MFIP Genesis Review: an Obvious Scam

MFIP Genesis Review
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MFIP Genesis being a bogus company, is definitely using false information. The platform promises the best trading experience, yet it does not offer fund safety. They do not reveal the banking information. Sharing your personal data with the entity is dangerous.

MFIP Genesis is a dangerous investment scheme with several red flags. For starters, the domain that the entity features do not align with its name. You would think that these are two separate entities, yet they are the same. This happens to be an offshore scheme. As we all know, such ventures don’t survive long in the market.

MFIP Genesis Review, MFIP Genesis Company

Additionally, you cannot rely on the firm to make a passive income. Avoid this firm. Such schemes target rookie investors. Please make sure the firm does not deceive you into believing it has the best interest. Those that buy their narrative will watch as their money gets stuck in the system.

MFIP Genesis is accessible via English, Chinese, Spanish, and Italian. The platform brags it has quality software and hardware available for investors. Their interface also responds fast. The account opening process is allegedly swift. Despite the entity being new in the market, the scheme claims it has over 1 million users.

This is a false statement. It takes time for an investment firm to acquire a great reputation in the market. Therefore, this suspicious scheme can’t get a high audience. Furthermore, the traffic visiting the website is abysmal. Review

MFIP Genesis is a platform that claims to be a famous global venture. The entity is dealing with forest CFDsm metals and crude oil. They pride themselves on offering cutting-edge data to assist their customers. The entity guarantees those that join them they will have access to the latest trending info.

The firm states it has won an award for being; the smartest, fastest, and safer broker in the market. It is also recognized as the best ECN broker in the globe. They also provide the best customer service. Unfortunately, the company leaves out essential data. They fail to reveal the organization that awarded them these titles and in which year. 

MFIP Genesis being a bogus company, is definitely using false information. The platform promises the best trading experience, yet it does not offer fund safety. They do not reveal the banking information. Sharing your personal data with the entity is dangerous.

There is no advantage that you will get from a nasty offshore scheme. We suggest that you trade with reputable forex trading brokers that have a track record. You will know what you are signing up for as all the relevant information is easily accessible.

Who are the people behind MFIP Genesis?

The company does not show its parent company. The team is anonymous, and how do they expect traders to deposit money in their entity while they do not know whether they are fully experienced. 

In the investment sector, we believe more in statistics rather than narratives. MFIP Genesis is hiding from the public to avoid being put behind bars by the authorities. The venture will detriment the peace of mind of traders once their system collapses.

MFIP Genesis Trading Conditions

The scheme claims it has low commission and spreads. The entity allegedly offers a MetaTrade4 interface. Investors can trade via their phones and desktop. The information on the leverage and spread is not available. The scheme does not have a demo account; hence you cannot familiarize yourself with the scheme.

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Withdrawal and Deposit

MFIP Genesis is accepting funds via bitcoin and wire bank transfers. The withdrawal and deposit information is also not featured. Therefore, we are not aware of the scheme is charging fees or not. 

Nonetheless, this being a remote anonymous broker, the unexpected can happen. Why would they leave such critical information behind? Offshore schemes have stringent and tough fees. They use bonuses and other lucrative things to attract customers.

MFIP Genesis Customer Support

MFIP Genesis states it has a professional support team that takes suggestions and handles complaints from users. The scheme indicates it has offices in the UK, USA, and Canada. Clients can get in touch with them via email or phone.

Unfortunately, there is no office address. Therefore, you should not trade with a shady scheme that is operating discreetly. For all, we know they could be using a VoIP phone number. The response rate of the support is unknown.

The platform lacks client feedback. The entity is still new in the market. Nonetheless, most offshore entities tend to treat their clients unethically. You must stick to transparent brokers.

Regulation Status of MFIP Genesis

The entity claims it has strict supervision when it comes to the security of traders’ funds. They allegedly segregate clients funds, keeping them safe. Various financial bodies in the market ensure that investment firms work with tier 1 banks. Review, Regulation

This ensures that the companies do not misuse the funds. The ventures must also report their daily trading activities to the watchdogs. Moreover, MFIP Genesis claims it has a license from the NFA. This is the financial body of the USA. It is the toughest in the market, and its requirements have helped keep Ponzi schemes out of the country.

Traders that choose to deposit money with this venture expose themselves to severe risks. The platform is not worth the take. Several entities in the market will help you generate passive income. Regulatory bodies are overseeing their activities.

Is MFIP Genesis Legit or Not?

There is nothing legit about this nasty broker. The entity presents inadequate information about its trading activities. If this is a genuine firm, they would tell traders the benefits of choosing the company. They should also provide the necessary evidence to validate their activities. 

MFIP Genesis is a platform that fakes its history. The venture made its first digital footprint in January 2021. This is a short timeframe for them to call themselves a leading broker. The entity is also only registered for a period of one year which is another red flag. 

Offshore entities with such characteristics do not survive past their registration time. The traffic is also low. Sadly, it is hard determining their location and that of their customers.

The entity does not provide safekeeping funds for traders in different accounts. MFIP Genesis is not working with a reputable financial institution. Why would you risk investing with a dubious entity like this one? There is no trading taking place.

The support will most likely ignore your calls. They can go the extra mile of blacklisting your phone number. Bogus entities will disconnect their phone number once they leave the industry. Avoid sharing your personal data with this Ponzi scheme. 

Final Verdict

The awards that MFIP Genesis claims to have a date to the years 2016 and 2015.  The company had not been invented. This is a platform that will do anything to grab the attention of the traders. The firm lacks a license. They will leave many of their customers high and dry. With all the red flags we have outlined, there is no advantage awaiting you in this scheme.

Invest with the leading forex trading brokers. The entities reveal the leverage and spread that clients can get. Their trading conditions are clearly outlined. You will have everything at your disposal to make an informative decision. The safety of your money should be your main concern. Look for a venture that has a trading history. 

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  1. Isaac Reyes

    I belive all that you said they have Elise, Fernando and Dennis that scam people. They made an agreement with me. The main one is Dennis the Analyst that said people should trust him because he is offering formations to gain a profit in Meta Trade 4 platform. They stolen me 45k texing me everyday on WhatsApp to deposit money and I will get a profit of 6k per mounth. I need my money back from them. They not answering phone, text after they got my money.

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