National Wealth Center Review: an MLM Scam

national wealth centre review, national wealth centre

National Wealth Center is a company that began as Infinity 100. Moreover, infinity 100 was itself a reincarnation of The Infinity Downline.

The working of Infinity 100 revolves around the $100 cash gifting scheme. However, the company gets collapse in early 2014.

So in mid-2014, the same scheme was relaunched as the National Wealth Center. If you are thinking to join National Wealth Center, then read this article till the end. It might change your opinions.

There is more than one red flag for the company. In this article, I have discussed everything about the National Wealth Center and how the company is doing an MLM scam.

About National Wealth Center – National Wealth Center Review

national wealth centre review, national wealth centre

According to the information given by the company, the National Wealth Center was founded on July 7th, 2014 by Peter Wolfing.

The company claims that Peter Wolfing has years of experience in the MLM industry. Moreover, to represent the positive image of the company, they hire some other experience MLM players like Marcus A. Taylor and Dr Stan Harris.

All these things might seem right to you but let me tell you that company is hiding various things including that their MLM scheme is a remake of one of the biggest scams, Infinity Downline.

Moreover, the CEO of the company Peter also serves as the CEO of Infinity Downline. There are various sources available on the internet form where you can confirm this thing.

The National Wealth Center uses the same compensation plan like Infinity Downline. Moreover, there are various other companies like Business ToolBox and Ultimate Cycler who uses this similar Ponzi scheme and get shut down within some time.

In my opinion, you should not invest your hard-earned money in this scam. Moreover, how anyone can trust a company which is launched by someone who has previously launched various scam companies.

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National Wealth Center Product Line

The company does not have any retailable product. Affiliates can only sell company membership to other members.

The company membership is as follows:

  • $25 Per Month: Self Development
  • $50 Per Month: Business Development
  • $100  Per Month: Wealth Development

All these packages might seem decent to you but let me introduce you to the darker side of the company plans.

There are four training programs that anyone can purchase through the company, but these programs are quite expensive, especially according to content provided in these programmes. The price of these training programs is as follows:

  • Fitness Advantage: $250 One-Time Fee
  • Wealth Advantage: $1000 One-Time Fee
  • Network Marketing Elite: $3500 One-Time Fee
  • The Vault: $7500 One-Time Fee

However, there are various sources from where you can find a better training program than these and at a much lower price than this. So, in my opinion, there is no benefit to taking these courses.

National Wealth Center Compensation Plan

The company compensation plan is of only one page. So you will not face any difficulty in understanding the company scam MLM scheme.

Moreover, their compensation plan consists of a $25-$3500 six-tier cash gifting scheme, which is further divided into two groups.

1. $25, $50 and $100 Tier

In this tier, the company use a 2-up compensation plan. Moreover, an affiliate has to gift the 100% of the amounts paid in at any level to the affiliate who recruited them.

In the 2-up compensation structure, every affiliate has to pass their 2nd and 4th gifting payment to their upline.

Moreover, the other recruited affiliates should also pass up their 2nd, and 4th gifting payment, including payments received from subsequently, recruited members.

The passing up a commission system continues down to unlimited depth, no matter how many levels of recruitment exist.

Furthermore, the payments between participants are made on the basis. All three tiers operate independently of each other.

However, to qualify for the commission, an affiliate has to maintain at least four personally recruited monthly fee-paying affiliates at any level.

$250, $1000 and $3500 Tier

This tier also operates in a similar way like the above tier, but some things are different because in this 1-UP model is used.

In 1-up compensation structure sees every affiliate must pass their first gifting amount to the affiliate who recruited them,

Moreover, the further recruited affiliate should also pass up their first gifting payment. In this way, it goes on so and so forth.

Apart from this thing, everything in this tier is similar to tier 1. Moreover, one more difference between both of them is in their payment method. In this tier, the payments are made one time, whereas in the $10, $50, and $100 tier the payments are made on a monthly basis.

The company claims that anyone can make more than $50K per month by working for ten weeks which in my opinion is not possible, especially if you see the company compensation plan. It will not be difficult for you to identify that company is doing an MLM scam.

National Wealth Center Income Disclosure and Refund Policy

There is no information related to the company income is provided on the company official website, but they claim that their members can earn a six-figure income with their MLM scheme.

In my opinion, every company should put an income disclosure on its official website. It helps people to identify whether the company is a scam or not.

Moreover, the National Wealth Center has no refund policy. So if anytime you invest money in the company, then there is no way by which you can get your money back.

Most of the scam MLM companies don’t have a refund policy, and this is a similar case with National Wealth Center. So by reading about their policies, you might get an idea that only thing company care about is getting money in their company.

Final Verdict

By reading this review of National Wealth Center, you can easily find out that they are not running a legit business.

The company is using a Ponzi scheme to get the hard-earned money of its members. All they care about is getting money in their business and not about the members who are investing in therm.

In my opinion, you should not even think about investing your money in the National Wealth Center because all they are doing is an MLM scam.

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I hope this review of World Health Center helps you to be aware of the company MLM scam.

Thank you!!!

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