PlanNet Marketing Review: a Travel Niche MLM

PlanNet Marketing review, Plannet Marketing MLM review, review

PlanNet Marketing is a multi-level marketing company that works in the Travel niche. They deal in selling the travel tickets in the form of hotel booking, flight tickets, and cruise reservations.

Moreover, they offer the people an opportunity to make money by becoming the PlanNet Marketing agent. They can earn commissions on selling their deals or by referring others to become their agent.

If you are thinking to join the PlanNet Marketing MLM opportunity, then read this article till the end. It might change your opinion about joining the company.

In this article, I will do the unbiased review of PlanNet Marketing and tell you about the company products, compensation plan, and everything else you need to know about the company.

About PlanNet Marketing – PlanNet Marketing Review

PlanNet Marketing review, Plannet Marketing MLM review, review

The company was based in Georgia, United States, and it operates on the domain

PlanNet Marketing mainly deals with selling travel-related services. But they have also partnered with InteleTravel for their MLM business opportunity.

So they can provide an opportunity for their members to earn money by selling travelling offers to other clients.

Furthermore, the founder of the company is Don Bradley, and Andy Cauthen is the CEO of PlanNet Marketing.

The company website provides the following information about both of them. Bradley has more than 2 decades of experience in sales, marketing, and product distribution.

He achieved top-ranking positions in the network marketing industry and earn in millions form past 15 years while helping others.

Before launching PlanNet Marketing, he was a vice president and top earner in Paycation. Paycation also works in the Travel niche.

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Apart from Paycation he also promotes Pro Travel Network which is another travel niche MLM. Andy Cauthen, the CEO of the company, also has some experience with Travel MLM’s.

Andy joined YTB International as President and COO in November 2004 and left the company in October 2006.

Later on, in 2012 he again joined the company as President and CEO. Finally, he left the company in June 2014.

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PlanNet Marketing Products

The company provide retail travel services by using the InteleTravel travel booking portal. Either agent or the customers can book travel through the agent’s own customized website.

Apart from earning commissions on travel bookings, an agent can also travel to amazing destinations and get prices and VIP travel benefits.

The InteleTravel websites show an agent as an opportunity which is open for anyone. An agent can book travel for their clients anytime.

There is no quota to meet or no minimum requirements to join the company. An affiliate can sign up on InteleTravel at the cost of $199, and later on, they need to pay $39.95 a month,

PlanNet Marketing Compensation Plan

The company compensation plan states that they pay their affiliates to recruit and maintain active InteleTravel affiliates.

Active InteleTravel affiliates are those who continue to pay monthly InteleTravel agent subscription fees.

The company pays $50 for referring each InteleTravel affiliate they sign up. Moreover, signing up on InteleTravel website through PlanNet marketing costs $179 and then $39.95 a month.

Apart from this the company also pay $25 commission when recruited affiliates sign up their own InteleTravel affiliates.

 Residual Commission

PlanNet Marketing pays a residual commission to their affiliates by using the  3×9 matrix. In a 3×9 matrix, one affiliate is present at the top, and three are below it, which forms level 1.

Similarly, three-three more affiliates are present below the above three affiliates, which form level 2. In the same way, it goes so on up to 9 levels.

The positions in the matrix get filled when each affiliate pays $39.95 a month in fees. PlanNet Marketing uses these monthly fees to pay $4 a month per matrix position filled through PlanNet Marketing.

Gold Builder Bonus

The company uses the uni-level compensation structure to pay residual commission to its affiliates. In a uni-level compensation structure, one affiliate is present at the top, and three are below it, which forms level 1.

In the same way, three-three more affiliates are present below the above three affiliates, which form level 2. Similarly, it goes so on. In order to qualify for Gold Builder Bonus, an affiliate need to sign up and maintain nine fee-paying InteleTravel affiliates.

When an affiliate qualifies for the commission, they receive the $10 commission per InteleTravel affiliate membership sold in their unilevel team.

Director Bonus

The company pay Director Bonus to their affiliates on acquiring and maintaining specific InteleAgent affiliate numbers.

PlanNet Marketing compensation plan total consist of 9 Director bonus along with their qualification criteria which are as following:

  • 1 Star Director: To qualify for 1 Star Director, an affiliate need to recruit and maintain 100 InteleTravel affiliates. Moreover, on 1 Star Director, an affiliate earns $500.
  • 2 Star Director: To qualify for 2 Star Director, an affiliate need to recruit and maintain 300 InteleTravel affiliates. On 2 Star Director, an affiliate earns $1000.
  • 3 Star Director: To qualify for 3 Star Director, an affiliate need to recruit and maintain 500 InteleTravel affiliates. Furthermore, on 3 Star Director, an affiliate earns $2000.
  • 4 Star Director: To qualify for 4 Star Director, an affiliate need to recruit and maintain 1500 InteleTravel affiliates. On 4 Star Director, an affiliate earns $5000.
  • 5 Star Director: To qualify for 5 Star Director, an affiliate need to recruit and maintain 4000 InteleTravel affiliates. On 5 Star Director, an affiliate earns $10,000.
  • 6 Star Director: To qualify for 6 Star Director, an affiliate need to recruit and maintain 10,000 InteleTravel affiliates. Moreover, on 6 Star Director, an affiliate earns $16,000.
  • 7 Star Director: To qualify for 7 Star Director, an affiliate need to recruit and maintain 25,000 InteleTravel affiliates. On 7 Star Director, an affiliate earns $30,000.
  • 8 Star Director: To qualify for 8 Star Director, an affiliate need to recruit and maintain 50,000 InteleTravel affiliates. Furthermore, on 8 Star Director, an affiliate earns $50,000.
  • 9 Star Director: To qualify for 9 Star Director, an affiliate need to recruit and maintain 100,000 InteleTravel affiliates. On 9 Star Director, an affiliate earns $100,000.

Final Verdict about PlanNet Marketing

Now reading this article till now you might have a question whether PlanNet Marketing is any kind of a scam or not. So the answer to your question is NO it is a not a scam.

PlanNet Marketing is a legitimate MLM company like other Travel MLM companies. However, there are a lot of drawbacks in companies. There are very high chances that affiliate will lose their investment. Because it is quite difficult to make money with their MLM, especially if you are a newbie in the MLM industry.

Although PlanNet Marketing is not a scam, I will not recommend you to join the company MLM opportunity.

Instead of this you can go with more legit ways like Crypto Cloud Mining Companies. These Crypto Cloud Mining Companies are a safe way to invest money.

I hope you find my review of PlanNet Marketing helpful and it gives you detailed information about the company.

Thank you!!!

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