Panacea Investment Review: An FCA-Blacklisted Platform

Panacea Investment Review
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There’s a warning out from the Financial Conduct Authority regarding Panacea Investment. Here’s more in our detailed review

Panacea Investment claims to offer the right investment plans. From what we can see, is a get-rich-quick scheme. The platform claims to increase your investment in a matter of hours. PanaceaInvestment also claims to be a forex trading platform with possible best conditions. These are false statements as the platform won’t allow you to make any withdrawals. Learn what we found out in our complete PANACEA INVESTMENT REVIEW.

A Brief Analysis of Panacea Investment

Panacea Investment Pros and Cons

On their homepage, Panacea Investment claims to be one of the leading global equity firms. In addition, the store boasts of having over 1,000 assets on its trading platform. Unfortunately, these are false statements as the platform doesn’t allow members to trade.

You get a platform that takes your deposit and claims to trade on your behalf. All you have to do is sit back and wait for the profits to soar. Unfortunately, that’s what has been happening as the platform silently takes your funds from you.

To get ahead in the forex trading world, you need to use the right investment tools. Make sure to go for innovative investment platforms that provide advanced resources. In addition, experts recommend that you use leading forex trading bots to achieve success.

Panacea Investment will only take your funds from you. We have a platform that won’t bother investing or allowing members to profit from it. Instead, those who deposit are funding the owner’s lifestyle.

There are several red flags found on the platform. But unfortunately, most investors don’t bother checking out a platform. The promise of getting quick funds blinds them from seeing the red flags. And this is where we come into play.

Before you invest in any platform, we recommend doing some due diligence. Try and find out what others are saying about the platform before signing up. Find out what makes the platform tick.

Accounts and Tiers Panacea Investment

Panacea investment offers four plans to choose from, and each comes with a different set of features. These plans guarantee that you will profit within a short vesting period. For naïve investors, it seems like a perfect way to invest.

Here’s a closer look at these four plans;

Plan 1

It’s the first plan that the platform recommends to first-time investors. The account promises returns within 24 hours. In addition, you get a guarantee of making 15 percent ROI after you deposit $100 to $500.

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Plan 2

There’s a 40 percent guaranteed ROI with the platform. Members have to deposit $750 and $50,000 to earn with the account. The vesting period is 48 hours which means you should withdraw in two days.

Plan 3

You get a plan slated for skilled investors, as the platform suggests. Members get a promise of earning 65 percent ROI within 12 hours. The minimum investment amount is $1,506, with the maximum investment slated at $100,000.

Plan 4

It’s a complete plan of them all. There’s a 100 percent ROI guarantee with the fourth plan. Investors are to deposit a minimum of $2,500 with no maximum. The vesting period with Plan 4 is 12 hours.

Accounts Panacea Investment

Account Features

There are several reasons why you should doubt all of these plans. One of them being the short vesting period. But, again, we have a platform that promises to double your investment in the shortest time possible.

When it comes to investing, even volatile markets such as Crypto require time. You would expect the least investment to be three to four months. Anyone promising a return within 12 hours to 48 hours is lying.

It would be best to spot these red flags before investing in any platform. Don’t let the promise of making high returns in quick time fool you. Unless the platform is giving away free money, there’s no way users earn from it.

As the platform suggests, if these accounts were lucrative, we would all sign up. You would get large companies investing in such platforms to increase their capital. Since no one is interested, it should sign that the platform is a burst.

Affiliate program

There’s an affiliate program available on the platform. Each account plan comes with a referral bonus of 5 percent. Once you refer a user to the platform, you get a 5 percent bonus every time they deposit.

You have to be a platform member to start earning referral bonuses. And this is where the platform tries to use you to get more victims. So you get a store that wants to take complete advantage of investors.

Before engaging in such platforms, you need to ask yourself how the platform makes money. Even if you refer a person, the bonus amount doesn’t appear in your account. So you end up losing a lot more than funds.

The people you direct to the platform will blame you for their losses. The platform is using your connections to get more deposits. You end up losing your credibility and reputation as an investor or professional affiliate.

Business owner

When searching for the platform owner, a damning revelation was found. The platform is using business registry credentials of UK Private Limited Company. And we now have proof that the store is a fraud.

The existing platform doesn’t offer trading investment opportunities. However, we can prove that the platform invests in real estate and other ventures. The clone is an offshore platform targeting European and UK investors.

That’s why you need to stay away from the platform. You won’t even get the names of the staff members working behind the store. And this is why you have to stay away from the store. We have a store that fails to deliver the right value for your investment.

An anonymous investment platform offering quick returns is a red flag. Please take note of these features as they will come in handy in the future. You need to stay away from unregulated platforms or risk losing everything.

FCA warning

Compliance, License and, Registration Panacea Investment

There’s a warning out from the Financial Conduct Authority regarding this platform. It would be best to be wary of the platform’s compliance issues. A warning from such a reputable regulator holds water in all situations.

Panacea Investment is a clone trying to take advantage of naïve investors. Thanks to the warning, we believe authorities will try and block withdrawals. These are some of the red flags you need to spot.

Before you engage with any trading platform, try and check with regulators. Most regulators have a warning list showing which platforms to avoid. You will also find a list of regulated entities that are safe.

Contact and support

When selecting which platform suits you best, try and test their communication aspect. For example, try and find out how fast the platform responds to withdrawal queries. It’s the best way to determine whether a platform is legit or not.

Most scam platforms’ interest will be your deposits. You can get harassed with calls even at odd hours. If you mistake depositing funds, the store will stop calling you. And that’s how you lose your funds.

Fund safety Panacea Investment

Your funds are far from safe with a platform that fails to segregate accounts. In addition, without any regulation, the platform doesn’t offer insurance cover for deposits made. That’s another risky feature of the platform.

Our verdict

Are funds safe with PanaceaInvestment?

Please stay away from

Go for appropriate forex trading robots used by experts in the forex trading world.

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