MOBE (My Online Business Empire) Review – Is it a Scam?

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You are possibly here because you heard about the huge returns that MOBE promises. MOBE is an online marketing program that promises to teach its users how to make money by selling its products. It is loosely based on the affiliate-marketing model except that it does not allow you to sell any other products apart from MOBE’s ebook products. Matt Lloyd, an Australian internet marketer, owns MOBE. In this review, we look at what you should expect to get if you invest your money in MOBE.

What I liked About MOBE


MOBE review

MOBE stands out in its sales pitch. What I mean is that you can learn from their sale pitch and apply the same tactic in genuine affiliate programs. Matt did the presentation nicely and they take time to paint glorious images of what you could achieve if you just bought the MOBE tools.

What I Didn’t Like About MOBE

Ponzi Pyramid Scheme Model

After studying all their products, I realized their business model is nothing but a modified Pyramid Scheme. Instead of promising profits without you doing any form of work, they give you a digital product that you now have to sell to someone else. I will take a look at some those digital products shortly. They are all products that will leave your buyers bitter. Unless of course they can get their own victims as sell the same product again. Overall, I realized that I couldn’t send someone to buy the their products with a clear conscience.

Ridiculously Expensive Products

MOBE scam

I have to say that their products stand out because for their price more than anything else. Many affiliate programs allow you sell products that people use on a daily basis. Some give you decent commissions while others don’t offer much in terms of commission. However, I never feel guilty about selling their products because I know I am helping people to get the right thing. That is something I cannot say about MOBE.

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If I were to sell you any of their products, I will know for sure I just dumped a substantial amount of garbage in your hands. In addition, you will have to sell the same to at least two other people to get back what you invested in it. Take the My Online Business Empire membership product, for example. Its subscription fee is $97 and gives a chance to earn commissions of over $1200. However, you will only earn the commissions when you sell their training products that cost between $97 and $4000 to new MOBE members.

Matt’s Partnership Program

This is a license for the entire MOBE program. It gives you all the MOBE License Rights but only after you pay sum of $1997. It is a huge fee by all standards considering you will just get a chance to sell mostly rhetoric to unsuspecting internet users.

For $1997, you will get the rights to sells products MOBE products that include the following:

MOBE Licensee Course

This is their main course and that they use to teach beginners how to sell the MOBE program. It is a step-by-step course and you will need to sell it to all your customers. Otherwise, they will not be able to sell MOBE and earn from their sales. Having understood hat, I realized that the end user will not benefit from this product.

OPT Formula

This course teaches you how to go about getting people to work for you. Well, with all freelance sites around, I honestly didn’t see that as a product that should count towards such an exorbitant price.

My Online Business Empire

MOBE review

This one teaches you how you can sell the products via email. Briefly, it trains you to get people to give you their emails addresses. Then you periodically send them a well crafted sales pitch till they buy your product.

Affiliate Bonus

This should have been their main affiliate product if only they focused on how to teach people to become successful affiliates. It gives you several strategies they claim will effectively an accomplished affiliate marketer.

Funded Proposal

The Funded Proposal teaches you how to funnel sales to boost your MOBE earnings. They have the same rhetoric on their email-marketing product.

  • Products that will earn you 90% commission
  • $291 (One Time Fee) Affiliate Bonus Domination
  • $194 (One Time Fee) My Email Marketing Empire
  • $194 (One Time Fee) Outsourcing Formula or OPT
  • $194 (One Time Fee) Funded Proposal
  • $97 (Monthly Fee) Elite Earners
  • $97 (Monthly Fee) Done For Emails
  • $97 (Monthly Fee) Inner Circle Membership
  • $49 (One Time Fee) (MTTB) 21-Steps My Top Tier Business
  • $19 (Monthly Fee) A 21-Step tutorial
  • $9.95 (One Time Fee) 7-Day Inner Circle Trial
  • $9.95 (One Time Fee) IM Revolution Handbook

Looking at the above prices I could not help but ask myself why should I pay for all that if they are useful? Why can’t I just be allowed to sell them first and get a commission from the sales? The simple answer is that MOBE (My Online Business Empire) is selling us mostly hot air. At best, you will learn a few old affiliate techniques and crafting sales pitches.

Other MOBE Expensive Products

That is right, I found other products that promised me overnight riches if only I could pay the huge fees to access the “secrets”.


These are:

  • $997 (One Time Fee) Online Income Revolution
  • $997 (One Time Fee) Six Figure Coaching Secrets
  • $997 (One Time Fee) The Nitrous
  • $997 (One Time Fee) The 90 Day Challenge
  • $1997 (One Time Fee) 10,000 Leads in 100 Days
  • $4997 (One Time Fee) The Diamond Coaching Program
  • $8997 (One Time Fee) The Titanium Mastermind

I hope that from this review, I have proved that MOBE is just a little better than scam. They do everything thing that a legit affiliate business will do except give you useful products to sell.


Rating: 10/100  — Definitely not worth it!

In this MOBE review, we have found your money is better off somewhere it can passively earn you more money. That is what affiliate marketing when done right will achieve. Of course, you will have to spend more on content and site updates. However, you cannot compare that to buying expensive tutorials that no one would buy if they knew they were buying. That is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. A genuine network of like-minded people that will give you everything you need to succeed online as well as providing you with the right tools and support.

In turn, you get the following among other affiliate tools:

  • Free site builder and free theme.
  • A friendly forum of active affiliates both beginners and experts.
  • No annoying up-sells, just genuine products to sell from vetted merchants.

I hope I have helped you not to be scammed by Matt’s MOBE pyramid scheme. Please take this moment to start making money with Wealthy Affiliate instead of wasting your precious time and hard earned money on stupid scams like MOBE.

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