PGI Global Review: PGIGlobal.Trade An Old Scam

PGI Global

PGIGlobal.Trade was recently registered on 13th April 2020. The website itself does not give information about the owner of the PGI Global. After some research, I found that RV Palafox is the President of the company. He was previously associated with AI Trades, which is still operational but has been declared a scam by the legal authorities.

On comparing with PGIGlobal.Trade, one can find many similarities, which makes it evident that the same team runs both companies. Both of these companies follow similar business models. Mark Davis, who was co-owner of AI Trade, is the Vice President of PGI Global. The legitimacy of the PGI Global can be evaluated from the fact that the managers of AI Trade – a proven Ponzi scheme – are behind this new company.

What is PGI Global?

Praetorian Group International (PGI) Global is a crypto MLM company that is run by Ramil Ventura Palafox. It lets people earn money by recruiting others and building a team to earn commissions from different levels. Moreover, the company promises daily ROIs, which vary from level to level. Undoubtedly, the company is operating as a crypto MLM platform but is also offers a nutritional drink to generate funds.

Who runs PGI Global?

PGIGlobal.Trade does not mention the owner and co-owner of the company. However, research indicates that Ramil Ventura (RF) Palafox and Mark Davis are running the company. In 2018, it was announced that Palafox was the President of AI Trade, and Mark Davis was its co-owner. AI Trade was found to be a total scam because it was an ordinary Ponzi scheme.

RV is believed to have involvement in many crypto companies like Bitcoin Network, Aitbut, CWE, and Trade Coin Club, which have made him a popular name in the industry. However, most of these companies do not exist, not due to legal cases against them.

PGI Global

It is not far-fetched to think that PGI Global will also turn out to be another Ponzi scheme because its compensation plan and business model is similar to AI Trade. According to social media profiles, Palafox lives in the Philippines. On the other hand, Mark Davis lives in Australia. However, it has been reported that the owners are in Panama and running from the law agencies due to their past illegal activities at AI Trade.

Every single detail about its founders raises red flags about PGI Global. It would not be wrong to say that they have already scammed thousands of people through their previous companies, and they are trying to do the same via this new crypto MLM scheme. Do not fall for this. Instead, try using crypto cloud mining companies to take benefits from their legal and trusted services.

Products and Services of PGI Global

Like many other crypt MLM companies, PGI Global does not have any products or services. It is noticeable from their website that they do not plan to offer any retail products in the future as well. You have to buy their affiliate memberships to become a part of the community. The most basic level of affiliate membership requires an investment of $100. The highest investment you can make is $500,000 to join the Diamond Level. To ensure passive income from the company, it promises to give daily ROIs until you reach a maximum of 200% of your investment.

Even though they claim to generate funds through crypto trading and association with a popular healthy drink, there is no proof of that. The company’s only source of funds seems to be the affiliate memberships, which makes PGI Global a conventional MLM company. You have to pay a lot of money to become the affiliate member and then keep paying $19 per year. Residual commissions and promised ROIs are the only way to make some money from the PGI Global.

Joining PGI Global

Members must pay $100 to become a part of the PGI global. Moreover, they have to submit a fee of $19 per year to maintain their affiliate membership status. The investment is necessary to get 0.5 to 3% promised daily ROI until you get $100. It is important to note that the company only accepts payments in the form of Bitcoins.

Various levels of investment are available to cater to different members. The more money you invest in PGI Global schemes, the more ROI you will receive. The maximum ROI on any investment is 200%.

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Here is a sign-up fee structure of the company for different levels:

  1. $100 to join the Sapphire Level
  2. $1000 to join the Ruby Level
  3. $20,000 to join the Emerald Level
  4. $500,000 to join the Diamond Level

Compensation Plan

There are two ways of earning money via PGIGlobal.Trade.

1.     Daily ROI

You have to make an investment of at least $100 to start earning the daily ROI. There are different levels that you can join, depending upon the amount of your investment. The daily ROIs range from 0.5% to 3% according to your membership level until you get the maximum return of 200%.

2.     Referral Commissions

At its core, PGI Global is an MLM company. Referral commissions are an essential part of the company. You have to recruit others and build a team of a certain size to make additional money along with the ROI that the group promises. To earn a greater amount of commissions, you will have to climb the ranks.


There are 10 ranks named PG1, PG2, PG3, and so on. Each of these ranks offers varying commissions and a reward like a smartphone, MacBook, and a car. The company claims that at PG10, you will get a house and a luxurious car. However, remember that the owners of PGI Global are on the run from the authorities, and such promises and ranking systems are just designed to trap people.

