NemtechMining Review: Scam

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NemtechMining is another pyramid scheme in the industry that claim they offer Bitcoin mining and trading services. They lure innocent investors into their company with promises of high-profit investment opportunities.

We do not recommend this site to investors, and you should ensure you invest your money with trustworthy mining companies that will not compromise your funds. There is nothing good that will come from NemtechMining.

About brags of having over 69 thousand active users. It markets itself as the bitcoin investment platform that you can trust.

Sadly, the platform has nothing to offer, and there is no evidence of any form of investment taking place on their website. The company additionally assures investors that they can easily mine and secure BTC.

The NemtechMining registration process is straightforward and fast. Once done, you have to download a BTC wallet to be able to receive and send Bitcoins. You can deposit your funds and start earning.

NemtechMining Scam Review, NemtechMining Platform

However, we would like to warn you against sharing any information with this platform. They may hack your wallet, or even worst, steal your data and use it against you.

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The platform has been accused of scamming users. Additionally, despite being in the market for a long duration, they have a very low trust score. There is visible evidence that this company is nothing but a fraudulent venture.

The company has a cheaply build a website, which you can’t help but wonder if at all it is yielding high returns why can’t they build a better site. Everything about them raises questions; pursuing a venture with them would be a bad idea.

How does NemtechMining Operates

The business model that the company utilizes is not disclosed. NemtechMining only states that they implement the best trading and mining techniques. They brag a lot of people have gained from there services, yet there is not even a single person who has shown any evidence of payment.

The performance that the company talks of is only meant to draw investors into their fraudulent activities. NemtechMining claims that their main focus is to use their knowledge and group of experts to the advantage of their users.

The company states their team is always striving to offer the best services to users. They outperform expectations by providing the best services. Unfortunately, all this is false.

The investment company does not disclose its mining farm and servers’ locations. Moreover, they also don’t state the percentage of users funds that are used to cover the mining expenses.

NemtechMining claims to undertake cryptocurrency trading, and despite being in the market for over a year, there is no financial report to prove they are indeed involved in mining.

Is NemtechMining Regulated?

The company claims they have users in 127 countries, yet they don’t have a single licensing form authorizing them to carry out investment services.

NemtechMining risks facing criminal charges, and the company has proven they charge hidden charges to their customers, which they haven’t disclosed on their platform.

Unregulated platforms are risky to invest with, you end up losing money, and the company will eventually exit the market.

Contact Details and Customer Support

NemtechMining head offices are based at 79928. El Paso, Texas, US. However, during our research, we found that the company is nowhere located in this area.

The only reason they display this data on their website is to appear as a credible company. A pyramid scheme will say anything to win your trust.

You can reach the customer support via email; or on the phone at; +17784013705. The salesperson of this shady company will be on your toes, convincing you to purchase an expensive plan for you to gain more profits.

Unfortunately, if you fall for their scheme, they will steal all your money, and blacklist you. Be on the lookout, and do not believe everything you come across online without doing thorough research.

The platform falsely claims that they put their clients’ needs first and provides suitable solutions to develop a mutual relationship. Sadly, all this is mere PR, as the platform has already stolen funds from their clients.

The Investment Plan

The shady platform claims they have a very flexible investment plan that targets all classes of investors. Unfortunately, the platform is a scam that has managed to steal money from some of its clients.

They have a bitcoin calculator that overestimates earnings. has three investment plans, namely, starter, silver, and Gold. Review, Plan

The minimum amount that you can deposit is $300, and the maximum is $100,000. The promised returns are very high, and unattainable, especially considering cryptocurrency associate numerous risks.

The company assures clients return of 25% $39000 in their starters account, and 85% ROI withdrawable for times. It is uncertain if their returns are done daily or once in a month.

Withdrawal and Deposits

NemtechMining boldly states that they handle withdrawal requests within one day.  The company has hidden charges as there are companies that they never handle withdrawals on time.

They keep asking for additional fees for you to receive your earnings. In the long run, you will deposit more money than the initial capital that you had cashed. What is even worst is that after paying their demanded charges, NemtechMining does not pay up.

The Ponzi scheme state that they have a weekly transaction of around 243 thousand. The payment option that they accept is; Bitcoin, Skrill, and Ethereum.

Safety of Funds in NemtechMining

Funds are not safe in the NemtechMining platform even though they claim they have strong security measures which protect users from DDoS attacks the real thieves you should be wary of is these scammers.

Your data is not safe in the NemtechMining company. They do not disclose any banking information. Additionally, the owner of this platform remains unknown to the public.  With this kind of shadiness and discreet, they are not the best option in the market.

Fake Testimonials

During our research, we encountered a few positive reviews of investors who claim to have received profits from NemtechMining. The company also has multiple negative reviews, and it is obvious the endorsement is coming from their paid promoters. has numerous charges, which makes them not the best option in the industry. Moreover, they are being termed as scammers, and all their goodies are false.

They exploit their affiliate program by using unethical promotional referrals. The company will urge you to invite more people into their fraudulent company for you to receive your money back.

The reviewers urge all investors to keep off this platform, as they are operating against the law. As soon as they are done stealing your money, they will cut all forms of communication with you. They have a weak trustworthy score and low traffic, which should be a red flag.

The Domain Insight was officially registered in November 2018 and will expire in November 2020. The registrar of this platform information is missing.

NemtechMining Final Verdict

NemtechMining is a Ponzi scheme that investors have lost money. The platform is operating anonymously and breaking the law knowingly. They claim they offer their services in 99% of countries across the world, yet they have no regulatory documents.

Invest with reputable investment companies in the market to avoid losing money. will vanish from the industry once there is no more revenue coming into their platform.

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