Offline Revolution 2017 Scam or Not: Detailed Review

Offline Revolution 2017

Offline Revolution 2017

Offline Revolution 2017 is a program by Lee Nazak that promises to make the users lots of money overnight by using Facebook ads. Its main selling points is to use Facebook to get clients instead of using SEO. The whole presentation is done through a video that is posted on its page – That means that you will need to seat through the video presentation and wait for Lee to mention something relevant. In this Offline Revolution 2017 review, I will look at some of their features that show they are nothing but scam.

What I liked About Offline Revolution 2017

Offline Revolution 2017

Lee starts the video presentation by asking you to get a pen and a paper. He says that you need to do that because he will not be writing out everything for you. He will be just talk through the presentation ad you have to note down the important points yourself.

He does that for one simple reason. He is running a scam and he needs to leave as little evidence of the lies that he speaks. He knows that you can quickly scan through any written content to pick out any white lies. I have to acknowledge that was very smart of him. I had to sit through all his presentation, listen to everything he was saying and check out the facts. Therefore, he might be running Offline Revolution 2017 scam, but he does it smartly.

What I dint Like about Offline Revolution 2017

Offline Revolution 2017 review

Clients via Facebook

He says that all you will be doing is getting new clients by cold contact facebook users. You just contact a random person and tell them you are selling the product that he will tell you to advertise. That means you are not aware what you will be selling until you have bought the Offline Revolution 2017.

That is just an easy way to scam you of your money, I do not need to be a internet marketing genius to know that even with targeted facebook advertising, the conversion rate is still low unless you spend lots of money.

Case Study Model

Offline Revolution 2017 scam

He says that he teach you a marketing model that involves prospecting, closing deals, provide a product, and preserve the sales. In other words, he says that you will start by digitally contacting your prospects, get their attention, close a deal, and preserve those prospects that become clients. They moment you contact someone, you give them a free product and ask for a video review from them, and 20 people out of 100 people will accept your offer.

The free product is a free week of service. The product you will giving them for a week is the advertisement service they were paying for. After a week, out of the 20 that accepted your offer, 5 will become your clients. That is great, except that it is based on the lie that you will be getting them clients that their paid advertising could not give them. In summary, he paints a rosy picture of us making money without actually telling us what strategy you will use to get the Facebook clients new leads without paying for advertising on Facebook!

Compounding Effect

Offline Revolution 2017 scam

The calculations that he uses to convince potential buyers of Offline Revolution 2017 product indicates that you will be benefiting from the compounding effect of the strategy. That simply means that you will get new leads for your clients. Then you retain those clients, and then add new clients while the first batch of clients keeps paying you for getting them the first clients.

Now there is another lie. No one is going to pay you ones they have established working a relationship with their clients. They may agree to pay a commission for a specific period but definitely not for a lifetime. Businesses pay you to get new client not for retuning clients who head directly to the business. Therefore, the compounding effect is nonexistent.

Make Money for Most Clients

Offline Revolution 2017

He says that you will be making money by simply sending emails every month and get $25 dollars from them. So you send as many emails as you can. Whether there is a response or not, you will get $25 on average.

The responses will be the ones that will give enough return to get that $25 average pay for the emails you have sent. In that, you will have used other people’s money to get new clients. Now how do you use other people’s money to get the clients? Well, he says you have to buy his Offline Revolution 2017 first, and do exactly as he says. That is another of his lies to get you to buy the product. It is the same line that people use everywhere to scam you for your money; “I will tell you my method to make money, just give me your money first!” I believe if I am going to run a successful business, I need to have all the facts right. I cannot just follow someone on faith!

Offline Revolution 2017 Has No Community Forum

Offline Revolution 2017 scam

Any online product that is not a scam, will always have a following of its users and marketers. Even the new ones will have a public forum where you can ask questions. Unless it is a scam, and they are trying to reap people off a s fast as possible. Without a vibrant community, you will be simply be leaping into the dark if you dare to buy the Offline Revolution 2017 product. What is even more interesting is that he mentions about this community, however, you need to buy his Offline Revolution 2017 to join the community or see the activity of this community! Clearly, there is no better indication that this is an absolute scam.


Overall Rating: 2/10

Towards the end of the Offline Revolution 2017 presentation, he literally begs you to give the $27 for his product. He explains that whether you pay it or not, it does not matter. Why? Because you are going to spend it anyway and that If you buy the Offline Revolution 2017 scam, you will get it back if you do not like the product. If you ask me, this is not the kind of product to invest in if you want to establish your own brand. The Offline Revolution 2017 scam has nothing to offer affiliate marketers and is simply designed to take the $27 dollars from as many people as possible.

What Next?

Well, if you need to make money, build a business whose progress you can track, then you can join the Wealthy Affiliate program. You will learn the in and outs of internet marketing and interact with fellow affiliate marketers. You will be dealing with real life brands and following clear marketing strategies. What to expect from Wealthy Affiliate:

  • You get free site builder and hosting platform.
  • A huge community of fellow affiliate makes hundreds to thousands of dollars every month.
  • There is a live support 24/7.

Don’t waste your $27 and time chasing wind in scam products such as Offline Revolution 2017. It is better of you go play casino or gamble with your money rather than burning it to ashes in this kind of product. Please ask any questions or comments you may have in the section below.

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