Direct Commissions of PGI Global

The company offers direct commissions to those who sponsor new affiliates. The amount of direct commission you receive will depend on your package level and your investment amount. You can earn the following amount of direct commissions on different levels:

  • 6% on direct referrals at Sapphire Level
  • 8% on direct referrals at Ruby Level
  • 10% on direct referrals at Emerald Level
  • 12% on direct referrals at Diamond Level

Moreover, PGIGlobal.Trade mentions that you can earn ‘boosted direct commissions’ when your referrals join the same package as you or even higher. The boosted direct commissions are:

  • 8% on direct referrals at Sapphire Level
  • 10% on direct referrals at Ruby Level
  • 12% on direct referrals at Emerald Level
  • 14% on direct referrals at Diamond Level

Final Verdict About PGI Global

It is hard to trust a company that is established on a weak foundation. The same is the case with PGI Global. On paper, its compensation plan and business structure may sound very convincing. However, the team behind this company should be the biggest concern of the investors. The owners have a very shady past of running AI Trade, which was a scam company

The company claims to generate funds through trading and to sell crypto ATMs. However, there is no proof of any external source of income for the company. It simply means that PGI Global is a crypto MLM company that is relying on the investment of the new members. In fact, it fulfills all the conditions of a Pyramid scheme.

Therefore, do not invest in this shady venture. Try crypto cloud companies that are much more reliable than the fraudulent MLM companies like PGI Global. Crypto cloud companies are transparent, and most of them even provide their services for free, which ultimately allows you to mine your own cryptocurrency with minimum risks.

148 Replies to “PGI Global Review: PGIGlobal.Trade An Old Scam”

    • Keller

      R V is not on an alleged run when he recently opened offices in Las Vegas.
      He’s not hard to find if he was wanted.

      Due your due diligence but don’t believe much of what you read and that applies toward anything.

    • Krystal

      This information is false. How could someone who hasnt even took the chance to actually test the company declare what its about . You clearly have no understanding how they operate. I on the other hand do. They do not hide . They have zoom meeting regulary . IF ANYONE would like to know the truth i rather you actually do some research . The have there daily , weekly , and monthly zoom meeting recorded and posted on youtube . he CLEARLY stated why he left the other company .

    • Mokrane Aittaleb

      Hi mate don’t believe all the reviews ,try it I vE joined and I making money mate my sponsor is great we have zoom meetings ,and you earn 1/ per cent per day

    • LJ

      Hi David these people who do the review they only thing they have in mind is to point you to their business. This company is good and legit. It is an MLM just like Melaneuca and Mary Kay which has been there for years. Yes there are scam companies. What you need to do is to get the information from the horses mouth and not on the internet. Just be careful with how much you invest in any company. You never know. They can go on for 20 years and are ponsi schemes.

  1. sandy

    I met RV in Person, he is a Filipino-American and very humble. He lives in California but opened an office in Las vegas. He did not run away and hide in Panama. He and his family are known to the Filipino community. He gives money to the Overseas Filipino workers and needy who wants to join the business but has no investment of at least 100 USD.

    Why is this review so bias?

  2. Dante

    We were able to talk to RV Palafox and I observed his genuine sincerity and honesty with a love to help the Poor. He started from a scratch to now a multi million fund. I will not doubt his excellent leadership in PGI which is now Flourishing. A God guided person. He is an inspiration to all Filipinos

  3. Bitcoin Legend

    This type of “INVESTMENT” is focused primarily on vulnerable people, who have little knowledge about this. Yes, you may make a bit of cash, but for how long, when everyone stops believing in it or joining, it will die. This person I know very well, has told me to join and I said I would join if they are on FCA register, when I check I found something very strange, they have cloned another similar name company acting as them. Just like ACN, Onecoin and all the rest, its a scam, stay away. Best way to make money, is get a job, apply for benefits, don’t get sucked in to something like this, you will find yourube and Facebook flooded with good reviews, they are a part of all this. Wont be long till they shut down.

    Just look in to their so called “offices”, UK office based in Luton? Seriously, a shop not big enough to open a fried chicken place, its an accounting firm. Website worth probably £2000 with a small database running, it just plays with figures and deals with probably one bitcoin account, a person doing all withdrawals and deposits. Its a SCAM!

    I have made money off of bitcoin, litecoin, forex and even commodities through real trading. I’ve made losses, huge losses. I just hate to see these smart thieves taking advantage of good people who see false hope when offered get rich quick schemes like this. Credit to whoever built this page or post. God will look after you.

  4. lea dale

    Thankful to be part of this amazing business.
    I am already 5 months in this company and i earn everyday
    And im very happy to earn this company is very transparent.
    You can talk to Our ceo anytime you want.
    He is amazing person.

