NovaTech Ltd Review: is a Scam. Do Not Invest.

NovaTech Ltd Review, NovaTech Ltd Company
NovaTech Ltd Review
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NovaTech Ltd is a scam platform that promises its clients a seamless trading experience. The company is shady with multiple red flags like lack of a license and anonymity. Invest with the best crypto trading websites.

NovaTech is a company that provides a crypto and forex trading platform to investors. The company believes they have the best platform in the market. This is despite the company being around for a little over a year.

The company promises clients ultra-low commissions and the best PIP Spreads. However, all this does not matter if the company cannot provide a safe trading environment. There are several aspects you have to look at to determine the legitimacy of a company.

NovaTech Ltd Review, NovaTech Ltd Company

For starters, ensure you are investing with people with verifiable identities. That is the best way to avoid investing with people with criminal backgrounds. Additionally, ensure you are investing in a company that meets regulatory requirements.

You need to be vigilant in the trading space. We see the rise of new fraudulent companies each day. They come in the market promising things they cannot deliver. Such companies are only in it for the money.

Fortunately, there are legitimate cryptocurrency trading brokers in the market. Ensure you only invest with such companies. They will help you secure and grow your funds.

NovaTech Review

Novatech is a well-built website with a nice aesthetic. You might think that the people behind the platform are professionals. However, there are other features that make us doubt this proposition.

The website states that you do not need prior experience to use the platform. However, any seasoned trader will tell you differently. Trading platforms can be overwhelming to first time traders. Therefore, it is important to get clients oriented to a platform.

Sadly, the company only avails educational material to people who invest. This means that you have to invest some money with the company no matter your trading experience. This shows a lack of interest in customer satisfaction. You should never invest in a company that does not care about your well-being.

Other than trading, the company has an affiliate program. This gives clients an extra way to earn some income. You need a sponsor to join this affiliate program. In case you don’t have a sponsor, the company randomly assigns one to you.

The company offers referral bonuses for every client you refer. However, does not go into detail about the amount of revenue you receive. Nonetheless, they list a number of items that you can win in the referral program.

The referral program has seven levels. Each level comes with extra perks. However, the company does not state the requirements you have to meet to level up. There is a lot of missing gaps in the company’s referral program.

Account Types

There are six different investment packages on the NovaTech platform. These include the Builder Package, the Bronze Package, the Silver Package, the Gold Package, the Platinum Package, and the VIP package. The packages differ depending on the amount of money you invest.

The minimum investment for these packages are $99, $500, $2,500, $5,000, $10,000, and $25,000 respectively. All the packages have a $25 monthly service fee except the VIP package. Additionally, the accounts include fully serviced PAMM accounts.

NovaTech Ltd Scam Review, NovaTech Ltd Account types

A PAMM account is a unique product that allows traders to earn without having to trade. You can invest your funds and leave the trading to experienced traders. The company promises to provide the most experienced account managers.

However, the company does not introduce the traders to the public. It is impossible to tell the kind of trading experience that these people have. You should only leave your trading in the hands of experienced account managers. If you cannot verify this to be the case, then do not invest your money.

NovaTech Ltd Founders and Physical Location

It is very important to know the people you are investing in. This will give you some insight into what to expect from the company. NovaTech provides the names of the team members to ensure transparency.

However, there is nothing exciting about this. The company’s CEO is Rev. Cynthia Petion. On the other hand, the COO of the company is Eddy Petion. These two were involved in a very suspect company. They were the top officials behind the company AWS Mining.

In 2018, the Texas State Securities Board issued a cease-and-desist against the company. These are shady individuals that do not deserve your trust. They have already scammed enough people online. Do not become their next victim.

Even worse, the company operates from a very shady jurisdiction. The company claims to operate from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This jurisdiction does not have a reliable regulatory body. Anyone can register a company without ever stepping foot in the region. Consequently, it is a paradise for fraudulent companies.

Regulation and Fund Safety

The biggest red flag about this company is its regulatory status. The company has no regulation from a reputable body. Regulatory bodies keep companies in check to ensure they are not running criminal operations. Therefore, a company without regulation can do anything it wants to.

Furthermore, regulatory bodies ensure that companies have the right banking set up. This ensures that the company can offer funds’ safety to its clients. Without regulation, a company cannot assure you of your funds’ safety.

Moreover, there is no evidence of systems’ protection on The company does not present any SSL certification to prove its systems are secure. This means that hackers can easily access and steal your funds. This is a huge red flag.

Further, hackers can steal your personally identifiable data. There is just too much to lose with this company. Do not give them your money if you want peace of mind.

Domain Insight

The official domain for this company is The founders registered the domain on the 17th of June 2019. They later updated the registration on the 16th of June 2020. The expiry date now stands at the 17th of June 2021.

It is fascinating to know that the company only takes out one year registrations. It means that they have no intention of sticking around for long. They may take off with investors’ funds after this period is over. Only invest in companies committed to providing services for a long time.

Moreover, Whois records reveal the registrant’s location as the United States. This contradicts the information they provide on their website. The probability is very high that the founders have never set foot in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The country allows people to register businesses over the internet without much hassle.

Final Verdict

Novatech is not a trustworthy company. There are too many red flags involved with this company. For starters, the founders have a shady history. This is always a red flag. You should run whenever you see something like this.

Additionally, the company does not have regulatory requirements. Therefore, it cannot assure you of your funds’ safety. The founders registered the company in a very shady jurisdiction. They did this to ensure they do not have to meet regulatory requirements.

There are too many fraudulent companies in the trading space. Their only interest is to swindle off their customers. Luckily, there are many legitimate cryptocurrency companies that you can trust. Such companies provide a safe and transparent trading environment.


195 Replies to “NovaTech Ltd Review: is a Scam. Do Not Invest.”

  1. Yvette Murren

    I would love to know more about the Company you recommend and the security they offer. I was about to invest a large sum of money in crypto trading. Are they registered in the USA and for how long. Thanks for an immediate response.

        • JIMMIE WILKS

          Lol, you have no ideal what the @#$% you are talking about. This company has created more 6-7 figure earners than you can count. Your recommended source, I’d like to see!

          • Jd baker

            It doesnt make a damn. Thats not what shes saying. They are basically unregulated. I take it you know nothing about how the market works. And the founders were already in trouble in texas when they were top officials with AWS mining. Thats public record. Now why would you not present a SSL certification to ensure hackers cant steal the investors money. I wonder? Can you not read? Do some research besides the zoom fluff call you listen to.

