NBCDeposits Review: Nbcdeposits.com Terrible Scam

NBCDeposits is a company that offers its clients an opportunity to earn profit in a fast and straightforward way possible. Unfortunately, this platform is just another pyramid scheme in the market that you should be on the lookout for.

They lure innocent investors with claims of offering them faster, and stable services in the market. Despite them not being in the market for a long duration, they have a vast number of investors.

NBCDeposits Ltd is a platform that states they have been in the market from 2018. Moreover, the company states it is a legal eternity that is registered in the UK.

Additionally, the amount that has been deposited and withdrawn is suspicious. The shady firm brag of having experience investment, and traders team that contributes significantly to their success. The professional team evaluate the market and make the best decision for their clients.

Sadly, there is no managerial report to show the team is indeed qualified to handle investors’ money. NBCDeposits accepts a minimum amount of $30 and a maximum of $20,000.

Nbcdeposits.com Review

The investment platform allegedly deals with digital currencies and Forex trading. Moreover, they trade shares in the stock exchange of London.

However, the business model that NBCDeposits incorporate to yield such ridiculous returns is not clear. They only boast of their very able team of professionals, and the technology that they use to safeguard their clients’ funds.

NBCDeposits Review: Nbcdeposits.com Platform

The company claims they have assisted numerous investors in realizing their financial goals. This has contributed significantly to its growth. Unfortunately, the company is no longer paying up their clients. You should avoid NBCDeposits like the plague.

For your investment to mature faster, you need to deposit a huge amount of funds. The suspicious platform assures their victims that they can withdraw money instantly. Invest with reputable Forex bots in the market.

Additionally, the promise users that they will only make a profit after venturing with them. Every form of investment has profit and losses; you cannot separate the two.

Regulation and Customer Support

NBCDeposits is accompanying that features a registration document on their website. Their company number is 11617387. Sadly, these certificates are cheaply and easily accessible in the UK.

Nonetheless, for a platform to operate legally, they ought to have regulatory certificates, not registration documents. NBCDeposits is operating against the law, and they have been accused of not paying their investors.

The company additionally is not in the FCA cluster, which is a financial watchdog for investment companies in the United Kingdom. NBC Deposits platform state that they have a professional support team that handles their customers’ queries.

However, you can only reach the support via email at [email protected] The company does not have telephone support for customers to easily and quickly reach them. They claim their office address is at 20 Winchester Road Bexleyheath, Kent, UK, DA7 4TX. The location is just made up, as Nbcdeposits.com is operating anonymously.

Nbcdeposits.com Investment Plan and Returns

Nbcdeposits.com is a platform that offers ridiculous, unattainable returns to their clients. They have five investment plan that targets naïve investors who believe cryptocurrency, and Forex trading is a get rich scheme.

The shady company’s first plan promises users a profit of 680% after one day. Even the maturity period is not realistic. The amount of money that they accept is $30-$300.

The second package of this pyramid scheme guarantees investors a reward of 4600% after two days. The least amount of funds that you can cash in is $301, and the maximum amount is $3500.

NBCDeposits Review: Nbcdeposits.com Plan

The third plan of NBCDeposits assures clients they will yield a ROI of 12500% after four days. The amount that they accept ranges from $3501 up to $20000.  The fourth plan 500% return after 10 hours and they accept money from $60-$1000.

The fifth and final plan offers a 150% profit, which takes 100 days to mature. The amount that you can deposit ranges from $200-$2000.

If you are keen enough, you will realize their profit is too good to be true. Let us get a bit logic; do you think if any investment company realizes an opportunity that could yield such rewards, they will publicly advertise it?

Cryptocurrency, stock, and Forex venture require time and skills. You cannot just dive in the market and expect to make crazy returns. It is only pyramid schemes that will entice investors into their companies with the allegation of making them rich overnight.

You should ask yourself why NBCDeposits is offering investors vast returns than their competitors. Yet, they are not in the category of the top 100 best investment companies in the world. It is because they are a Ponzi scheme that wants to steal their clients’ money.

Safety of funds in NBCDeposits

Investors’ money is not safe at this pyramid scheme. The company does not disclose any banking information on their website. It is the regulatory body requirement for any investment company to disclose where they segregate funds.

You will also be trusting anonymous scammers with your personal information, which is very dangerous. The safety of your money should be your primary priority.

NBCDeposits Affiliate Program

NBCDeposits is a company that would not thrive in the market without their referral program. The company has a three-level affiliate program they encourage their existing clients to utilize. For their first level, they offer a commission of 2%, 5% for their second, and 10% for their third level.

The company is not paying its investors, and we are not surprised. The only people that will benefit from the activities of this fraudulent company are their marketers. You might come across promotional materials encouraging you to deposit funds in their system,

Keep off such a claim, so long as there is no proof of payment, there is no need to waste your time and money in a company like Nbcdeposits.com.

NBCDeposits Testimonials

The platform has testimonials that allegedly are from those that have already gained from their services. NBCDeposits is being endorsed as a company that will help investors reach their financial goals

However, there is no proof that the reviews are from real investors of Nbcdeposits.com as the company is being accused of not paying their clients. As far as we are concerned, this platform is a pyramid scheme that you should not trust with your investment.

They use bogus and manipulative reviews to convince investors to deposit cash on their website. The testimonials do not have screenshots to prove the company is paying.

The Domain Insight

Although the claim of this company to be in the market for 2 years, the information we gathered from Whois.com shows they are barely a year old. The company was registered in April 2020 and will expire in the same month the year 2021.

They have a global Alexa ranking of 399,358, and they target their victims from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Singapore.

NBCDeposits.com Final Verdict

NBCDeposits.com assures their clients they will enjoy risk-free investment opportunity, which additionally yields vast returns. Their claims are ridiculous as the assets they are dealing with numerous associate risks.

Unfortunately, their business model is also not transparent, and the info they have on their website is inadequate. Ensure you deposit funds in legit Forex trading brokerage and cryptocurrencies companies.

Companies like Nbcdeposits.com are pyramid schemes that will exit the market when there is no revenue coming their way. They falsely claim their team has over 10 year experience in the industry.

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