Mining Rub Review: a Notorious Scam

Mining Rub is a mining platform that allegedly mines money automatically. The company only requires investors to authorize them using their Payeer wallet.

From there, you can begin earning real returns without necessarily having an investment. Unfortunately, Mining Rub is a company that is a pyramid scheme, and there are cases of them not paying up their investors.

For you to earn more profit, this shady company claims that you have to deposit funds worth 10 rubles or more depending on their plan. Pyramid schemes like Mining Rub create the notion that for you to yield more returns, you need to deposit more money into their system.

Mining used to be a profitable venture in the past, but this was when the market was still green with fewer investors. Currently, things are not the same, as a lot of investors have flooded the market.

Additionally, the initial capital is high, and it is hard for small scale investors to make the best out of mining activities. They have to invest with mining companies that have running hardware and tools.

This is where mining scam companies come in; they are targeting naïve investors with mind-blowing rewards. If you are not familiar with how the market works, you might end up falling victim to these fraudsters.

There is a misconception that mining is one of the ventures that can make you rich overnight. The allegations are false, as you need to have adequate knowledge and patience for you to make the best out of it. Review

It is ridiculous how claims to undertake mining activities, yet they do not have any evidence to verify there is mining taking place on their website.

There is no bank info of Mining Rub, hence the safety of your funds is at high risk. In their website, they display their top ten users. The information is meant to create credibility by making the pyramid scheme appear to be transparent.

However, without proof of payment, you should not deposit funds with a platform like They boldly state that they accept investors from all over the world; all you need to have is the internet connection.

Mining Rub Review: Platform

The platform takes a daily cut of 15% as their fee from 450% monthly returns of their clients. There is no limit to the amount that you can cash into their system. Nonetheless, the least amount you can deposit is 10 Rubles.

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The company allegedly has other mining projects which are;, and Their mining speed is 0.00180000 Rub per second. Investors are promised a daily reward of 150 Rub.

The total income that they assure investors raises red flags. Mining Rub promise users, a monthly payback of 450%. It is the amount which is calculated for 1000 rubles.

Mining Rub additionally has a registration bonus of 0.00000360 Rub/sec power that they promise to their investors. Then you start to accumulate more funds.

They are offering free cryptocurrency; most noteworthy, they have not stated the crypto that they mine. They expect investors to believe their narrative blindly. You should only invest with legit mining companies in the industry.

Regulation and Customer Support

Mining Rub is a company that is operating illegally; for any investment company to work and collect money from investors, they have to acquire a license from financial watchdogs.

The company is accepting clients from numerous countries, but they are not regulated. can exit the market at will leaving investors high and dry.

Additionally, this platform is operating anonymously. There is no information regarding who is the owner of this company. The owner is running the company behind the shadows.

You have the right to know who is handling your funds. Moreover, the info regarding the Mining Rub team is missing. Keep off a platform that does not trust you with critical information like this one.

The only method available that you can contact the support is through their email, You can only reach them from 10:00 TO 20:00 Moscow time from Mon-Sun.

Usually, legit companies offer more convenient telephone support and fast for their clients to reach them. Additionally, it creates transparency among the two parties.

Furthermore, it is only shady platforms that will not disclose their location or avail any tangible information that can be used to track them down when they exit the market.

The safe of your money should be your primary concern. Mining Rub is not a legit company, and trusting them with your funds will lead to numerous losses.

The Affiliate Program

Mining Rub has an affiliate program that they utilize to drive traffic in their scam platform. To earn more money, you can invite your friends, family, or workmates.

The platform promises users a 12% commission of the amount that your referral deposit. If you do the math, this is a handsome reward. The platform is doing everything possible to lure as many innocent investors as they can.

Mining Rub does not moderate the method that their clients use to fish in investors. Hence this means that they can use even unethical means so long as they get investors to deposit funds.

You should not be surprised if you encounter positive remarks from people purporting to be investors of this company. The only people that benefit from a fraudulent platform are their markets who usually get a cut of the deposit that investors make. Testimonials

The pyramid scheme has a section of testimonials on their website. Several people endorse the activities of this company. Everything looks convincing, but there is no method available to prove the allegations are true.

Mining Rub Scam Review: Testimonial

They claim that the platform is legit and that it is paying. Unfortunately, during our research, we encountered claims from investors who have lost money to this shady company. Mining Rub is accused of scamming investors who cash in more than 500 Rub.

We are not shocked; this is the reason they urge you to deposit more money to earn more. If you invest a small amount of money, you will receive rewards; they keep doing this to appear as a legit platform.

The Domain Insight

The official domain name is The platform was registered in March 2020 and will expire on March 2021.

Mining Rub despite being a scam, they have massive traffic coming in their site. They have a global Alexa rank of 50, 547. The majority of their audience comes from Egypt, Algeria, and Iran.

Is Mining Rub Scam Or Legit

Mining Rub is a pyramid scheme that you should keep off at all costs. The company is operating anonymously. The testimonials they display on their website are all fake. Pyramid schemes use this strategy to appear as a transparent company only to gain your trust and steal your money.

What is even worst, the company is not regulated. Once they exit the market, the government cannot trace them. Avoid Mining Rub at all costs, or else you lose your money.

Mining Rub Final Verdict

The company is another pyramid in the market that you should be very cautious about. They urge investors to deposit a large sum of money to acquire vast returns.

The trait is shared with pyramid schemes. If you believe their allegations, you will only end up losing a significant amount of money. Ensure you only invest wit reliable crypto mining companies that will help you to generate reasonable returns.

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