            • Jd baker

              Before you say they are regulated. They arent. NovaTech is an offshore broker registered in Saint Vincent and Grenadines, not subject to any regulation at this stage
              Your going to wake up one morning and poof FBI raid and money gone. No ones saying its not a great business model. But everyone that has been in the markets for decades are all saying there are way too many red flags in the structure of the business. Theyre going down soon. Now theyre giving out loans. Bout to get 🔥

            • Julia

              Hi Mr Thomas. Speaking English has nothing to do with receiving funds every friday and the ability to withdraw your funds any time even you seed you invested. I have been With Novotech for one month now and the returns i have received is more than a bank would give me at the end of the year. Bank of America gave a friend 17$ on thousands of dollars in their savings. This is a SCAM.NOT NOVATECH. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Don’t stay on the sidelines and criticize The proof of the pudding is in the eating.You see they are asking us to join their company. We do not know about yours neither. WHY SHOULD WE TRUST YOU?

            • Lindia Joseph

              Hello Who is yield Notes. You see they are just advertising their business here All of them do that to draw people to theirs. By doing this I don’t trust them because this is not how business is done. You do not pull people down to set your up. Thats ugly. Novatech is real. Try it for yourself. Stop sitting on the side lines and criticize. It may not be for you but don’t try to bring others to your site. Thats what all of the criticizers do. I AM VERY HAPPY WITH NOVOTECH. When you invest take out your seed when you can because nothing is perfect or guaranteed in life. Not even your own life. Banks close, Real estate companies close. How much interest have you received from Bank of America? What I have received from novatech is much more than I have received from Bank of America in years.

            • Daisy May

              you are talking nonsense!!! I for one have traded with Novatech and there are very generous benefits which they explain in fabulous detail in writing and on various presentations. I take it you are a trader yourself??? I do wonder what YOU people have to gain by creating all this BS.

          • Daisy May

            I recon they are the scammers, certainly not Novatech! So from my own personal experience I have found this very profitable and well worth investing in. These people are talking complete BS and obviously have no idea about Novatech or their web content. Hate these lies!

      • Justyn Lawrence

        Have enough dignity to invest before you bash. Invest minimal and withdraw, i bet you change your tune. Youre talking trash about something you’re too afraid to try. Shame on you.

        • Mary

          This is a great company. I am an investor there. Even though I invested a little amount of money with them. I will be a year old on the 24th of this month, but since then,I have been seeing my gain every friday. I have been making my withdrawals after 6 months of investment without pain and stress. So I am happy that I tried them. They are transparent with almost every day classes on zoom, that you will see your directors and people who are making it there. They have also gathered for a party last December to meet each other.No big percentage promises but they are consistent. Try and see for yourself.I am a witness and I just withddrew yesterday. I did not know people and have not even invited anyone, but I still make my money.

        • Peter

          I’m a Nova Believer..Tremendous returns..Total Transparency. Brilliant Business Techniques posed for explosion growth..
          Assets are Liquid..I’m getting Richer in a PASSIVE LANE..
          NO BS0 L

        • Larry Williams

          I am looking for Novatech’s MSB registration. Can you please help? What name did you use? I searched Florida and their name is not listed.

          • Jenna

            I’m invested with novatech. You can see their license with FINCEN under the name “smartbit” which is the name of their bitcoin atms in Florida. Message me if you need help. @ Facebook Jenna.guthrie.73
            Good luck!

            • Lindia Joseph

              The greatest company of all. Try it you will like it. Do not invest what you cannot loose. This is said in everything. People loose in the stock market daily and they take their lives. Nothing is guaranteed in life. THE PROOF OF THE PUDDING IS IN THE EATING. Don’t criticize if you have not tried it.

        • Melissa Sigler

          I have made great money with this company…my seed money has already been withdrawn and using market money…love our Friday’s. Even this week as the market took a huge dive we got a return! Can’t beat that!

        • Jd baker

          NovaTech is an offshore broker registered in Saint Vincent and Grenadines, not subject to any regulation at this stage.

        • Guirlene

          Viva Novatech ❤️❤️❤️I just love it!!! I am making money baby ,stop talking trash ok ,I always got money on my account on Fridays ,it’s been 3 months I am so happy I have tried that platform and I don’t care they’re out of Busnness tomorrow but today I am all in it ❤️❤️

      • Shawn

        I agree. Novatech is awesome. They have been paying out every Friday and Saturday for over two years now! People are leaving all the real scam companies to come to Novatech.

          • Justyn Lawrence

            They payout in crypto to your wallet which enables you to withdraw to your bank, card cashapp. Best investment in very long time. Totally legit business investment.

            • Nonya Bizness

              Novatech is the best investment strategy I’ve ever done! I’m making money EVERY Friday!! You guys are a bunch of HATERS!! GET A LIFE!!!

          • Bobby J Hobson

            I have Been with Novatech for just over 5 months and I have doubled my investment. I have withdrawn monies twice, bought myself a nice expensive electronic drum kit. They are delivering exactly what they promised. The best part I have control over my money, which most platforms don’t offer. I am very, very happy with Novatech who has been around for about three years now and they are licensed in the USA. They are definitely not a Scam.

            • Realist

              Bank of America,Wells Fargo,HSBC,Merrill Lynch.Combined or singularly these “regulated” and SSL companies have stolen, hundreds of billions from consumers and have been fined multiple times yet by the federal Govt yet continue to exist..whats the difference?

            • Angie Bott

              I have been in for 1 month… I’m happy with my Friday returns.. no bank or super gives you a return each week.. I advice.. put an amount that you can afford to with any investment..and when possible get your money out and ride the profits..all investments. Mortgage and savings, they all carry the unknown..but I’m happy so far and hope to ride the company to make my big profits.

