Mercuryo Review: is a Suspicious Exchange

Mercuryo Review
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Your money is not safe in Mercuryo. The scheme has not been in the market for long. There is no history that proves this is a reliable firm. The company has also not put up measures to safeguard the funds of users. 

Mercuryo is a cryptocurrency venture. Their main focus is to bridge the gap between traditional money and digital currency. The company is funny and fails to feature an about us page. They expect investors to trust them blindly even without knowing what they are signing up to. 

Mercuryo Review, Mercuryo Company

The suspicious venture assures investors it does not collect hidden charges. They have magical orders for traders. The entity promise clients they will offer quick riches. There are multiple scammers in the market that want to steal from innocent people.

Gone are the days that you could become rich overnight. If you want to trade successfully, you must get the right skills. Otherwise, you will regret trading online. Mercuryo does not have trading tools or assets. 

Investment is something that you should take seriously. You will encounter many adverts promoting their services. Nonetheless, you must be cautious because con artists use various marketing strategies like featuring false reviews. 

Trade with a better crypto trading company in the market that is genuine. You will sleep peacefully knowing that they have no intention of stealing your hard-earned money. Moreover, you also enjoy fund safety. 

The company claims to be offering educational materials. Nonetheless, the only available thing is blogs, and articles. This information is not in detail and cannot be of use to expert investors. The entity is not worthy of being in the market. Review

Mercuryo is a venture that is trying to educate people about cryptocurrency. The payments are seamless and fast. They also have a wallet that investors can use to store funds. The problem is that the company fails to shed light on trading or to work as a wallet.

There are bits of information that do not create confidence in this venture. Traders need to be cautious with this entity. The main red flag with their system is that the entity does not have an investment history. 

Cryptocurrency has multiple advantages, and the coins have transformed various sectors in the world. You can now send money instanteneuously without worrying about bank working hours. Anywhere and wherever you are, you can use transact funds. 

However, the greatest mistake of all time is entrusting your funds to a shady entity. Once you transact funds, you cannot reverse the payment. If you are paying for services online to anonymous people, you will not track them down.

This is the reason that you should avoid Mercuryo. We doubt the venture is a crypto entity since the information that the scheme provides is insufficient. You should not risk your funds with a bogus scheme.

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Contact Details and Customer Support

The company has an office in the United Kingdom. Mercuryo, unfortunately, is using false information. The platform is an offshore venture that will exit the market prematurely. They cannot risk presenting their real locale since the authority would come after them. 

The phone number that the venture provides will stop going through the moment you start questioning their operation. The only time the scammers will maintain communication is when the company wants more funds from you. 

Con artists use VOIP numbers to act like they are working from a specific area. It would help if you only trusted a better venture with your funds because the entity will take care of your data. Additionally, professional ventures will respond fast to any problem that you are facing.

Regulation Status of Mercury

The company claims that it originates from the United Kingdom. This is one of the countries that has enforced strict rules to protect investors against making huge losses. A broker must deposit a huge deposit (730K EUR) for them to operate legally.

Cryptocurrencies are assets that are not controlled by the government. This could be the main reason they are risky products. However, the investment scheme which offer these products must comply with the regulatory bodies in certain areas. 

Mercuryo is not in the database of the FCA. It is the UK financial watchdog. Therefore, the dirty entity is operating as it, please. They will leave you high and dry without having second thoughts. 

The entity does not have its withdrawal and deposit requirements. We are also in the dark regarding the fees that the scheme is charging. They do not have a policy that guides their operations. 

Additionally, Mercuryo fails to disclose the parent company behind its activities. The company is operating illegally, and they will leave the market without notice. Stick to the best entities that are transparent. 

Fund Safety

Your money is not safe in Mercuryo. The scheme has not been in the market for long. No history proves this is a reliable firm. The company has also not put up measures to safeguard the funds of users. 

Therefore, when you store your money in their wallet, the venture can still get it all away in the blink of an eye. The company is offering delicate services. However, the platform does not prove it has the best security measures in place.

If you care about your money, then do not be blind to trust this company. Their anonymity is the reason that we will not recommend them to the public. They may choose not to meet the promises they make to traders. 

Mercuryo does not respect the regulatory bodies in the industry. Therefore, this is a hazardous venture. There is no existing evidence showing that the entity is an investment platform. We only see red flags. The bottom line, your money is not safe here. 

Mercuryo Client Feedback 

You may think that  Mercuryo is the best crypto venture in the market. Wait until you do not see positive reviews from your customers. Popular exchanges like Coinbase are genuine and can even store your money. 

It is important that you check what other people have to say before trusting blindly. Their marketers claim the company has been in operation since 2018. However, a quick search will show you that the entity made its first digital footprint in 2020. Review, Features

They also aspire to be around for only one year, which is a common feature with fraudsters. They have a 4% commission. They also state that investors can fund their wallets via Debit and credit cards. However, we cannot prove these claims. 

Mercuryo also claims to be offering trading services, yet we could not spot a link leading to the trading platform. Their promoters also state the venture has educational materials. The several cryptocurrencies that the scheme brags about are nowhere to be seen.

Final Verdict

Mercuryo, an exchange that claims to offer its services to the European people, is suspicious. They are not on the list of reputable exchanges in the market. The entity is dealing with cryptocurrencies, but the team and founder of the venture are unknown.

There are better cryptocurrency entities that offer top-notch services to investors. You only need to familiarize yourself with basic things then you are good to go. We urge clients to be cautious as the market has become a dangerous place.

Mercuryo is accepting investors from across the planet. However, they do not have a license. This makes them a fraud that is only eyeing trader funds. We shall eat a hat if this venture is still in the market after the domain name expiry. 

3 Replies to “Mercuryo Review: is a Suspicious Exchange”

  1. Tigran

    This is a SCAM. I made BCH selling operation on 3 days ago. Till now I didn’t receive refunding because of any issue as support were saying two days. Today they said that no any transaction – standard schema for scammers. Then I send them screenshots, and I recorded all operation process, and after 5 minutes my transaction history has been restored. But this is not save Go away from all exchanges, using services. is a SCAM!!!! FRAUD!!!

  2. investor

    I bought BTC from mercuryo about a year ago. That went well, but the transfer to a different (not mercuryo-)wallet didn’t work. I contacted their support via live chat, they responded quickly, told me that they currently have an issue with that, and i should try again later. I tried again on the next day and the transfer went through.

    A few months later i tried lo log into their website again, but that didn’t work. I don’t remember exactly what the error message was, or if there was one, but i was sure that i used the correct login data. I tried it a few times and then gave up. I didn’t lose any money on that.

    My experience mercuryo was not bad and i didn’t smell a scam, but they seemed to be not reliable from a technical perspective.

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