Octigon Review: Octigon.net A CNMV Blacklisted Company

Octigon Review
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Octigon, the entity, claims to be trading several assets. However, this funny venture does not even have financial instruments. So ideally, what the con artist behind the entity did is to set up a bogus website. They expect traders to join in their course by depositing the relevant amounts.

Octigon Review, Octigon Company

This must be the biggest joke of the year. They also fail to feature information regarding the commissions, spreads, indicators, and transaction fees. Why would anyone risk their safety in this pyramid scheme?

Octigon may pay their pioneer traders. However, the entity takes funds from the new traders and uses them to process the withdrawal requests. The broker does not care about making You rich. Furthermore, they do not even have trading resources.

The website is poorly designed, and you can tell that the company does not have enough funds. Nevertheless, this entity claims that it has a simple trading strategy. Therefore, you are going to earn profits constantly.

It would help if you didn’t buy the financial narrative of Octigon. They are not licensed, and no trading activities are occurring on their website. Invest with the best legit crypto investment firms in the market. You will earn better rewards with them.

Octigon.net Review

The company features huge statistics to appear reputable. They claim to have over 5K existing customers. Their domain name is only a few months old. Therefore, they cannot have attained such a high audience.

Their total turnover is allegedly over one billion. Unfortunately, the entity cannot produce trading results. This is because the scam has nothing to show. They also falsely brag about having over 250 assets. You only need an intent connection and a device to start earning.

Anyone who joins Octigon will live to regret. The anonymity that the company has should be enough to keep you off the venture. Moreover, the entity is accepting traders from across the globe. Refrain from giving this Ponzi scheme your hard-earned money.

The person that is behind this venture is mysterious. They don’t want to blow up their cover because the authority will put them behind bars. You should not also risk engaging with such people. They lack the necessary skills to run an investment scheme successfully.

Trading Conditions and Interface

Octigon has a web-based trading platform. It has undesirable features that won’t help investors. The scam is also displaying attractive features. Nonetheless, this firm is also charging commissions to clients.

The leverage to expect from the entity is 1:400. It is a profitable cap but also keeps in mind that it could also lead to massive losses. High leverage is ideal for traders with high-risk appetites. Nonetheless, reputable watchdogs limit the same from 1:30 up to 1:50. This is to help investors to trade under manageable circumstances.

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Octigon Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum amount that interested clients can cash into Octigon is $250 for those using credit and debit cards. The other who chooses Payneteasy can deposit at least $200. The entity does not have a standard fee, which raises eyebrows. Their limitation based on the type of method you use is cumbersome.

We urge anyone who might want to sign up to use a bank card. This is because you can issue a chargeback.  Many reputable platforms in the market have various payment options. Additionally, you can also deposit even $10 or lower.

The Octigon platform also reveals that they have the liberty of charging fees. However, the firm does not care to disclose the actual amount. If you want to take up their bonus, it is best to rethink your choice.

The venture requires traders to meet a trading volume of 40 times double their initial deposit plus their bonus. You will never be able to withdrawal as this is close to impossible.

Regulation and Registration

The Spain financial body CNMV has issued a warning to its citizens warning them against investing with Octigon. The broker is targeting traders from this country without observing the rules. Therefore, the activities of the entity are illegal.

Moreover, if you observe their website keenly, you will also notice the red flags. The company does not present the parent corporation that manages its business. It is the requirement of the law that every venture must operate in full transparency.

Traders have every right to know the people handling their funds. It is only Ponzi schemes that upvote anonymity. You cannot report this scheme to the authority. This is because the firm does not have tangible materials that reveal who they are or where the firm is operating.

Octigon is targeting rookie investors. They understand no expert would waste their time on their website. You won’t receive compensation once the company exit the industry. Moreover, your money goes directly to the accounts of clients.

Octigon Customer Support

Octigon is an anonymous venture that does not see the importance of hiring customer support. We did not even find an email address. Giving this entity your details puts you at severe risks. The platform can choose to exit the market unceremoniously.

Octigon.net Review, Octigon.net Trading Conditions

Whatever they decide to do with your money, it’s only them who knows. Nevertheless, this should not be your main concern as to what they will do with the data you shared. We don’t know where this firm originates from, which is a big red flag.

Customer Feedback

Octigon is a broker that has several negative reviews. The company is being accused of not processing the withdrawal of traders. This is a serious offense that proves you are dealing with a scam. If you don’t want to follow the fate of others who have suffered losses, avoid this platform.

The venture is not worth the time. The support is allegedly not responding to emails that traders send. The entity also claims to be mining crypto, but there is no mining taking place. They promise high profits, but the results are far from what the venture promises.

The Domain Insight

Octigon has a domain that is less than a year old. Their trust score is also low. Moreover, the culprits behind this entity are unknown. We doubt the broker will be around for long. Unfortunately, nobody knows when they shall exit the industry.

Final Verdict

The scheme is promising investors multiple trading opportunities. Sadly, they leave out essential information regarding their investment products and services. The venture is exposed as a scam by the authority and investors. If you trade with this entity, expect only the worst outcome.

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  1. Joan

    No comprendo con la cantidad de herramientas tecnològicas que disposen Estados, que hay, para perseguir el terrorismo mundial, no sean capaces de localizar y juzgar a està organizació criminal llamada Octigon junto a otras muchas mas.

    Yo soy una víctima. Se han apropiado de todos mis ahorros por mi inexperiència. Supieron ganarse mi confianza y desde Diciembre de 2020 a dia de hoy Agosto 2021 no es podido retirar nada y ya es imposible hablar con ellos, cada dia escribiendo correos expresamdo la desesperacion de un hombre arruinado y con deudas. Por culpa de ellos. Es un crimen .Me han destrozado la vida.
    Estan denunciado a la Fiscalía de Catalunya.
    Pero la justícia és lenta. Ojalá los intervengan y paguen todos el daño que hacen.

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