          • Ray Woods

            3 years and still going strong. I’m either cashing out or reinvesting my profits every Friday. Look up Novatech’s Registrations and Licenses. Whoever wrote this article is trying to get people to gravitate to another Platform and apparently they can’t get investors on their platform so they’ll drag a winning platform in the mud to make theirs look great. Those of us that’s investing through Novatech are seeing positive results every week. I choose positive results over negative remarks any day of the week. You can stay locked up in skepticism all you want but me myself and my team are too busy over here WINNING!!!
            You really need to take another look at Novatech. This platform is delivering. Every investment is a risk, some risk are worth taking and some are not. I’m glad I took that risk. $700 turned into $17k in 19 months and still growing. Deposits and withdrawals are simple. I can see how the Petions were affiliated with AWS is a red flag but what you have to consider is, they were scammed as well. The Petions name were not mentioned in any court documentation. So when we’re talking due diligence, you need to do your own. once you do that, you’ll find out that not 1 person out of over 120,000 people invested with Novatech had any issues in the 3 years of it’s existence. WAKE UP because we’re winning over here. The good thing is, it’s not too late for you be a part of a winning team. Jump on board JD. I’ll even send you my link. Don’t let this article prevent you from achieving your goals.

            • Nate

              Agreed! This guy’s blog is 100% a personal “feeling” and is not based on any kind of academic research or intellectual thought. I’m only commenting, because if HE can get away with THIS kind of trash information, then he needs to be fairly combated.

          • Sharon

            I withdraw my payout every Friday. And I have tested withdrawal from trading account. I’m just making money every week since Feb 25 2022, lol, so all good if people want to sit still and fret, hate and bash

      • Kryptex

        Any company that promises big returns should be questioned. Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

        1) Who are people behind the company? Read up their backgrounds. Glad to know this site did that.

        2) How easy is it to take out money? You don’t want to lock in your money and get a big return with no means of getting it out.

        I’ll fess up to something here. I got caught up in the Bitconnect BS. Look them up on Youtube. They received a Cease and Desist and they packed up their bags overnight after many people put their life savings into their company. I, thankfully, only invested what I could afford to lose. And boy did I lose that money. Same thing with this company. So beware Novatech. Do your research before investing. Do not go off of just hype. Hype is a phase and is most likely a fantasy. If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

          • Justyn Lawrence

            I have been withdrawing 4k a month to my US bank for 10months that pays all my bills. Anyone not investing in novatech is just scared and should work minimum wage the rest of their lives.

            • Wayne

              hey Justyn, has the company returned your initial investment with the monthly payments, i.e. are you profitable? are you an affiliate sending new customers to the company on a regular basis? have there been any minor/major red flags? I want to invest, but my experience in the marketplace has not been positive. thank you for your feedback.

              • Michael Brenden

                The only “red flag” I’ve seen is the relatively awful website which has many sections which simply do not work or work barely sometimes. It appears that the back-end software has been repurposed. Other than that inconvenience, Everything we’ve seen and enjoyed delivers and works as promised…we’ve earned ROI since Week One.

              • May

                Hi , just give Novatech a trial. As much as I know, this is my one year by 24th of this month. I invested little money and I do not know people to invite. After 6 month of investment, I have been withdrawing my money without stress. I even withdrew yesterday. They also have zoom classes almost everyday.So I recommend Novatech for now.

          • Jean

            I am proudly part of Novatechfx. I withdrew money every single week . Whomever put this article is just selling out something else . Novatech had been paying every week for over 3 years! Interest fluctuate accordingly to profit made every week. See for yourself

            • Dan

              Paying out for over three years would be impressive for a company 3 years old. Cynthia and eddy are con artists running pyramid schemes.

              • Ray Woods

                most scam projects don’t last 3 months. So yes, 3 years is very impressive. I cash out profits 1 week and reinvest profits the following week. A $300 investment can change your life in 5 years. If someone is afraid to lose $300 then they really are broke. I’m just saying, people live by the “what if” factor every day. I’ve been in the Casino Industry for over 26 years now and I see people that live by the what if factor all day every day. They go to casinos because they say to themselves I feel lucky, “What If” I hit the jackpot tonight. people play the lottery and think “What If” I hit the Lottery tonight. So why not think “What If” it’s not a scam & I invest $300 in this platform. My point is, all of us have spent $300 or more on things that no longer add value to our lives. Why not spend $300 on something that can add value to your life and the lives of those you love the most. If you invested $300 in Novatech 3 years ago you’ll have over $30k right now and that’s without adding another penny to it. In 5 years you will have over $650k. I started with $700 a Year and a half ago and my trading balance is over $17k and still growing. The good thing is, it’s not too late to get in and get paid every Friday
                (Humbly known as FRI-YAY) Those of us that are invested in Novatech are extremely pleased with the results. Afterall, results are all that matters in the Investment world.

          • Sharon T

            Every Friday since April. I am pulling out all my invested capital and then I’ll compound the house money.
            Highly recommend, this has been the best opportunity ever


        • SuccessMatters

          B.t.w., we DON’T guarantee ANY return. If you knew how to research, legitimately and practiced integrity, you would be WELL aware that all of NovaTech’s disclaimers regarding earnings state: “Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Moreover, if you knew better, you would know that NovaTech trades in the open market…NO RETURN IS EVER GUARANTEED IN OPEN MARKET TRADiNG.

        • Christopher Thomas

          Kryptex it seems alot of the commentners are are speaking very similar language, language like their not good with speaking English, I bet they are fakers. Read and pay attention to their language closely it sounds like the same person. I bet it is someone trying to get people on board w novatech. “My one year” really who th hell says that. Are they 2years old are what

          • Elvin

            A lot of people on novatech come from very similar backgrounds. I am Dominican and i speak very good english. I can tell you that everything they are saying is true. I am definitely not a “Faker” as you would say. This company is legit.

        • Ray Woods

          I’m playing with house money now. I’ve already withdrawn my initial investment of $700 so I don’t have anything to lose. I kinda regret taking that $700 out because I would be in the $40k range by now. The old adage, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” isn’t always correct. In fact, the suspicion, cynicism, and doubt that inherent in this belief can and DOES keep people from taking advantage of great opportunities. Do You think Billionaires have that same “it sounds too good to be true” mindset

        • EILEEN MASON

          I am sorry you fell victim but thank you for sharing the experience. People are saying they have been withdrawing, well and good,they want more day they will pack and leave

      • scott

        This is true! I invested 1$ and due to the law of compounding and the 3% weekly returns…I turned that 1$ into $10,304,698,038 in just 15 years.

