NWorld Review: Is TheAlphanetWorld.com a Genuine Supplements MLM Company?


NWorld is similar to many other MLM companies that promise to provide premium-quality nutritional supplements. Its domain, TheAlphanetWorld.com, claims to be a leading name in the supplements industry. However, it is much more than just a company that provides beauty products and nutritional products. In fact, the primary purpose of the company is to attract the maximum number of people towards its affiliate membership that promises to provide a significant amount of profits.

One of the most interesting aspects of this platform is that its products are completely interlinked with its product line. You cannot buy any product without investing in the affiliate membership. In fact, TheAlphanetWorld.com does not even disclose the price of the products until you become its member. Its overall business model is quite complex. Therefore, it is important to review various aspects of this company. Let’s get started.

What is NWorld?

NWorld is more commonly known as TheAlphanetWorld.com. It is running from the Philippines since 2005. The company deals with trading and marketing as well as the import and export of personal care and health products. The company claims to sell FDA approved products at 29 of its stores that are situated nationwide. The company’s mission and vision are to provide its customers with quality products.

One of the aims of NWorld is to go global with its products. The company entices recruits, that they call NEntrepreneurs,  with a commission and reward system and a wide range of product packages. However, they fail to provide the retail pricing of their products enlisted on the website.

How to Join NWorld?

The company does not provide the price of its products. It means you must buy its affiliate members to participate in any kind of compensation structure. Since NWorld is running from the Philippines, it provides the joining in Philippines peso.  TheAlphanetWorld.com states the following two main packages:

  1. Retailer Kit Package that costs ₱500  (approximately $10).
  2. Premium Package that costs ₱16,000  (approximately $330).

The members must buy any of these two packages to buy the products of the company. Moreover, the website states that the compensation structure also varies from package to package.

These two packages differ from one another on the basis of the income structure and product availability. Unfortunately, the website does not provide any further information that can help the users in deciding between these two packages.


Although the Retailer Kit Package is quite inexpensive, the origins of the business show that you should not trust it. It is a revival of an already failed company – Royal Business Club. As a result. you cannot trust it as it can collapse anytime soon.

It would be much better if you avoid investing in NWorld. As an alternative, you should consider investing in crypto cloud mining companies. You can fully trust these companies because they provide efficient and reliable services. Moreover, they provide flexible account plans and an excellent customer support system. Hence, crypto mining companies are suitable for both beginners and experts.

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Founder of NWorld

NWorld comprises products of personal care, beauty, and health care products such as nutritional supplements. Juluis Nolasco is running the Alplanet world. It was founded in July 2015. He was previously the president of a company called Royal Business Club, which also dealt with similar products of personal and health care. The said company was fined for tax evasion under his command. This raises some questions on the integrity and reliability of NWorld.

The similarity of products of both these companies raises a suspicion that NWorld is nothing but a rebrand of Royal Business Club. You also have to remember the fact that it is a common practice among MLM companies and business owners to restart their similar businesses with different names once their initial company collapse.

Products of NWorld

TheAlphanetWorld.com hosts a line of beauty and health care products that it claims to be tested and approved by FDA. The product line is divided into 4 categories; NHANCE, NLIGHTEN, NBODY, and NCHANT. Some of the products that are enlisted on the website are as follows:

Beauty products

  • Eye gel to reduce dark circles.
  • O2 bubble cleanser to refresh and moisturize the skin.
  • Cloud and CC cushion creams, both based on skin lightening formulas.

Other products include

  • An antioxidant known as L-Glutathione
  • A multivitamin syrup called MemoGro.
  • Body gel that helps to reduce fat.

Income Structure

NWorld is an MLM company. The new affiliates generate income through residual commission, retail commission, and coded bonuses.

New members are eligible for a retail commission if they sell the company’s line of products to retail buyers. The residual commission is earned through a binary structure plan, where an affiliate can generate more income by recruiting new members.

The coded bonuses are based on a more elaborate structure. 5 – 60 % of the PV earned from the products are in form of a Coded Bonus.

This 60% is paid on the basis of ranks among the affiliates. The ranks start from Novice to Alpha mentor, with increment in the amount of bonus with each rank.

  • The company gives a Coded Bonus of 5% to the members of Novice Rank
  • The company gives a Coded Bonus of 15% to the members of Apprentices Rank
  • Professionals and Experts get 25% and 30% respectively.
  • Masters and Mentors earn up to 35% and 40//5 respectively.
  • At the highest rank Alpha rank, affiliates can get 60% in coded bonus.

Master Bonuses

NWorld is also promising significant master bonuses to its users. Such bonuses are very familiar with traditional recruitment commissions. The website describes them as an additional 3% bonus on the money earned by the members of the company on the Master level.


The company uses a typical uni-level team and encourages affiliates to recruit as many people as possible. It is quite evident that TheAlphanetWorld.com is promising a lot of bonuses by recruiting more and more people so that the members will keep promoting the company. However, such kind of business model is not sustainable at all because, after the eventual collapse of the company, the members will end up losing most of the money.


NWorld stands to be a rebranding of Royal Business Club with its similar product line. Similarly, the founder of the company, Juluis Nolanso, has been a part of several tax evasion controversies.

The products offered by the company are standard beauty care products and nutritional supplements. The main focus of the company seems to be on skin whitening products targeted at specified groups. TheAlphanetWorld.com fails to provide the pricing of their product line.

An MLM company that does not disclose the price of its products is typically a suspicious company. The company is trying to seem like a legitimate company by promising a variety of bonuses. Yet, there is no proof that NWorld will actually pay any of these profits.

TheAlphanetWorld.com has no interest in fulfilling its vision of providing high-quality supplements to people all around the world. Otherwise, it would not have made it mandatory for people to buy its affiliate membership to buy the products. The overall business model and income structure of the company are highly unimpressive.

It is highly unlikely that the users will be able to generate any kind of profit from this profit. Therefore, it is much better for you to avoid investing in any kind of money in NWorld. Instead, consider investing in crypto cloud mining companies.  Such companies have the required modern infrastructure that you need to earn maximum profits in the crypto industry. 

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