Passive Income Ninja Scam Review: Read this First!

passive income ninja

Passive Income Ninja Review

passive income ninja

The Passive Income Ninja is a creation of Fergal Downes and Carlos Parraga. It is an internet market product that is designed to help you help increase your sales and earn passively online. According to Fergal, the system works by helping you to scale up smaller passive income streams and lump up your passive income.

They promise an income of $274.88 weekly at a minimum and you can scale it up as much as you want. In this Passive Income Ninja review, I will analyze its features to proof if it’s a scam or a legit product. I wanted to find out if it transfers internet-marketing skills and strategies that can be used to establish a successful affiliate business to its users.

What I Liked About Passive Income Ninja


Passive Income Ninja scam

I liked the facts that they promise the strategy shared in Passive Income Ninja can be scaled. That is important because most niches are not that big and you need to invest in multiple niches. That is why big business such as Amazon allow merchants from diverse industries to sell their products on their platform. In the affiliate marketing industry, you need to invest in more than one product to keep growing.

A marketing system that allows you to scale your passive income streams means you can take advantage of any profitable product or niche market and add it to your campaign. However, that is all there is to what I got from their presentation. They do not share what traffic sources they will be targeting to help us establish passive income streams. That was my first sign that Passive Income Ninja is a little better than a scam. At best, they could just be sharing obvious strategies such building email lists.

What I Didn’t Like About It

Internet Marketing Skills

Passive Income Ninja

The Passive Income Ninja does not mention anything to do with internet marketing skills. It just talks about setting up a passive income stream using the techniques laid out in the Passive Income Ninja training videos.

I find that to be misleading because marketing is all about knowing your customer. Customers keep changing in the way they respond to advertising stimuli. That means that the strategy you are using today should not be the same that you be will be using tomorrow. Otherwise, your customer will fail to respond to your deals and your competitors will be using better and improved marketing strategies, will take away your customers. Therefore, I would say that Passive Income Ninja does not offer a solid internet marketing strategy.


Passive Income Ninja review

The Passive Income Ninja presentation does not talk about how it’s going to help us create a brand name that can earn us a lifetime income. Although they mention they do not focus on Instant Marketing, I find that not to be enough. We need to know how we can create a trusted brand that our customers can always follow to get the right products. Otherwise, everything we do will fade from their memories with time.

As an affiliate marketer, I felt disappointed they didn’t include that important bit in their product. There is simply no way one can hope to get a passive income without establishing authority and branding your online assets. I would therefore urge you to look elsewhere for an affiliate marketing training that can enable you establish a brand rather than generic product.

Members Forum

Passive Income Ninja scam

I like it when there is a product forum where members share what is working about a product and what is not working. I find that to be very important because there is no single product that is perfect. All products need to be improved over time. Even the best marketing strategies fail over time because customers get used to them.

That is why I felt disappointed when I checked for a public Passive Income Ninja forum and could not find any. Fergal does promise that we will be members of such a forum but I haven’t seen it. If you ask me, I would say it does not exist. Most popular affiliate marketing products have active forums that you get to join without paying a cent. Unfortunately, Passive Income Ninja scam does not have such a forum.

Product Support

Passive Income Ninja

While going through the Passive Income Ninja description notes, I noted that they do not offer any contact information on their site, neither do they have a live chat. When I combined that discovery with the fact that they do not have a product forum, I felt that I was being cheated. Third party platforms and systems change every day, and over time, products owners must update their products to keep them compatible.

If we are unable to contact product support teams the moment a product fails, then that means we will immediately start losing customers or be in violation with industry regulations. That is why I consider lack of a product support team to be a deal breaker. I believe you should keep away from it as well. One thing I learnt about Affiliate marketing and internet marketing is that you always have to keep your business systems up-to-date.


Overall Rating: 2/10

I have discussed the strengths and weaknesses of Passive Income Ninja and why it’s a little better than scam. It does not have a product community forum where users share ideas about what works and what does not work. There is no way to contact their support team, which means you will not get help if you need it urgently. That is why I urge you to invest in an affiliate marketing training program that cares about its users. Wealthy Affiliate is an example of such a product. They have a huge community of affiliates, and their support team is always close by to help. In summary, this is what they offer.

  • You get access to their live chat support 24/7.
  • A step-by-step tutorial on how to establish your affiliate marketing business from scratch.
  • There is a helpful and vibrant community of affiliates.
  • You get a site builder and a hosting platform once you pay for their membership.
  • It is free to join and see what the affiliate community says.

I hope that this Passive Income Ninja review has been helpful. I also believe you will join a worthy internet marketing program such as Wealthy Affiliates. It is only by joining a supportive affiliate program that you can be able to establish a passive income and a trusted brand. I wish you all the best as you start this sure journey to financial freedom. Please feel free to leave your comments and questions below.

21 Replies to “Passive Income Ninja Scam Review: Read this First!”

  1. Joyce Farmer

    You have taken money from my account did not want to buy any goods . Thought it was a free gift the three pound post and packet still not had that so I would like you to put the money back in my bank . I am pensioner every penny counts .

  2. Susan Mary Rumsey

    Is this connected to the scam that cost me £70 and I still don’t know what it is I am a pensioner and can’t afford to lose money like 24/7 whatever that is

    • Laura hodge

      I’ve had the same thing happen to me and I can’t contact them or anything it’s ridiculous I’ve had this going on for weeks

  3. Tony Furnell

    Like the all the others, (see other posted comments) you have tricked me into giving you my debit card details… Great start to the New Year! Thanks a bunch… Seventy three quid out of my account and for what? Sweet damn all…
    Cancel my ‘subscription’, with immediate effect and RETURN the money that you have deceitfully taken out of my bank account, forthwith!

    • Kathleen Scott

      I got in touch with you in February l was told the money you took out of my bank would take 10 Working days to put back.. in March l rang was told having problems with accounts for January and February money be in soon as still nothing . I am a pensioner and l have had to borrow money to pay for going into over draft which you have made me do. So please can you look into it for me once again.

  4. kylie price

    Like alot of the comments above you have taken £70 quid out of my account without my permission I would like my £70 quid refunded immediately if this ain’t done will be taking this further.

  5. dawn allen

    You have taken mommy out of my bank so please can you give it back as never give you permission to if you don’t I will be going to the police and my bank and cancel my perscriptin as I never subscribed to you

  6. K Payne

    You have taken 2 lots of £70 from my account card ending 9022, this is unauthorised put my £140 back in straight away or I will go to the Police and report fraud, this is a scam, you have 36 hours, that’s 07:30 Tuesday 17th April 2018.

  7. maria

    I received an advert for Iphone testers offered for £3.00, they mentioned it was for the postage. I have never received the phone, my card has been charged the £3, but on top i have been charged £70 over and above. I have sent emails to ask about it and to cancel this phone but have had no response at all from
    Lesson learnt!

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