    • Bryan

      I was just approached to join this. Funny how all the people who love this site, have been investing for years and cashing out every Friday. My question to all these wizards is…..why would you cash out? This company promises weekly compounded returns of 3%. So if you invest $1000 and leave it for 15 years….you will make $10,304,698,038,202! Over 10 TRILLION! The only reason people get weekly money when they cash out is because it’s other investors money. Investor A’s gets his 3% interest from Investor B’s investment, and investor B gets his 3% interest from investor C and so on and so forth. So yeah, some people will get money but what happens when new investors stop coming and the referrals stop lol time for the unregulated company to peace out.

      • May

        I do not need to leave my money for 15 years because I have to make some expenses which is the reason why I invested ,to help me with my income. So I need to make my withdrawls every week and to also help those I need to help. Why would I leave it for 15 years? What if something happened and my money got lost? So Novatech has been delivering for now. I am happy for them. When you invest, they only trade with your money and make their gain,then send to your account the percentage of the gain they made due to the amount you put. Some people are making thousands of dollars every week, but I am still on hundreds, and that depends on how much I put,big money big gain,small money ,small gain, and I know no one to invite too. But yet I make my little gain every Friday which I can’t make in my bank account. I am happy with the company. With their WhatsApp group and almost every day zoom class,you have all the information you need. Your questions are answered immediately. So try them and be convinced just like me. I am almost a year this month, some person are two years old and so on.So for now because I don’t know tomorrow, I highly recommend

      • C Marley

        No actually there are no guarantees and the roi fluctuates with an average of 2%-4% and I started with a 100$ only in 3 weeks and yes I have with drawn in lite coin.

        • Richard J Benoit Jr.

          Actually in AUG 2022, it will be my one yr anniversary since Joining NovatechFX..

          The last 2 weeks in May 13 and 20th of 2022 have an average amount less then 1% ROI. Before that the average had been what was posted 3%…

          • Richard J Benoit Jr.

            But I forgot to mention that CRYPTO SPACE and the REGULAR Market has been in a BEAR MARKET for the pass 2 or 3 months

      • Larry Williams

        I am researching this company although I would never invest with them. Even with all of the red flags, it is hard to prove that they are scamming people. I am not looking forward to the day when I have to tell the people that I know and love that I told them so. I do not want them to lose their money but at the same time, I do not want people to continue to buy into this. So many people are investing in multiple companies that operate like this one in a way that leads me to think that they know what these companies are doing. They are a major part of the problem.

      • LadyD

        Thanks Bryan. I was wondering the same thing. WHY cash out weekly is the purpose is long term growth. Pennies on the dollar verses thousand-millions over long term. Short answer- potentially another way people take what may have been a good concept and exploit and use for quick personal gain and ruin what may have been a good thing. I am out.

        • Kevin

          Hey dummy yes it would with compounding interest! They say a 3% average weekly roi, if you reinvest all of your earnings, your money will tmes itself by about 5 times. In other words, $1,000 would grow to $5,000 after 1 year. $25,000 after 2, 125,000 after 3 and so on. But even if 5 times is too high, you should at least be able to 4 times your investment each year. If you do the math, a $1,000 investment at 3% average weekly roi, and reinvesting all your earnings, that $1,000 would be just over 1 billion dollars at the end of the 10th year. So who’s the real dummy, Dummy!!

    • Karisma Shackelford

      I’ve personally been investing with NovaTech and I absolutely love the company. I’ve also successful withdrawn over $20,000 from my earnings from my trades. A lot of your information is speculative and or incorrect and with over 300,000 active happy customers in multiple countries around the world it’s hard to not see how amazing this hedgefund.

      It’s often individuals that are promoting other platforms that attempt to trash NovaTech. I encourage you to open an account and after trading for about 6 months (don’t share it) then withdraw your money at the end of the 6 months ans then come back and share your experience as well as screen shots proving you had an account, the earnings you made each week as well is the total amount you were able to withdraw. This would be an honest review can the one you provided here!

      Have an amazing day. PS. You can look me up at or in Instagram @gottahavekarisma happy to help you as I have many others who are 1000% happy!

    • Gigi131

      I have been doing a lot of research and reading and fact checking. I am not invested with Novatech as of yet. I have read a lot of online hype fear factor ponzi pyramid myths But I have Yet to find One Person…just one that has lost their money to Novatech or through Novatech…I mean NOT One Person! Where are these victims? If this is a Rip Off Scam PLEASE will someone just stand up. Conclusion: there are no victims. I am getting closer to entrusting this company with some risk capital and give it a shot. If You’re a victim…state your case. Best Regards to all. I’m one step away from investing. Furthermore I believe there is much to say as to How this company is going strong and it’s killing the masses of naysayers because they have no answers. Maybe that’s the secret of Novatechs success. Only invest what you can afford to lose. It’s risky business and for me to date, where are these victims of Novatech? I don’t see any…anywhere. Btw my neighbor has quietly been investing for over 6 months now and he cashed out his initial balance without any problems. He continues to reinvest weekly and he just cashed out for a second time in the amount of $30K again without any problems. Now that’s pretty damn awesome! Invest or don’t just show me the money or show me the victims. All I’m seeing is money. Isn’t it strange there are no victims? Where are the losers? The people who have lost money? The victims? Ummm ok carry on.

      • Undecided_Investor

        “Started off great, but now having the “we have issues paying you” malarkey which was supposed to be “sorted quickly” and has gone on for over 3 weeks. Definitely would not recommend parting with your hard-earned cash. I prefer to actively choose from a curated set of companies with modest risk and high potential rewards and thatis lowryconsulting.”

        An example of many problems with withdrawing money.

  2. Darline C

    Novatech is a legitimate company providing great services to investors like myself. I’ve been investing with them where I see my profit every Friday. When I had my money sitting in the bank, I barely made any interest. I’ve earned way more in Novatech than any other trading companies I’ve invested with so far. If you’re not part of the company to see how it runs, do not bash them.

    • Andy Nsimundele

      Novatech is a legitimate company that delivers great returns for thousands of people around the world. While I appreciate your policing work, I also disagree that you can bash people just based on your observation as an outsider. This company has changed my life and continues to do for countless people with weekly returns.

    • Vin

      for a long time, the Maddoff investors said the same thing as you are saying. “We dont know how they do it, but we sure get a lot of return on our money!” Until one day, it was all gone. Also, Id like to what happenes when you want to withdraw your money and your earnings and put it, in US dollars, into your US bank account. An account statement that shows you getting big returns is different than getting them out and depositing the US dollars in your bank account. Bernie had all kinds of tricks too.

