Myassetinvestment Review: Beware of this Crypto Scam

Myassetinvestment Review
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Myassetinvestment tries to prove they are an investment platform to reckon with. There’s the talk of being a leading Crypto mining and trading platform. We could only find complaints from investors who lost funds with the platform.

Myassetinvestment claims to be using Digital payments to make profits. How they do so remains a mystery as they fail to share that information. The website itself is full of industry gibberish that makes no sense. My asset investment is a nice-sounding name but with the wrong people behind it. Those who profit from the platform are the owners and people who market it. Victims are investors who deposit, hoping to grow their investments. Here’s the full MYASSETINVESTMENT review.

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About Myassetinvestment

Myassetinvestment Review

Myassetinvestment sells itself as the right platform to earn on Cryptocurrency. On their about us page, they claim to reside in Seychelles. It stands to reason they are an offshore entity residing where there are no strict regulations.

And there’s a good reason the platform places itself in that jurisdiction. Making any attempts to recover funds or investigate the platform is no easy feat. The platform boasts of having a crypto mining and trading experience.

With all the chest-thumping, the platform seems to have several complaints lodged against them. Investors have been posting scathing comments on the platform for a reason. Martin Dunker is one investor who lost everything with the platform.

He was planning to retire and made the mistake of joining this platform. Since depositing a large sum, he has not seen a penny from the platform. He has now lost hope and counts on authorities to help him.

Accounts and investment plans Myassetinvestment

Myassetinvestment offers four investment packages that all come with a guaranteed profit margin. All the accounts have almost the same features, such as weekly ROI and guaranteed profit.

The plans also offer a referral bonus to members who help market the packages to other investors. Let’s take a look at the four investment plans;

Basic plan

It comes with a lockdown ROI of 12.5 percent and a guaranteed weekly ROI of 11 percent. To start with this account, investors must deposit $100 and a maximum of $3,000. The platform promises instant withdrawal with this plan.

Standard plan

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Standard plan holders get a lockdown ROI of 14.5 percent and a guaranteed weekly ROI of 13 percent. The minimum acceptable deposit is $3,000, with the maximum set at $10,000. When withdrawing, the principal amount is included.

Silver plan

With the Silver plan, investors get a weekly ROI of 14 percent and a lockdown ROI of 16.5 percent. To get started with this plan, investors must deposit $10,000 with no maximum amount set.

Gold plan

It’s the most exclusive plan and comes with a weekly ROI of 16 percent and a lockdown ROI of 18 percent. According to the features, the minimum deposit is set at $100,000, and the withdrawal is instant.

Before jumping in and investing with My asset Investment, do due diligence. You can also ask yourself a few questions. Are these packages real, and if so, why aren’t more people joining the platform?

Myassetinvestment Investment packages

It’s because these are dream-chasers who want to take advantage of naïve investors. The market does not leave room for profit guarantees. Investors and even experts are bound to make losses.

Affiliate and referral bonuses

Each of the above plans comes with an incentive to refer others. Once you refer a friend or workmate, you get a referral bonus. Depending on the plan they choose, the commission is set at 5 and 10 percent.

It looks like a genuine way of making passive income as a brand ambassador. The only issue is the platform rarely releases commissions. Professional affiliate marketers have blacklisted

The reason for blacklisting the platform is failure to release commissions and bad publicity. Victims are blaming these marketers for directing them to a crypto scam. No one wants to associate with the platform.

At the end of the day, you lose your relationship with those you directed to the platform. Your reputation is tanked due to a platform with all bark but no bite.

Contact and support

There’s a chat tab which is okay as the response is quick and direct. The person behind it tries to convince us to deposit funds and wait as profits soar. At times, we feel like we are talking to a bot as the response is slower than usual.

Once you land on their contact page, you get a message board and a UK phone number. We find this odd as their about us page claims they reside in Seychelles. It means they are using a virtual phone number when making direct contact.

Domain details ( review)

The website records show they have been running for a year. That’s to say, and they don’t have quite a strong online presence or reputation. As it stands, the domain is up for sale. It means we are dealing with a short-term website.

Other issues stand out, such as having a low ranking and trust score. Leading search engines don’t have the website ranked due to safety concerns. The website is seen as a security threat due to its anonymous nature.

How Myassetinvestment works

My asset investment Referral Bonus

It all starts by making over the moon promises such as guaranteed weekly withdrawals. The platform seems to have all the answers. What most people don’t see is the end game the platform hopes to have.

After roping investors to deposit funds, they ensure the account balance increases. It gives members false hope they are actually profiting from investing with the platform. Others may make the mistake of adding more funds before withdrawing the first installment.

And this is where the platform shows its true colors. No member gets to withdraw funds making investors lose all their deposits. It’s what has been happening for the past year. We can only feel sorry for those who signed up, hoping to grow their investment.

License and Registration Myassetinvestment

Myassetinvestment is not a legally registered platform despite claiming to have compliance. The FCA does not recognize the platform, and neither is the Company House UK. Even the Financial Service Authority (FSM) fails to recognize this platform.

Those who sign up should understand there’s no oversight. Investors are at the mercy of these unknown persons. Without a regulator to protect investors, the platform does what they deem best for them.

Safety of funds with Myassetinvestment

There’s no safety of funds when it comes to an unregulated platform. The platform does not offer a safety net to investors. A safety net would be offering insurance cover for deposits made. In the event of bankruptcy, members lose everything.

More investors are losing money than we can count with My Asset Investment. It’s a huge risk thinking the platform can help you grow profits. Although the ROI is understandable, the timeline is what makes it suspicious.

Our Verdict how it works

We were happy to note they do their best to communicate with visitors during our chat with the platform. That’s the only upside of this platform. Recommending it would be throwing our readers to the wolves.

We have to add to our blacklist.

To grow your investment sustainably and realistically, use crypto trading bots. These are the best tools to help boost your investment.

Feel free to leave a comment or email us, and we would be happy to respond.

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