell their online reputation. And this is why we must expose the platform for the scam it really is. Stay away from this ridiculous signal provider.

Other Services (Copy Trading)

They claim to copy trades to their master account. The details of their copy trading services can be seen on the copy trader homepage. One of the first things we spotted was the grammar mistakes on the page. Investors will need to pass their MT4 logins to the owner for more details. They should expect that the copy trading service will do everything for them. And this has been another downside of using the platform. None of the members are able to find the services profitable. And the minimum set deposit for copy trading is $1,500.

License and Registration of MegaMindFX Signals

MegaMindFX Signals is not licensed or registered to offer any trading signals to investors. The platform is operating under false pretense and should be investigated by authorities. Depositing funds or purchasing any of their products is ill-advised. None of the members have received any money-back guarantee as to the platform claims. There is a huge security risk when using a signal provider with no valid license. It is best to stay away from the platform as it offers no real returns to investors.

After taking a closer look at the entire website, there was no evidence of clients withdrawing funds. And this is where the holes start to appear as a genuine product will post their credentials. What this means is that anyone who deposits money is possibly funding someone’s personal account. The trading signals should be from authentic sources that comply with trading regulations.

Limitations of MegaMindFX Signals

Account Plans

MegaMindFX Signals VIP Plans

MegaMindFX Signals is offering users with two different account plans with different sections. There are Platinum account holders and VIP account holders. Platinum account holders get to choose between four plans available on the platform. They are divided into monthly, 3 months, six months, and 12 months. They claim that the signals are sent via telegram which is another odd feature. Users of this plan also get live telegram signals and alerts, according to the features.

VIP account holders also get the same number of account plans. The four accounts are also divided into monthly, 3 months, 6 months, and yearly. The main currency on the platform includes gold trading signals. These members get short term signals and a weekly minimum of 1,000 pips. Another feature with the VIP plan is getting 24/7 email support and telegram support. The contact feature is nothing but a hoax; there is no support team to help with trading.

Contact and Support

At the bottom right-hand side of the website, there is a chatbox. Users are supposed to send their email addresses and message to the support team. After submitting the message, the user gets a direct reply message urging them to give their contact details. And this is another concrete reason to stay away from the platform. They are harvesting contact data and selling it to third parties. It is how visitors start getting emails from products they have never subscribed to. Stay away from such a risky platform and website.

Payment Options

The platform is full of payment options available for depositing funds. Depository options include Bitcoin, Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, among others. Depositing funds is easy and users get the process done in less than five minutes. It is not a good enough reason to start depositing funds with the signal provider. Withdrawing funds remains to be the biggest challenge facing investors. There is no evidence of a member having to withdraw funds with the platform.

Safety of funds with MegaMindFX Signals

The security of funds will not be guaranteed by a platform that is unregulated. Evidence is clearly showing that the website has some flaws. Top of the problems facing the platform is third party attacks. The website has no DDoS protection or SSL encryption which makes the platform a security risk. Hackers can easily take over the depository process and gain access to your credit card information. And this is another reason to stay away from the platform.

Scam or Legit MegaMindFX Signals

MegaMindFX Signals Features

MegaMindFX Signals is a scam; there is no doubt about that. Ensure you stay away from the platform if you want to stay safe. Warn your loved ones on the dangers of having this trading platform. It is our duty to protect our esteemed readers from the risks of online trading scam products.


The signal has to be flagged down and added to our blacklist. Stay away from the platform and avoid any of their affiliate programs.

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