      • Xavier

        So true. I try to warn people about not to trust this company with their money and they refuse to listen. Some even suspect it’s a ponze scheme/ mlm company but decide to take the chance anyway because they think they can get out before it goes under. With all the great returns they promise, still now the only way I hear of them is through word of mouth. If they were so good they’d be more popular.

      • Jeff Storrs

        Yes and the ignoramus is alive and well. You know what you’re talkin about? Obviously not. Thirty thousand people making money and not one complaint and then there’s jamokes like you who don’t invest but happen to be experts! Experts at knocking stuff that they have no clue about! Experts at making fools out of themselves while other people are just running circles around them getting wealthy. You have a nice day and I’ll never see you on the golden beaches of life! And if you stay underneath your rock less people will be affected by the dirt that you spew.

        • Charles M.

          You seem to care a lot about the success of these random people. It’s probably because you just want the best for them right? You seem to love your fellow investors almost as much as you hate the non believers. It’s okay they’re all going to investor hell while we walk the golden beaches of prosperity 😉

    • Serge A

      The key to knowing if you are looking at a valid or serious review is did this person do their homework – NO. Can they produce a single person that lost money – NO. Are they trying to sell you on something else – YES.
      It’s great to have review sites but interview actual customers, create a free account, get in, take a look. I recommend this company.

      • Betty C

        I invested 100 thousand I was afraid but I took my chance I did not invite anyone else to join the fear that they would loose their money to. I made my 100 thousand back in about 10 moths now its all benefits. I took the chance of putting back all I made plus more. It has been the best investment return I have seen so far. I have no trading knowledge. I just trust my gut and so far so good. I can only say every Friday I wake up happy.. So help me God

        • James Smith

          Wow great so you put in 100 when you got it back it was in bitcoin right also did you get 100 back all at once because they said you could only get $5000 a day

    • RA

      It’s so sad when people have sight but no vision.
      Do you know of anyone who couldn’t get a withdrawal that they requested?
      This all started with this site moderator saying “try to withdraw and your account would stop working.
      They have an old saying: “Convince a fool against his will and he’s of his opinion still.”
      Success leaves clues my friend. Open your mind!

  3. Joaquin Maldonado

    This is clearly a personal opinion but I wonder if this person was part of it? A little advise, if you are not part of it, I think you should not be making this type of remarks for something that you are not part of because this is working for so many people and that includes myself. Anyone that reads this should do a little more research and consider opinions from people who are actually part of it.

  4. Joseph Slabaugh

    This is an article written a long time ago so Im not sure it is current, but they also have a Florida LLC so Im not so sure you know what you are talking about. In any case I have a few investments that are working and some that didn’t. My favorite is growing at about 5% a month, which is less than NovaTech. So I an slowly growing the Novatech balance as I withdraw from my other companies.

    • Michael Brenden

      We’ve seen NovaTech averaging about 3% ROI weekly and plan to remain as growing investors. To spread risk, we also invest in other similar programs, one is called HyperVerse, more info and join at

  5. David

    30,000 members going into there 3rd year. Millions invested and not one member has complained about not getting paid every Friday. Im apart of 2 other companies very similar that ha changed my life and there both registered out of the USA. This company is licensed in Florida, just check and they also are registered in St Vincent and the Grenadines because of the ease of use for forex and crypto trading. Im so sick of people with poor mindsets, who don’t understand taking calculated risk is what investing is all about. If you go into any opportunity thinking your going to get rich over night, you’ve already lost. The owners of Novatech are accessible, very transparent, and have delivered on all their promises. So I recommend everyone join for a couple hundred dollars and see for yourself.

    • Serge A

      Yes I have made sizable deposits and withdrawals. I think this article is a hit job on a company that has changed so many lives. Contact me if you need to join or simply want to learn more.

    • Renee

      I don’t care what anyone says… I don’t find any truth in this company. It works like those pyramid schemes and whatever profit you make, you are encourage to reinvest it within the company. I hear many defending this company, but the real question here is, has anyone ever withdrew any (large) funds from their account and received actual US dollars??? I know someone who has been a member for about 7 months and he is always persuaded not to cash-out, but to reinvest. He have never seen one dollar ($1.00) in physical form from this company, nor is he able to retrieve his own money that he originally invested. Anyone can create an online spreadsheet to give an illusion that you’re actually making money, but who has actually seen or used funds from this company???

      • Jo Ann Shipp

        Good point Renee. I want to know more. I don’t see on the website where there is actual trading going on. Also, the company is not registered with SEC, why.? They are registered in FL, but what does that really mean.
        All brokers, should be licensed. I just have a lot of questions

      • Peter

        That’s true and it’s about time for them to disappear because they never stick around for a long time. There was another one that was called patron pay they were taking people’s money just like this company and I am wondering if that’s not the same people.

      • SuccessMatters

        How do you know it works like a pyramid scheme? Truth be told, it does provide a business opportunity (Network Marketing).

        * An MLM has a product or service to sell.
        * MLM schemes require that you recruit people not only to buy and sell your product, but who will also recruit people who will not only buy and sell your product but also recruit people without end
        (NovaTech has one of the deepest liquidity pools in the world – NovaTech does not need us to buy nor sell ANYTHING)
        Once again, NovaTechFx is NOT a MLM…we don’t sell NOR buy anything!!!!!

      • Jean

        Trust me I withdraw every week from my bonus account . It s best to reinvest because money grows with interest compounding! If participants choose to reinvest it is an indicator of trust .
        This is for the first time I have seen a system working for good.
        I have member who join on Thursday and see money coming on next day Friday !

      • Charles M.

        Yeah that’s what I’m thinking as well. I think it’s interesting how so many people can be so offended by a simple article. Furthermore all of their responses are essentially the same “you have no idea what you’re talking about because you don’t invest yourself. I have been a member for a year and I get my money every Friday” a couple things I find interesting about that is #1 why are so many people who find genuine success through “investing” money writing paragraph responses on a forum about whether or not this is legit? I had a friend tell me about this and tell me to join under him. I became suspicious and found this forum while doing research on the legitimacy of this investment company. But why would someone who has supposedly already verified the legitimacy of this company be on this forum? Doesn’t make much sense to me. Also #2 if you’re making so much money why are you so eager to share this to the world and even go out of your way to help a stranger online sign up under your profile? Sounds like they need more “investors” money so their pyramid scheme can continue. These so called “investors” who have “seen results first hand” don’t seem to understand that they can only see results as long as more people sign up. Or rather I believe they already know that which would explain why they are so eager to shut this article down and why they are so kind and willing to help random people sign up. Crazy how much these people care about me becoming rich of this “investment”


    Novatech is NOT a scam. They are a legally registered Crypto Hedge Fund Company that has not missed a payout in almost three years and have some of the best traders on the planet. They also own and operate its MT5 Platform and not a third-party. This is one of the best companies on the planet who manages $100s of Millions of dollars. They post weekly and monthly performance reports. When this company hits Forbes, you’ll change your tune. They are changing thousands of peoples lives. You are WRONG.