  5. F.O

    Humble CEO. Life is about risk. People lost a lot of money in their 401ks. People loose a lot of money in traditional businesses. So what is your problem you reviewer? At the end of your review you will direct people to the companies you represent so you can make money on them.

    To anyone looking to join this company, my advise to you is to invest what you feel you can afford to loose. No risk, no breakthrough. All I can tell you is that the CEO has good intentions for the company. If you are not a risk taker then back off. Risk taking people make all the money.

    • Dorothy Komugisa Kandole

      Hello Cecilia, I want to assure you that it is a good investment, I have been with the company since August with back to back monthly zoom meetings and eventually invested in October due to the transparency they have.

      Drop me a text on +256705382662/ mail on dorothy fr more infomation

  6. Callin

    I want to join but l am told l have to send money to someone. The company does not have a system of how to pay to start?
    That has made me start due diligence of the company. I tried to go to the website but l cant access the owners it only tells to buy the package.
    Is there anyway to contact someone to assist because the person who introduced me is in the same predicament like me.

  7. Jose Tantay

    PGI is legit. Invest only the money you can afford to lose. Some will, some wont, so what. Im satisfied with PGI and they even aquire just recently their own Blockchain account.

  8. Jose Tantay

    You said the ceo/founder did not give information about himself. Well go to their website and click “about us” there you can see him and everybody else running the company. Your recommended sites dont have even the name of the owner.

  9. Robert Kusi

    Anyone looking to join/sign up should use the link below. Remember only invest in what you can afford to loose. ONLY risk takers make all money but also do not put all your eggs in one busket.

      • Sam

        Hi, everyone, when I first heard about this opportunity, I was concerned and decided to do my own diligent search which leads me to this site, going through the contents on this site make me wonder what exactly going on.

        I ended up getting the man in question the CEO of PGI Global himself explaining the situation that makes him come about PGI Global idea, you can watch the Zoom YouTube recorded interview with PGI Global CEO himself by searching the following on YouTube:
        ” pgi globa ceo interview – YouTube ” or copy the phrase to your YouTube search, and judge by yourself.

        That been said, I believe there is always a level of risk for every steps in life, as for me after listening to the fella on so many Zoom meetings I have every reason to believe in his sincerity and I had decided to take the risk, after all it’s always in any business investments agreements a certain level of risk it take to invest and, also the phrase ‘ Do not invest what you are not prepared to lose’.

        I had invested in the scheme and has also started collecting my daily ROI unfailingly which is reducing my risk every day.
        Interested copy this link
        ” https:/ ” to your browsers and follow the instructions.

        Take the risk now to be part of this long term investment benefactors before it’s too late, you can reduce your level of risk by collecting your money back every Monday from your daily ROI payments.

        • Ade Ireland

          I have invested since October and withdraw money on weekly basis to my wirex wallet then from there to my local bank account hitch free, although a few weeks ago there was a little delay with their payment pathway but all is working well now I withdrew last 2mondays ago…no problems…I invested$1000 I have drawn down my profit + investment to date to $1843…they are not a SCAM but nothing in life is 100% secure or guaranteed….Take calculated RISK

          • Lucky

            My people pgi is a scams company I have make a request of withdrew for the pass three weeks now but they have credit my wallet till now that means they have run away like seriously pls no one should invest again for pgi because I see them has scam now

    • Mick

      You are very right my dear. And I love this mindset immensely. No pain,no gain. People think they will just wake up without taking risk and then boooom RICHES! What a joke!

  10. Twebaze Michael

    I have been in PGI for now 3 months. And i have benefitted a lot, have a very big team which is also excited. PGI has kept its promise. If you are in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan, email me or WhatsApp me on +256702481233. I’ll give you all the information and help you join.

  11. JC

    Well! All all the comments here made sense to me. Above all, I would only say invest what you can afford to lose. If you want to join PGI and you have less than the minimum investment amount which is $119, you can WhatsApp me to join wiseling with minimum investment of $50. They run same trading and at almost same rate but wiseling invest with USDT, litecoin, ethereum and btc. +2348068620595

  12. George

    Of course this guy would write this type of review. First, his surely NOT a PGI member! Second, his probably broke and surely trying to get you switch into his company and product services that’s probably of NO value to anyone just like his review.?

