PrimeHubMarket Review: Unregulated Broker

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PrimeHubMarket Review
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PrimeHubMarket is a big Ponzi scheme. The company has no trading products or services. Another red flag is you won’t get fund safety from the website.

PrimeHubMarket is mainly a crypto investment company. They deal with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and other digital currencies. You can hedge the coins you have been holding or leverage on the market volatility. The scheme brags it uses the latest technology to achieve great success.

PrimeHubMarket Review, PrimeHubMarket Company The question is whether you can rely on for long-term investment. The scheme portrays multiple red flags. They advertise what might seem like lucrative trading conditions. However, this is different. We don’t recommend opening, depositing, and opening an account with a shady scheme. 

PrimeHubMarket has multiple pop-ups of customers who have allegedly withdrawn funds. The information indicates the entity accepts investors from multiple regions. Sadly, none of these countries authorize the venture to operate in their jurisdiction. 

The platform is unregulated, and the trading activities are unverified. Ensure you only invest with genuine cryptocurrency companies. The safety of your funds should always come first. You will also enjoy better trading conditions and fast withdrawal from reputable firms. Review

Other products that avails include forex, metals, indices, commodities, and stocks. These are volatile assets, and for all newbies who want to start trading, we recommend getting a basic trading education. Avoid trading simply because a website promises to make you rich with zero knowledge. 

Ask yourself whether the people running the broker you want to pursue are qualified. You can gather the ownership information on the company’s website. Sadly, PrimeHubMarket is a discreet entity. They do not present the team, founder, or corporate overseeing their activities. 

It is only scammers who run their business behind the shadows. Avoid sharing personal data such as ID, passport, or driver’s license with anonymous schemes. For account verification, companies ask for such info. 

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The least PrimeHubMarket could do is avail past trading results. Legitimate companies have their performance audited. They allow potential customers to choose whether to venture with them. The entity features a withdrawal chart showcasing people who have made huge cashouts. Sadly, this is another ploy to entice naive customers to join the website. 

Trading Conditions of PrimeHubMarket

The broker has four investment accounts. They promise daily returns and absurd compounding ROI. The daily return can range from 10% to 40%. The duration it takes for the investment to mature is also ridiculous. We would love to know the technique being used by the platform. 

You cannot earn such an outcome in hours or days. Even the best investment companies in the market don’t guarantee profits. They will try to minimize the risks while maximizing the returns. 

PrimeHubMarket presents a web trader interface. The problem is customers cannot place trades using the platform. Furthermore, scammers like these only use such tools to deceive investors trading is taking place while, in reality, their cash goes directly to con artists’ pockets. Look for genuine firms offering MT4 or MT5 software. 

The company claims to have over 100 tradable assets. They advertise a tight spread of 0.1 pips and a leverage of 1:1000. However, they do not specify which assets have these conditions. On their accounts, we can only see the returns to expect.

 Information regarding the swap, commission, leverage, and tradable forex pairs must be included. Legitimate companies offer leverage of 1:30 to 1:50. The favorable term does not expose customers to risky limits. The higher the cap, the more risk to expect. 

Withdrawal and Deposits

PrimeHubMarket accepts a minimum deposit of $500. There are many transparent and legitimate companies asking for $10 and above. The company accepts funds via Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Perfect Money. The problem with crypto payment methods is you cannot issue a chargeback.

Once you hit the deposit button, you lose access to the money. Another thing is you cannot identify the wallet owner. Cryptocurrency observes anonymity, which is why the method works best with fraudsters. 

Legitimate investment companies will feature numerous transparent methods such as credit/debit cards, PayPal, Skrill, bank transfer, Skrill, Neteller, and e-wallets. PrimeHubMarket lacks a legal document. Without terms and conditions, you can expect unethical treatment from the entity. 

Scammers can withhold the withdrawal of funds. Additionally, the scheme can opt to have hidden charges. If you ask them for a valid reason, they will only give you excuses, such as the money was used for taxation purposes. 

Regulation Status of PrimeHubMarket

PrimeHubMarket presents a fake license allegedly from the United States financial body. The country is one of the areas with strict jurisdiction for brokers. Companies must deposit $20,000,000 in capital to legally operate in the US. It shows their financial capacity to run their business without misappropriate use of traders’ cash. 

The offshore scheme proves it is ready to do anything to win investors’ trust. Legitimate companies comply with various jurisdictions. The ownership information is also readily available. Therefore, investors can rest assured that qualified experts are handling their cash. 

Another thing with regulated companies is they feature terms and conditions. You can review their requirements to see if they are a better match. Unlike scammers, genuine firms operate by the books. They do not change their legal documentation overnight. These platforms also report their daily transactional results to the financial watchdogs. 

Avoid PrimeHubMarket like a plague. The scheme is doomed to fail; when this happens, your money will be trapped in their system. Do not risk losing your data to these criminals. 

False Testimonials 

PrimeHubMarket tries hard to convince investors they are the next big thing in the market. There are reviews indicating this is the best investment company. These individuals applaud the firm for having experienced account managers. 

The company’s support team is also credited for fast response and transparency. The entity does not list CashApp as one of its payment methods. However, some claim to have received profits using the option. Review, Features

Another thing is that PrimeHubMarket is not a crypto mining company, yet there is information stating otherwise. One gentleman says he earned $22,000 in two weeks. Some have got rid of their debts in a short period. 

We cannot find a single negative review. Gullible traders will find themselves believing what is displayed. Sadly, the scheme is using stock images. These are not real investors.  

PrimeHubMarket even features fake contact details. They are not located in the USA. You will have a hard time trying to contact the team. Genuine companies will offer customers quality customer support. You can call the team to resolve any issue. 

The deal is too good to be true. The scam company has crafted the testimonials. Ensure you run a thorough background check on any broker. For trustworthy and genuine customer testimonials, look at reputable third-party websites. Here, companies cannot manipulate what is left behind.

PrimeHubMarket Final Thought 

PrimeHubMarket is a big Ponzi scheme. The company has no trading products or services. Another red flag is you won’t get fund safety from the website. They are not working with a reputable financial institution. A time shall come when they will disappear in the thin air. 

Choose genuine crypto companies instead of wasting resources with fraudsters. You will earn passive income while enjoying peace of mind. These are transparent schemes with the best team in the industry. They also handle withdrawal requests swiftly. 


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