    • Jeff Storrs

      It’s amazing how people who don’t know anything about what they’re talking about know everything about what they’re putting down because they are ignorant and. I really enjoyed your comment because it just comes out and says wrong and. I have said it so many times this guy is wrong wrong wrong and we just know that we’re on the right boat! Someday maybe we’ll meet and until then I’ll see you on the golden beaches of life!

      • Charles M.

        You sound so dedicated to this religion. Can you help me sign up so I can see you on the “golden beaches of life” I guess that’s your catchphrase for people who buy into this right? And people who don’t are going to purgatory no? Something like that

        • Brown

          Charles, did somebody pick you up in novatech member? If not let me know? This company is really amazing! Don’t knock it til you have tried it!

  7. Robert James

    Have you invested in the company? You should really watch what you are saying about a company you know nothing about. The company is registered in three countries including the USA and they have been around for just about three years now and have delivered exactly as they promised . You don’t have to sponsor anyone to invest with the company, that is an option if you want to earn extra income which I am earning every week. One of the owners only worked for the company that went bankrupt, they were never owners. Maybe you should try investing with them first before you start slandering the company’s reputation.

    • Jeff Storrs

      Excellent post!!! I am so tired of people who have never invested in the company talking crap about a company that is never lost any money in over two and a half years. Me and you are on the right boat and I’ll see you on the golden beaches of life!

  8. Emmanuel Akalue

    Novatech is the best company ever. Simply because we have black entrepreneurs and mainly black investors doesn’t imply any scam activity. As a black man, I’m willing to take my chance with Novatech for better for worse. WHY? I was born poor, I’ve always been poor. If I lose my money, which by God’s grace will never happen, I’ll remain at my poverty level. Nothing to lose since I’ve been a pro in poverty all my life. The only thing about to change, by God’s grace and blessing through Novatech is the breaking of the vicious cycle of poverty and I’m not going to allow anyone jealous criticism of Novatechfx to dissuade me in any way, shape or form.

    • Jeff Storrs

      I am so lost? What does the color of your skin have to do with this? Who brought up the race issue? I have never once seen anything said about black red white green yellow purple fuchsia or gold people. I’ve actually never known race to have anything to do with Trading because metatrader 5 doesn’t know the color of your skin. And neither do the expert traders that are sitting down working for us.

      • EZEMUNA

        If u read his comment over again without being quick to respond, u will understand where he’s coming from base upon his perspective of his life growing up.

        • Charles M.

          Yeah well Jeff here is “quick to respond” because he’s trying his best to persuade people to join but he was too stupid to realize that this guy is “already on board”
          You’ll probably see him on “the golden beaches of life” right Jeff?

    • Travis McGann

      Hi Sir – please reach out to me, I’d love to speak with you and help. My name is Travis and you can search and find my business name w/a contact number. God bless and thanks for considering my request.

  9. Emmanuel Akalue

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.


    Novatech is the best company ever. They’re very transparent and declare great profits for their investors. The compensation plan shows they are not a greedy company and that they’re very interested in the welfare of their clients. Highly commendable!!!

    Simply because we have black entrepreneurs and mainly black investors doesn’t imply any scam activity or conspiracy to scam anyone. About that AWS Mining issue, the company’s registration document I’ve seen doesn’t contain the names of Novatech CEO and COO as the proprietors or co-owners. Their names aren’t even there at all. Perhaps, you have a document to the contrary, I’ll very much like to see it.

    As a black man, I’m willing to take my chance with Novatech for better for worse. WHY? I was born poor, I’ve always been poor. If I lose my money, which by God’s grace will never happen, I’ll remain at my poverty level. Nothing to lose since I’ve been a pro in poverty all my life. The only thing about to change, by God’s grace and blessing through Novatech, is the vicious cycle of poverty and I’m not going to allow anyone’s jealous criticism of Novatechfx to dissuade me in any way, shape or form.

    May God bless and prosper Novatechfx and her investors in Jesus’ name. Amen!!!

  10. Robert Greene

    He’s not lying i did my research, NovaTech is a now situation meaning it works right now but later down the line it’ll shut down. Everyone Google CCX Markets if you don’t believe him. And then look at the Address for Nova Tech and CCX Markets. Is it not the same address. You guys and gals are giving praise to a company that y’all truly are not sure if they were really running for 2 years lol. This CCX Markets with the exact same address has also been running for the last 2-3 years. And that company turned out to be a scam. You all are living in the moment instead of using your brains and doing your research. I got scammed from 6 different companies like all of thes. And I as you are now was protecting them. When a person said scam, I told them they a dam lie. Money gets people like that until you lose it all then you all crying. Wake the hell up. This company is using religious beliefs to take from you. Come on a Rev. though l. I’m Christian and not one of the pastors I grew up listening to would ever involve themselves in Forex. Because they’ll preach that it’s gambling to be honest. But it took me 1 minute of research before I read this article to find out this company is on some bs like , Watermine, Wiseling, Beaurex, Quibitec, CashFX, Daisy, and next is Hyperfund. All companies that never was regulated and they were shutdown. It’s only a matter of time. Stop wasting your time and money and learn to trade yourself. Or come up with a real regulated company and hire people that trade. Start a legitimate business doing just this. Stop being lazy.

  11. Bobby J Hobson

    I am willing to bet that whoever created this blog about Novatech being a scam, they did not invest in Novatech. If you haven’t invested then you have no right to offer any critique if this company that has changed my life and many others lives. I have no knowledge of trading and I get up every Friday with a nice profit in my account , which I have the choice of taking out or re-investing and have it compounded. If you guys know the power of compounding, you will understand why do many lives are being changed. They are licensed in the USA and other parts of the world, so that the common and poor people in those regions can take advantage of this investing opportunity with Novatech. They are a very legitimate company who has never ever not pay out a profit for the past three years.