  13. Ven

    I am amazed at how much money I made in such a short amount of time. Being a stay at home mum it was best choice i ever made. I can now accomplish my goals. This company is Amazing 🙂 life changing money without even doing much at all, I just watch my money double every week and make the same amount that my husband makes working in his full time job. This is a great opportunity for anyone. You can sign up with the link provided

  14. Twebaze Michael

    I can not stop talking about PGI Global, am now forced to talk about a fact that PGI has changed my life since Last Oct. I lost my job and i made a desperate move to join PGI with my benefits of $1200, and in less than 4 months I have got my money back through PGI. On 6th this months PGI Lunched globally.

    If any one is still doubting please email me on or WhatsApp me on +256702481233. Ill give you all the evidence and help you join.

    Regards to you all.

    With PGI we always meet at the top, down there it is crowded. Waiting for you to contact me my brother and sister.

    • Twebaze Michael

      Anyone saying PGI has stopped paying is lying. I have not missed any of my withdraws since i joined and all my ROI has been paid since i joined to date.

      Whatsapp me on +25670481233 or email me on and i show you all the evidence.

      PGI pays and it will not stop paying????

      • malia

        michael many of my downline has not been paid in 4 weeks going on 5 dont tell me we are lying my team is big in PGI we have a federal agent looking into this.

  15. John

    This is all lies. I know multiple people here making money! If you haven’t tried it don’t even say it’s bad! What’s $100 to even give it a try? Sheesh… it’s bitcoin man! Earnings go to YOUR wallet! Want to join? https://PGI

    • Yahya

      I been scammed 2 years ago with company called 10 capital if the company dasnt have the name off the owner and the address dont try. you well regret and yout money is going… these scames are evil!

  16. AJ

    The company is legit. They give payouts. I know someone joined 8months ago, now earning $1400 a month without even focusing on inviting people to join his team unlike other MLM companies where you have to invite people for you to earn. I recently joined the company and I am now earning daily. We are earning and getting paid. Don’t call a company scam when you do not have any proof or experience being scammed by it.

  17. Lamar Wilson

    I invested 10,000
    dollars on February 23,2021 funny how before you join your can get someone on the line day or night after I joined my 10k never posted and now I can only leave a voicemail with the person and persons that signed up. all I want is my money back don’t know if I’ll ever get it

    • Ade Ireland

      If you pay directly to PGI your money is safe….just try and complete your registration and KYC requirements you will be able to see your money grow and make withdrawal if if you wish.

  18. Sheryl

    I’m also still waiting, first withdrawal was on the 15th of Mar h 2021. All my siblings got their money more than once this year. I guess I’m the unlucky one.

  19. Felix Nwachukwu

    This company is not that legit. They started like others. I join January and before that I was told all good things about them and how their members get paid every Monday. I got paid 1st and 2nd Monday then things started changing from good to worse. They started skipping one week, to 2 weeks, to 3weeks, to 4 weeks and now 5 weeks no pay. The last time they paid was March 1st for 3 weeks(Februar). In january 2021 and March 2021, their reason was that they were building their payout and withdrawals system. In February/ beginning of March, they said their system now running good that you can withdraw anyday and time from 12am – 12 pm. And payout will be as usual every Monday. But since then, March 1st, they have not paid. Today is April 7 that is 5weeks straight no pay.
    My friend lost $1,800 his last payout because his subscription expired after waited for his last payout for 3weeks. Now he cannot log in and can not get his money back. They called it an aboundone money.
    My advice please do not join. Don’t listen to only the good parts like I did. Though they were good that time but not anymore. Their true colors is now showing. Please don’t join.

  20. Ijeeteka

    Confusión everywhere! I got paid! I did not get paid! Who do you believe? It is a scam,it is not a scam! Which one is true? Join me,don’t join! Which one is the best? I just learn one thing from all these. Follow your mind. Invest as little as you can afford to loose ; so that if something happens,you will not regret. Join whichever; PGI or Novatech with little money,PERIOD! Confusión!!!!!!

  21. Nate.

    I joined pgi on march 2nd. Am from Kenya. Joined with 1200$ and I have not been paid even a coin. Been withdrawing every Monday. They deduct transaction fees. But the withdrawal never reflects on the blockchain nor the coinbase. Been trying to login into my pgi acc for last 3 days is not going through. Am afraid whoever is saying is being paid by pgi to prove it here. I guess maybe only the Philippines pple r getting paid coz the CEO comes from there. Pgi it’s a scam. Ain’t been paid even a coin since I joined. Am nate from Kenya.

  22. Marky

    They’ve exit scammed. The whole thing was a Ponzi. Palafox had people make fake accounts here and other places to write glowing reviews. He has fled the US.

    1. The website is not coming back. After they selectively paid out a small handful of members way up the chain they have shut down.

    2. No recovery service can get back your money.

    3. Writing was on the wall for all this loooooong ago. Good luck to those trying to get back their money. Uphill battle.

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