New Hope EA Review: Legit or Not?

New Hope EA ( is another scam robot targeting European investors and mostly, UK citizens. They claim to have its headquarters in Dubai and London which is false. What we do know is that the platform has hired a virtual office number to offer a UK business address. And there is more to the robot than meets the eye. Investors who signed up a while ago are up in arms of what they term as unfair trading practices. Find out more in this Review.

New Hope EA Review

About New Hope EA

After landing on their contact page, the platform claims to offer investors financial stability. Financial stability is what most people desire and the scam artists take advantage of this need. They claim that New Hope EA is an automated trading platform developed on an arbitration model. Another unfounded claim seen on their story page is that the robot’s profitability exceeded competing indicators. These are all false claims as the platform is full of empty claims and promises.

If you want to trade safely in the Forex world, it is best to have secure and transparent Forex tools. The best and trusted Forex trading robots offer a more realistic profit margin scenario. They are the backbone of trading as they safeguard investments of investors all over the world.

New Hope EA is another bane robot scam trying to take advantage of investors in wealthy regions. Their scam tricks will be uncovered in this detailed review. These are robots that have no clear trading history and online reputation. It is why investors need to go through this review and find the loopholes found in NewHopeEA. The robot is full of unfounded claims and no clear winning strategies. It is our duty to inform traders about the dangers of using online scam products.

Assets Traded with the help of New Hope EA

The robot claims to work with many currency pairs. They fail to mention whether they deal exclusively with major currency pairs or minor ones. It would be ideal if the robot gave an example of currency pairs available. Some investors love using exotic currency pairs when trading Forex. The lack of clear information regarding this robot is proof we are dealing with a scam. They fail to inform users on the different classes of assets traded by the robot. Lack of clear information is another reason to stay away from the robot.

Business Owner

New Hope EA is a robot that is owned by a company going by the name New Hope Inc. Records from the company register in the UK shows no such entity exists. And this is one of the many red flags we spotted with the company. There is no clear information to suggest that the company has real owners. Names of the founding and staff members are left out of the conversation. And this makes the robot is another anonymous led scam products. Anonymous products are a hard nut to crack and should be ignored by all means.

Comments and Customer Feedback

New Hope EA False Trading Results

A look at a conversation on myfxbook community page tells it all. The user by the name Raytonic goes ahead and shows readers the terrible time he had with the robot. He claims to have invested $3,000 and he can’t withdraw the funds. The robot is blaming him for the non-existent profit he sees on his robot. And this is the main reason why no one should sign up with the platform. None of the feedback we have seen from other victims comes close to the one above. It seems everyone is losing with the robot.

Domain Records of the website

The records from a trusted domain tool reveal the history of the robot. On their story’s page, they claim to have years of online trading experience. Records show that this is not the case as the website went live on 16th April 2018. They have no trading background to which means their experience is invalid. The robot is not able to provide ample trading conditions which are evident in the comments by victims. New Hope EA is in fact, a new robot which is a clone of other online scams.

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Features of New Hope EA

It is going for $2,000 and $3,000 respectively. The number is high considering that the robot fails to produce any trading results. Another problem with the robot is the missing strategy feature. They fail to give users what kind of strategy they are using on their robots. And this means that investors are buying a robot with no clear strategy. This is one of the many reasons why investors should stay away from the robot. They have been selling a robot that as no evidence of ever working.

License and Registration

The CFTC and NFA are on the verge of issuing a press statement on the dangers of this platform. Regulators in Europe, led by the Financial Conduct Authority plan to ban this robot. And this is the only way to ensure investors from all over the world are safe from this software. Investors should be fully aware of the dangers of using such a rogue online platform. These are robots that have no clear strategy and come with over the moon prices. Stay away from the robot as it is a clear scam.

After looking at the robot’s website, there is no information regarding the terms and conditions. The robot also fails to have any license documents which should be an indicator of its fraudulent means. Without a valid trading license, it means money deposited is not covered by insurance. There is no money-back guarantee despite the robot claiming to offer this feature. Be extra careful with robots that don’t give their full license details. It means they are hiding vital information such as insurance cover for funds deposited.

Limitations of New Hope EA

Account Plans

New Hope EA Accounts Available

New Hope EA is offering users three different plans to choose from. The plans listed include NH Bull, NH Black Swan, and NH Fix API. What seems to be a genuine plan is nothing but a trap for investors. The first plan comes at a whopping $2,000 asking price. The other two plans come with a price tag of $15,000. What is the problem with these two last plans are their features? The only notable feature with the last account is that it offers VPS services. Is this a good enough reason to sign up with the last account?

Contact and Customer Support

Contact and online support is under a person named Antonio. Under the chatbox, one can easily see that the chat provider is in Russia. It could mean that the robot is hiring third party hackers to take personal information. Antonio will ask visitors to leave their contact information before answering any questions. And this is one of the riskiest things to do. These hackers will start sending promotional emails for products you haven’t subscribed to.

Results or proof

Without proof of the robot actually providing any results, it is clear we are dealing with a scam. All the accounts on myfxbook on this robot are doctored by the developers of the robot. And this is another reason to stay away from this ridiculous trading platform. The trading profit and signals have not been verified which makes them a scam. Absolute gains and gains perimeters should be presented with the same numbers. In the case of NewHopeEA, the numbers are different.

Safety of funds

The security of funds is not guaranteed by a platform with no track record. Lack of a valid trading license is proof no one is safe from the robot. They fail to offer money-back guarantee services and take all the money. Proof of the robot’s capabilities is sadly with victims who have lost their money. It is best to stay away from this robot as it is one of the biggest frauds we have in the industry.

Scam or Legit –

New Hope EA Features

New Hope EA is a scam that is poisoning the Forex trading well. Investors should stay away from it. Warn your close investors on the dangers of using this robot.

Verdict – New Hope EA

To protect our investors, we have to add this robot to our scam list. It will help protect our readers from falling into the same trap as Raytonic.

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