Plumtroid Review: is an MLM Scam
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Plumtroid is a common MLM Ponzi scheme. Its domain,, does not give any information about the owner of the company. The website was registered on 15th February 2020. Most of the MLM companies do not reveal information about their founders. It helps them in evading any possible legal cases.

It falsely claims to be the marketing partner of Mark’s Trading business. Research shows that there are no records of any such trading business. The website mentions Mark as several places and says that all of the money is directly paid to them. However, no such company exists, which shows that the whole organization is running a scam.

Affiliate memberships are the only valid source of income for the company. By mentioning crypto, Forex, and various other types of trading, is only trying to attract people towards it shallow services and get money from them. Its business structure and compensation plan are like any other MLM company that will end up costing the investors a lot of money once the whole company collapses.

What is Plumtroid?

According to, the company is one of the first organizations of Forex operators that initiated Forex trading. It also claims that Plumtroid has continued to evolve by adopting a different kind of services and products. Assets such as crypto and binary trading are given on the website. Despite having a five months old domain, Plumtroid claims that it has a global reputation based on complete transparency. It also lies about having the best customer support system in the crypto industry and having reliable education packages.

Moreover, the company entices the users by saying that its bitcoin will remain strong in the crypto market for an extended period of time. While it is true that the popularity of the Bitcoin is rapidly increasing, there is no proof that the Plumtroid’s cryptocurrency is secure in the market. And that is assuming that the company even has a digital currency.


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Founder of Plumtroid does not mention any name as the owner or the manager of the company. However, after some research, I found out that Divide Milton is supposed to be the owner of Plumtroid. Yet, he has a fake address of New York mentioned in domain details. It indicates that ‘Divide Milton’ is probably a fake name, and he does not exist. Hiding the owner details and name is a common pattern among the MLM Ponzi companies. People should avoid such companies that do not give any trustworthy information about their founders because most of them are usually fraud.

Domain Details was created just five months ago on 15th February 2020. It will expire in 2023. The website mentions a lot of features of this MLM company. High security, customer support, quick withdrawals, and potential profits are mentioned on the home page. Like any other MLM company, the feature of referring and earn is highlighted at many places because it is the primary source of funds for this Ponzi scheme.

Products Line

Plumtroid does not have any retail products. Furthermore, they not mention any particular service that the users can buy or sell through their platform. The only option available is affiliate membership. It proves that the company’s business structure follows the pattern of the MLM companies that depend on the earnings of the affiliates.

Instead, you should use crypto trading bots because they are authentic and reliable. Such bots can greatly help you to earn real ROIs. In MLM schemes like Plumtroid, you always have the risk of losing your money, while the crypto trading bots can aid you in making safe investments with minimum risks.

Compensation Plan of

Compared to many other similar MLM Ponzi schemes, Plumtroid is charging members a lot of money from the very start. People have to make an investment of a minimum of $200 to become the company’s affiliate. The platform claims that after you invest $200, you do not need to take any stress about it because the company is operating with minimal risks. The site tempts the users to invest in Plumtroid to reap the life-long benefits of passive return on investments.

Commission Levels

There are two levels of recruitment for the divisions of commissions. The website does not give many details about these levels. It only mentions that Plumtroid offers a 2-tier affiliate program with a reward of up to 5% commission.

How to Join Plumtroid?

You can join the Plumtroid affiliate membership for free. However, there is no use of a free affiliate membership because you cannot earn money through such type of membership. The website provides contradicting information about the eligibility for participating in the company’s compensation plan.

In one place, it mentions that the affiliate members must make an investment of at least $200 to get the benefits of the compensation plan. On the other hand, in another place, it mentions that a minimum investment of $1000 is essential.

A $1000 amount is a huge ask for any MLM company. People should be wary of spending this amount of money in any such scheme. tries to appear as authentic as possible by using some sophisticated design and wording. However, remember that it is nothing more than an MLM Ponzi scheme.

Partnership with Mark Trading Company claims that it is a part of the marketing branch of Mark’s trading business. In fact, the company promotes its supposed deal as a very big thing in the industry. The website says that the partnership allows the company to get access to the trading services. In truth, there are no official records about this shady trading business. The website does not give any more Mark trading company.


As discussed in the introduction section, the foundation of the Plumtroid is based on a great number of lies. There is no doubt about the fact that Plumtroid is a new platform that was established just five months ago. Yet, it claims to be one of the original groups of Forex that revolutionized Forex and crypto trading.

The conflicting data about the minimum required investment on the Plumtroid show that they are not a legit company. They are not sure about the services they offer because they keep switching between the forex trading platform and crypto trading. They claim to offer all types of options like binary options, stocks, and bonds trading as well.

Since the company mentions numerous trading options, it is quite confusing to find out its real source of income. The only source of income of Plumtroid that can be verified is via new investments and affiliate memberships. Using the money of the new investors to pay affiliate returns makes it evident that Plumtroid is a Ponzi scheme.

After a few bitcoin circulation cycles, the recruitment will collapse, and the whole scheme will be over. The whole structure of an MLM company is always designed in a way that whenever it collapses, the majority of the money is in the hands of the managers while the participants lose money.

Therefore, do no invest in these MLM Ponzi schemes that can result in loss of investment and your precious time. Consider using the crypto trading bots that are quite easy to understand, even for the newbies. Implement their features in making smart investments to increase your chances of earning profits.

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