Procryptotradings Review: It is an Obvious Scam

Procryptotradings Review
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Procryptotradings is a platform not worth investors’ funds.  The entity uses false testimonials to lure innocent victims to their website. The platform is a scam and we do not recommend it to the public. Invest with the best crypto trading companies.

Procryptotradings is one of the shadiest companies in the market right now. The company calls itself the number one investment platform. Any seasoned trader will laugh at that. This company does not have professionals running the operations. The team members simply do not know what they are doing. presents itself as a broker for a variety of assets. These include forex, indices, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies. However, this is far from the truth. There is no service you will receive from these individuals. They only want to steal your funds and disappear. You can tell they just want to attract eager investors. Invest with legit crypto trading companies in the market.

Additionally, this company is using antics that anyone can see through. They are claiming to have over 1 million investors using their platform. This is despite the company being less than a year old. The claims that Procryptotradings makes are almost laughable. We do not know who they think they are fooling.

Ignore this company and take your money elsewhere. The best forex and cryptocurrency brokers in the market have professionals behind the operations. Only such companies can give you the services you are looking for. Additionally, they operate with full transparency. You do not have to worry about your funds’ safety. Review

The first thing you notice when you land on is the lack of transparency. There is no in-depth description of what the company has to offer. They are all over the place, and the website is full of words that have no meaning.

Procryptotradings will have you believe that they are a trading platform. However, we looked all over the website but did not find any trading platform. The only thing on the website is a graph that shows the prices of assets. This graph is in no way hooked to a trading platform. There is no way to execute trades on

Procryptotradings Review, Procryptotradings Company

Further, you can see that these people do not have focus. They are claiming to provide every service possible in the forex space. Whether it is training or trading signals, this company claims to provide. This shows their eagerness to get their hands on people’s money.

Even worse, we noticed that this company is promising clients impossible returns. Do not trust the numbers that this company tries to sell to you. This is just a marketing tool. It is impossible to guarantee such returns in the financial markets. Only illegitimate companies will promise to make you a millionaire within a week.

Procryptotradings Investment Plans

There are three main investment plans on These include the Startup account, Standard account, and the Premium account. These accounts differ depending on the amount you invest. However, these are the most absurd investment plans in the market. The returns these people promise are laughable.

The first account is the Startup account. This account promises clients 210% profit in only seven days from an investment of $500. Additionally, they promise a 280% profit from a $700 investment in seven days. For a $1,000 investment, the company promises a 360% profit in just seven days.

The Standard account is no different. For a $2,000 investment, the company promises a 400% profit in ten working days. That profit goes up to 450% for a $3,500 investment and 490% for a $5,000 investment.

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The final account is the Premium account. This one promises clients a 500% return from a $10,000 investment in 14 days. For $15,000, the company promises a 530% return in 14 days. That number goes up to 550% for a $20,000 investment.

We hope you see these numbers and realize just how absurd they are. These people do not know anything about financial markets. Run while you still can.

Founders and Physical Address

Many illegitimate companies will not introduce the people behind the operations. This is because they don’t want anyone tracking them down. Unsurprisingly, this is the case with Procryptotradings. The founders of this company operate anonymously. Therefore, we cannot verify their identities or their background.

There are many risks involved in investing in mysterious people on the Internet. You may be investing in people with criminal records. Ensure you only invest in people that are transparent with their identities.

Not knowing these people poses another huge problem. They want you to take trading advice from them, yet they do not want you to know them. Never take trading training from people who conceal their identities. Only experienced traders should give you investment advice.

Even worse, it is impossible to track these people down. This is because they do not say where they operate from. No legitimate operation sees the need to hide their headquarters. Moreover, it gives clients more trust in the company. Knowing they can walk into a physical office and have their queries answered is settling.

Regulation and Fund Safety

The most important thing to look at in a company is the regulatory status. That will tell you whether the company can protect your funds. Regulatory bodies ensure that companies have the right banking set up to protect clients from loss of funds. Additionally, they ensure that companies are not running illegal operations.

Unsurprisingly, Procryptotradings is not a regulated company. They claim to have regulation from MFSA. However, we searched the company on MFSA’s website and found no regulation record. On the contrary, we found a warning against the company. The warning claims that the company does not have permission from the MFSA to provide financial services.

Such a company cannot assure you of your funds’ safety. They may be storing your money in a bank with poor liquidity. Additionally, they may not be using segregated bank accounts. This is one of the worst environments to invest in.

Even worse, the company does not provide any evidence of systems’ protection. There is no SSL certificate to show us their security competence. As such, your money is at risk of falling into the hands of hackers. They can easily access the system and steal your funds or even your data.

Customer Testimonials

A common characteristic of fake companies is fake customer testimonials. Fraudulent companies use this to show you that they are a trusted entity. They want you to believe that there are people using their platform. Review, Procryptotradings Features

Procryptotradings does precisely that. There are a number of fake testimonials on the website praising the company left, right, and center. But you can tell that the company fabricated all these testimonials. All the testimonials have the same broken English. There are also a lot of grammatical errors.

Final Verdict

This is one of the most obvious scams on the market. They are using every antic to try and convince you that they are legit. Luckily, they are bad at everything they do. The company promises returns that are so absurd that anyone can see through them. There is no way to make such returns in the market.

Moreover, the MFSA issued a warning against this company. Listen to them and avoid this company like the plague. Regulatory bodies could never issue warnings against legitimate operations. Their domain name shows that the entity has not been in the industry for long. Moreover, this is a venture that is using false testimonials.

Do yourself a favor and invest only in the top legitimate cryptocurrency brokers in the market. Only such companies can provide you with a safe environment to grow your investment.


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  1. Mickey Shiro Balais

    How can you help me to reach out the real Ms.Kath Lien? She is my Manager in Procryptotrading company she was the one who assist me in that trading but up to now i cannot get my profit or even the money that i invest..The saddest thing is that money that i invest is just my loan and im paying it now..

    I’ve been very nervous when i try to log in their site but i cannot log in anymore and this site reflects on google that this is scam..
    Sir/Ma’am pls help me to trace her can search her on FB account Kathy Lein

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