  12. Timothy Best

    NovaTech delivers. I invested a mere $500 and later topped it up with $1100 more. In months my account balance is over $4000 despite withdrawing $1000 twice.
    NovaTech owes me nothing as I have taken out more than I invested. With a quick look at a compound interest calculator, I should be able to retire in another 18 months. I urge the negative commenters here to simply invest $500 and watch your account grow. You will change your mind. I promise. As of January 2022 there are over 300,000 members. Not a single complaint from one.

  13. SuccessMatters

    Here IS the real… file:///var/mobile/Library/SMS/Attachments/1e/14/634602E0-E4D7-483A-B3DC-C89EAEBF961E/image000000.jpg

  14. Jojo

    Novatech is NOT a scam. This review is a scam. Novatech publishes its results every week to thousands of its investors around the world, whom you can find announcing their success on YouTube. They started their trading program in October 2020 and have never had a losing week. I’ve been invested for 2 weeks and made 2.6% and 4.7% in those 2 weeks.

  15. Michael Brenden

    Watch our weekly gains at
    So far it’s been 3% week 1, 2% week 2, 4% week 3, 3% week 4. In one month’s time that’s already bested any bank quite a few times over. If NT does us wrong, we will be plain and straightforward about it on just as we are plain and straightforward about our gains to date.

  16. kennedy

    where there is smoke there is fire. this companies operate on briefcase offices they recruit vulnerable people who are willing to get rich quick i was once swindled 2000 usd by a company operating the same way and i was recruited by a friend as referral. most of you guys who have already invested can even swear for the company that its legit but owe unto you the moment you will wake up and try accessing the website only to find a dead end. i am a forex trader and i trade with regulated companies like fx pesa if you’re in kenya or hot forex otherwise tread wisely.

  17. Princess

    So my husband just invested on Saturday. A good friend brought him in. I was curious because to me it was a pyramid with an investment aspect tossed in. When I researched I found all sorts of issues. The founders are shady in that they had a company before that had to be shut down due to fraud. They did take off with their investors’ money and hid behind the LLC. Literally 3 months later, they filed for a new business company in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and an LLC in Florida, Novatech Advisors. All this makes it LOOK legit but there is no filing with any regulatory entity, ex: the SEC in the US. They deal in bitcoin to avoid regulation. Which is encouraging US citizens to avoid paying taxes on earnings. With no regulation, they can and will do whatever they want with your money. They have been around for a little over 2 years now so people saying they have invested for all these years are full of it. I listened to their pitch and they are really good at making it all sound legit. Luckily I told my husband to get the money back, and since he had not made the full deposit yet we are SUPPOSED to get the money we put in back within a few weeks. We shall see. And her fake REVEREND status is to try to cast a better light on her rep after the AWS mining scam.
    Plenty of information out there so look for yourself.
    Also I have noticed that none of the defenders have answered the question on how easy it has been to get their initial investment out. They keep talking about the weekly pull, which is probably from lower-line affiliates joining, but nothing on taking ALL the money out.

  18. Mike Maxwell

    My colleague at work showed me her statements from Novatech. She invested about a year ago $4000. And after a year she has total approximately $10000 in her account of which she withdrew her initial amount of $4000. Now she has $6000 in Novatech account which she would be reinvesting and also withdrawing some $ regularly. She said withdrawal is easy. Her average weekly ROI is approximately 3% weekly compounded and now her daughter and her husband also have invested.

    The question is for how many more years it will run??? if they have traders for PAMM Account I would like to know more about the traders. Is the corporate annual financial report available to view? Please share any information if someone has.

    If anyone has solid proof and links to this company being a registered Hedge Fund company please share.

    I came across this link of a company Novapay, LLC. I am not sure whether this is the same company on not.

    Please note I have rounded off the figures above.

  19. Todd

    My Brothers Novatech account has paid out over $30,000 in 11 months. His initial investment was $10k. Then he added $10k more in month 2. Then $10k more in month 4. And $10K more in month 5. And $10k in month 7. It’s now been 11 months. Over $30,000 in profit. $50,000 invested over a 7 month period with a 60% return? He cashed out his 1-week payment of $2,000 in crypto last week, just to make sure he could. It was easy. That’s awesome by any means. I just got in on March 7th. I’m in Texas. They choose not to do business in Texas. That’s why I didn’t get in earlier. So I had to partner with my brother in Cali. I just put in $10,000. Following his method. It’s money for investment. Not bills. Future looks bright. I’ll keep you posted.

  20. Mwalimu Juma

    Novatech is legit. I regret not joining earlier, wasted 3 month investigating it. I invested 30k for 11 months and already withdrawn a total of 36k the rest is profits and is now 120k trading balance still getting 3-4 k every week.

    You can spend years trying to investigate novatech on google, what you’ll get normally is not the true picture of novatech except websites like this. If you need trusted reviews use trustpilot which has a facebook plugin for thousands of real uses of products. This is a life changer!!! thank you novatech.


    Novatech is as legit as they come. I have trading partners earn millions from the liquidity of the company. You, my friend got it wrong!

    – Legally registered Crypto Hedge Fund company
    – Over 100K trading partners
    – Over 200K Positive Reviews
    – 100% Retention rate
    – Never missed a payout in almost 3 years
    – Produced more 6 and 7 figure earners than most
    companies out there, if still operaing

    I’ve only been with the company for 11 months and I earn, passively, over $160K annually and growing. I’m pacing toward a $1M+ trading account in 14-15 months from now with profit sharing that exceeds most people’s annual salary quarterly! Do some research, dude. Over $500M+ in trading dollars with imediate access to it!

  22. Em

    I invested $250 and there was a earning of close to $7 in the first week! – better than the banks out there.
    We got to understand, that investing and trading is a high risk involved business – there could be instances where the return could be little, however, what I found is that this organisation is consistent with the results.
    Give a try, there is nothing to lose with trying

  23. Jim

    Hmm… it is now July of 2022… going on its 4th years while pay on avg. weekly 3.33% ROI on PAMM accounts… this article is a little dated & now debunked.

