Minings Trade Review: Bogus Scam

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Minings Trade is a platform that markets itself as a profitable digital currency venture. They have general information on their website regarding cryptocurrency. They do not discuss in detail why they are the best company in the industry.

The platform calculates its earnings in regards to a project investment proposal. You can deposit funds from $5 up to$5,000. Moreover, this platform has an affiliate program. They state that it takes less than 24 hours to process the withdrawal.

The shady company assures investors their site is secure. Sadly, the people you should be wary about is the fraudulent company itself.

The narrative of Minings Trade is very enticing. Unfortunately, their returns, as well as their maturity period, makes no sense and does not add up. You should only invest your funds with legit, reliable mining companies in the industry. Review

The platform claims they have been in the market for more than three years. Minings Trades accepts funds via Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Payeer, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

The platform brags that they utilize their very able expert who guarantees attainment of your goals as well as high profit. They urge traders who have not yet signed up to their large system to do so and acquire passive earnings. Scam Review, Platform

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The company does not clearly outline if it performs crypto mining or trading investment. They only state the profit that their investors can expect. Without valid proof, we cannot ascertain there is any investment taking place in Minings Trade.

Additionally, there is no financial report to back up their high performance; neither do they avail managerial reports for their alleged experience team.

Customer Support and Regulation

Minings Trade boldly states they are a registered entity under company number 12580948. Additionally, they display their certificate.

However, there is a difference between being regulated and registered. For a company to operate legally, it needs to acquire a regulatory certificate from relevant financial bodies in the world. Minings Trades is a platform that allegedly operates in the UK. Sadly, they are not in the FCA cluster.

Investing with companies that have no license, you risk lose your money. Moreover, the company might change its term as they wish. Even worst, they may exit the market without a trace.

You can reach the support of Minings Trade via email; or on their telephone number +44-20-8133-5960.

The platform claims they are located at 60 Threadneedle St London, UK, EC2R 8HP. Usually, pyramid schemes display random addresses to appear as transparent companies, while in reality, they are based in undisclosed areas.

Ponzi schemes will only contact you when they want to convince you to deposit more money into their system. If you do this, they will blacklist you, and never contact you again. You should be very keen and check for regulatory details before depositing funds.

Minings Trade Investment Plans and Returns

Minings Trade has several investment plans that they offer to their victims. Their first package offers a daily return of 1.5% for 120 days. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $5 up to $300.

The second plan offers a daily ROI of 3% for 120 days. They accept funds ranging from $301-$800; the third package grants users a daily reward of 6% for four months. The amount that you can cash is from $801 to $5000.

The other package has hourly profits. The fourth plan of this pyramid scheme offers an hourly return of 0.87% for 120 hours. You can deposit funds worth $10-$500. The next perk promises users a 1.6% hourly return for 72 hours. The amount that you can deposit ranges from $300 up to $600.

Minings Trade Review, MInings Trade Plan

The other plan grants an hourly profit of 1.8% for 72 hours. The least amount of funds that you can deposit is $601, and the maximum is $1500. The final plan accepts a deposit worth $1501 up to $5000; additionally, it promises a reward of 2% for 72 hours.

Any keen investors will avoid venturing with Mining Trade as the amount they project is unrealistic, and unattainable. The misconception going around that crypto mining investment is a get rich scheme is misleading and false.

As the investor, you should perform thorough research on any investment company before you deposit funds. With adequate knowledge and skill, it will be hard for fraudulent companies to scam you. Referral Program

Pyramid schemes depend on referral program for their existence. Once no funds are coming into their system, they will exit the market, leaving investors high and dry. They urge their existing clients to refer as many people as possible for them to earn extra coin. offers its clients a 15% referral commission. The company has a lot of traffic coming in. This could only mean one thing; the marketers of this site are working tirelessly fetching for victims.

You might encounter promotional material like adverts, videos, or written content that shows the company is legit. However, without proof of payment, you should avoid investing in shady platforms.

Is Mining Trade Trustworthy or not?

Mining Trades is not a trustworthy entity. The platform has numerous red flags that investors should watch out for. The company has no trading history to validate the returns they promise to their clients.

Without proof of payment, you should refrain from investing with such a platform. The investment firm is not regulated by the financial watchdogs; hence they are operating against the law.

Funds are not secure in Minings. Trade, if you venture with this platform, you will be making payments directly to the scammers’ account. The law requires investment companies to segregate funds, something this pyramid scheme has not adhered to.

The company is not transparent at all as they do not disclose who is behind its operations. You have the right to know who is handling your money and the qualifications they possess.

Additionally, the company does not verify the trading condition available for its users. The method of payment that they accept investors cannot reverse their money once deposited; it will be stolen.

There is no proof of payment that has been made to investors without evidence anything this company promise is unattainable, and only meant t lure you into their fraudulent system.

The platform is an offshore firm that displays a false address to buy investors’ trust. Keep off, as nothing they say makes sense.

The Domain Insight

The official domain name of the shady platform is The platform was registered in March 2020 and will expire in the same month the year 2021.

Sadly, the information of their founder is missing. The company has a global Alexa ranking of 297,997. There is a lot of traffic coming into this platform despite their murkiness. Their audience comes from Singapore, Bangladesh, and Russia.

Minings Trade Final Verdict is a platform that is operating anonymously, and additionally, they are not regulated to undertaking their mining activities. You should not trust a platform that does not provide security for your money.

Finally, before you invest in any platform, ensure it is trustworthy for you to earn a profit. Mining Trade is a company that provides false information on their website.

They claim they have been in the market for about three years, while the information we gathered from proves they are barely a year old. If they cannot be transparent with such a minor detail, you should not give them any benefit of the doubt.

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