Miners Gold Review: Miners.gold Subtle Scam Beware!

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Miners Gold is an online-based platform that claims they have been in the market for a long time. The platform uses cryptocurrency digital payment to generate profits.

The platform brags; they provide members with all their investment needs. The company claim they do not disclose the personal information of the investor.

Miners Golds company state they use trading bots in their investment activities. The bots are allegedly profitable and reliable. Nothing this Ponzi scheme company claim makes perfect sense.

More doubts are raised regarding the platform dealings, and you should not trust any offer they promise. Miners gold promises you stable payments and that you will receive pay always on time. The method for withdrawal is not known, and no visible evidence is available to support their allegations.

Miners Gold LTD claim they are registered in the UK. Additionally, the platform offers its services to investors all over the globe. Miners.gold boast having a top-notch team who are always ahead of trends in the crypto world.

The company can track the cryptocurrency trends hence promoting themselves among the best in the market. Invest your money in a platform that has a crypto trading history, and will help you to earn a real-time profit.

Miners.gold Review

Miners.gold claims they adapt to new trading methods every day. They allegedly gather crucial data for trade from leading resources round the globe. Hence their tremendous success in the crypto trade.

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The bots can calculate the probability of rates increasing and vice versa. The firm can assess cryptocurrency. The platform promises you investment in the only substantial profitable venture, and they never trade in losing ones. The company asserts that all the investment that has been attained is made available for withdrawal within one hour.

Miners Gold Scam Review, Miners Gold Platform

Miners.gold like every other Ponzi Scheme boast having experienced team hence granting you pleasing returns. Do not be quick to trust this trade company. You will end up a scam victim with multiple losses.

The returns gain is gathered then full payment is paid in the due date. Clients, however, do not have to get involved in the trade actively. The company does all the work for the investor, and you only come to collect the profits.

Miners.gold offer investors chances to invest funds in mining companies around the globe. The firm promises investors more considerable income as profit after some days.

How the company plans to create the profits is not known to members. They only claim that they have a trading bot that they don’t even disclose its accuracy.

Regulation and Customer Support

Contact information has been provided, and you can use the telephone and support email in case you have a query, or you require assistance.

The email and telephone contact of Miners Gold is support@minersgold and +44207098830, respectively. However this does not guarantee that you will receive feedback from the company.

The company alleged address is College House, 17 King Edwards Road l, Ruislip United Kingdom, HA47AE. During our research, we found out the location was made up.

Miners.gold is not regulated, and they are operating against the law; hence they risk facing criminal prosecutions. Once unregulated firms reach their targets, or they stop receiving funds, they will smoothly go out of existence.

Regulation is a mandatory requirement for any trading company to generate funds from the public. Once Miners.gold has your deposit, they may blacklist you, and you may never hear from the platform again.

Miners Gold displays fake registration certificates on their website. Legal platforms will always provide investors with legit documents to assert their transparency.

Investment Plan

Scam platforms adapt to the use of high-profit figures to attract investors into trading. The plans are mostly over a reasonable margin, and they rarely make perfect sense.

Miners.gold Review, Miners.gold Plan

The investment plan generates 1.17% every hour for up to 120 hours. The platinum plan allows investors 2.25% for 72 hours and allows a maximum deposit of $5000 with an alleged instant withdraws.

Rhodium offers 8.35% every hour for 24 hours. Experienced traders will immediately notice some shadiness in the return estimation and stay away from the platform.

Miners.gold Funds Safety

Your funds are not safe under Miners.gold as no banking information is provided to you; hence you don’t know who is handling your money. The method for withdrawal is also not transparent despite the fast withdrawals claim.

On their website, they have a section that displays their latest withdrawal and deposits. Legit trade platforms provide bank details, and this proves legitimacy.

Miners Gold Affiliate Program

Ponzi schemes use invite programs to generate traffic to their websites for them to remain active. Initial members in the company can invite new members, and in return, you receive a certain percentage of the investors’ deposit.

Most platforms do not limit you on the number of invites, the more you refer, the more you earn. Miners.gold offers three levels of affiliate commission earning; Level 1 generates up to 20% commission from the new member deposit.  Level 2 offers 10%, and level 3 pays you 3% of the investors’ funds.

Domain Insights

During our research, we were able to gather useful data regarding this pyramid scheme. The domain name for the company is miners.gold, the platform was registered in February 2020. For one year till 2021 the same month.

The company has a lot of traffic coming into their website. They have a global Alexa ranking of 223,563 seems they are achieving their goals to scam as many people as they can. Their target audience comes from Nigeria, Russia, and Bangladesh.

Is Miners.gold Trustworthy or Not?

Miners.gold is not a trustworthy platform, and you should not invest with these scammers. The platform is the owner who is running it behind the scenes, and nobody knows who he/she is.

The company is not regulated, and we have discussed the shortcoming of investing with unregulated firms. The platform is an offshore entity that lies about its location.

The amount that they promise investors is unrealistic to attain. The legit companies offer reasonable earning, and at a given timeline. High daily returns should be seen as a significant red flag.

Additionally, the platform does not avail of the financial institution that they segregate investors’ money. The only time the company will contact you is to convince you to cash in more money.

Many factors do not add up regarding their operation. Miners Gold does bot have evidence of paying their investors, and without the statistics, trust them would be the worst mistake you can ever make.

The platform has not been in the market for a long period, which is another reason you should refrain from trusting them. The company should provide adequate information to create trust with their users.

Miners Gold Final Verdict

Miners.gold is not a regulated company, and they will swindle your funds. Nothing the platform does or claims to offer makes sense because they lack evidence to support their allegations.

The founders of the company are not known for; hence the lower the trust level. The method the bots apply to generate the profits is also not mentioned and only raises more doubts on the platform.

Miners.gold is a Ponzi scheme that will rob your funds and probably blacklist you. Only trust legit companies that comply with the set guidelines. You may come across social media adverts with attractive plans from this company do not fall for the catch.





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