    • Michael

      Is no one concerned that every other market in the world is taking a shit but somehow positive ROI every week. The top 2 cryptos lost most of their value in the last 6 months and not a hiccup. If this is real, than it’s the most successful trading platform ever. Not joking, this is huge! So why is no one talking about it, why doesn’t Elon Musk or Warren Buffet have millions in it? If its such a sure bet as most of you seem to think it is, why is no one else talking about it. Just to compare, the S&P 500 had a 26% increase in 2021, if you got an average of 3% weekly last year, thats a 156% increase. So by this math, Novatech is 6x more profitable than the top companies in the country. Novatech is better than Amazon, Googled and Tesla combined. A little hard to belive when their website looks like it was built in 1995 and their social media presence is juvenile at best….BUT its the most successful company in the world. Not only that, they built this amazing platform in 1 year with no crypto, UX or UI experience. Which is a monumental task in itself. Then you look at the fact that the owners used to work for a company that was the shut down because it was a Ponnzi scheme. “Reverand Cythina Petion” only became a Reverand after they got shut down. Seriously, just google “AWS Mining Eddy Petion”, her husband was literally the President of the company. At very base level, if I told you that the last company I was the President of was shut down by the Texas State Securities board because it was a Ponzi Scheme, would you give me your money? If you would I have a bridge to sell if you’re interested. ….But seriously, for all of you out there, whole heartedly pitching this to your friends and family, please remember, a ponzi scheme works until it doesn’t. Google “Bernie Madolff.”

      • James

        NovaTech is an amazing company and I didn’t trust it when I got in back in January this year (2022)! But I put my $500 usd in and 6 months later, IT DOUBLED!!! Now we are going at this HARD and putting in $25,000 because the returns are going to be $500 A WEEK!!! And we can take out the money ANYTIME!!! This is REAL! GOOD and it makes people money, and you can share it with others!
        If anyone else wants to get in, there’s referral bonuses as well and I’d appreciate you contacting me and I can give you my referral link!
        Take care everyone. I am helping you make money for your family. This website isn’t helping us do that! Who do you trust??

      • Ray Woods

        Michael you’re highly misinformed. Eddy Petion was not the President of the company. his Multi Level Marketing rank was President. he got scammed as well. Check the court documents and you will not see the Petions name on any of those documents…Prove Me Wrong if you can

  24. Travis

    Simple question: what is their trading strategy?

    Not what do they trade in (FX, crypto, etc), but WHAT is their trading strategy? Are they just buying crypto, selling it 7 days later for a 3% profit? (Weekly)

    This is wrong because they’re clearly taking advantage of people. Performance reports that show no holdings and no trades and have no reputable custodian, are not performance reports. They’re just numbers typed on a statement.

    The 2-4% a week is a dead giveaway for anybody with a little investment knowledge. Not possible, not for 2 or 3 years.

    Not regulated in the US.

    Getting returns does not make it legit as pointed out by others. Everybody gets returns on pyramid schemes until the outflow requests exceed the new money. I’m sure this will go on for another year or two. I pray people put small amounts of money into this. The saddest part is that the most vulnerable people are the ones who invest in this. Praying for everyone to seek unbiased opinions from outsiders on a strategy that pays 2-4% weekly.

    Ask any investment professional who will be kind enough to be candid about those returns and their answer will be the same, everytime.

    I’m flying out to visit a friend across the country to because I’m concerned that he believes this is real and a legitimate operation.

    Just watch a few episodes of American Greed and be your own biggest critic…steel man it…be your own devil’s advocate.

    I feel so bad for people that will end up losing. Thankful some are making money but sad it’s at other’s expense and they just haven’t seen this to be true yet.

  25. Lindia Joseph

    That not true Travis. The Banks are making more money on your savings than NOVAtech. At least you are getting 3%. How much does the bank you trust give. I would much rather invest in Novatech than the bank. Their CDs yield nothing neither. Make money while you can .All the financial institutions are thieves in themselves. Some on is trading for them. Do we know the traders?

  26. D Miller

    I’ve been in for a couple months and haven’t had any issues yet, though with my small investment I haven’t been earning much either especially with the $25 monthly fee. I also haven’t tried to withdraw because I haven’t earned enough too make it worth it.
    Give it a shot and see for yourself, you can sign up and get 48hrs to look things over before you have to fund or lose your account,

    Also try the future trades which offers 1.4% a day 5 days a week and has been operating for over a year.


    What most people miss about NovaTech is that they also invest in Foreign Exchange. I have a friend who is a manager over the foreign exchange at the TD Bank in Canada. He is rewarded by the TD Bank extremely well for his efforts. So I know that there is money to be made in foreign exchange. The unfortunate part is that the banks do not offer any way for their investors (the individuals that have savings accounts with them) to share in those profits. If they did then there is no need for companies like NovaTechFX.

    I invested in NovaTechFX in late May 2022. Both my wife and I have accounts with them (my wife being under me). We each put in approximately 25K U.S.$. We are earning now over Cdn$3,000 per week. We have doubled our original investments since we started. Withdrawals are easy to make. I have made several withdrawals due to the need for cash to pay for extra purchases.

    My question to the naysayers. If you want to put down some company then please tell the truth. As I said NovaTechFX deals in BOTH Crypto currencies and foreign exchange. 2 completely different revenue streams.

    • Common Sense

      So we are to believe that the Petions and a CTO from the University of Phoenix (no offense to the Harvard of online schools) have developed a system which has yet to have one down week in 3 years?

      Not one!

      Crypto market is crashing, regular markets are a complete roller coaster but a single guy in Florida (can you find any other employees??) sitting at his computer has a track record better than anyone in the history of trading!!

      For those who have really looked at what it means to get 3% return each week, how do you believe it? So if I invest 1,000 dollars now and simply wait 10 years, that investment will be worth 2.5 billion! Holy sh$t!!

      Me and 30,000 other 40 year olds will be worth billions of dollars?? Just from an investment of 1k?

      The absurdity of this type of return is the only red flag you should need.

      And those who say “well i take my money out each week” …..You are complicit in stealing for other people, because you should have enough common sense to know this isn’t possible.

      It’s as old as the bible….Rob from Peter to Pay Paul.

      Finally, do you think you’ll be off the hook when this comes crashing down?

      Do you think that if you invested 5k but took out 15k, you’ll just be able to keep those ill-gotten profits?

      They are going to come after all profits to pay back people who were not as fortunate as you and lost everything….Just look at Madoff.

      So if you don’t have that 10k laying around because you took a cruise….Do you think that will be an excuse enough for them?

      Stay far away from this investment.

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