QProfit System Review: Is it fake or real?

Qprofit system review

QProfit System is a new automated Bitcoin trading software developed by Jerry Douglas and Sasha Petroshenko. Straight from the block, we have to warn you that QProfit System is all but a scam. In this detailed and eye opening review, we will reveal all their tricks. Our investigation will provide factual proof of the scam that is QProfit.
QProfit System scam

NB: These developers are nothing but highly skilled scam artists and actors. There’s nothing genuine or legitimate about QProfit System. This is simply one deceptive and misleading get rich money schemes. There are indeed genuine and approved bots that are transparent and highly recommended. Continue reading to find out more!

Crooks behind QProfit System are nothing but credit card and identity theft thieves. They are also known to deal with software manipulation as well as tax evasion. These scam artists are dangerous and highly skilled at stealing money. They are also good at baiting and attracting victims especially newbie Bitcoin traders.

Tactics Involved.

Tactics QProfit System scam artists have used include spam email marketing, phishing attacks and click advertisements. They ensure you have no way of unsubscribing your email address not forgetting fake reviews that they post. They also use annoying popups to ensure you keep on seeing their existence. We are simply here to warn you about clicking on to their links. We are doing this after receiving numerous complaints from users duped by Q Profit System.

Our investigation has led us to revealing that offshore brokers are also involved in this fraud. They have conspired with fake software developers to ensure they fleece your wallet. Keep reading this detailed review and find out why we blacklist Q Profit System as a scam.

Proof of Scam

Jerry Douglas is quiet a convincing fellow. In the presentation video, he comes across as a guy who’s truthful and honest. This is one of the main reason why we actually believed this was a scam. This fake signals app and CFD Robot is simply a Ponzi scheme. Jerry seems to be a genuine and honest person and thus able to trick many customers.

When you land on the homepage, Jerry claims he wants to “transform you” to the next millionaire. This is simply a lie to let you deposit your hard earned money into this fake app.

Fake Testimonials

When you take a close look at the testimonial page of QProfitSystem, you will notice a flaw. You will easily recognize Ashley Donovan as an image bank actor. You will also see Zigfried Shuemann’s image which is stolen from the internet. The whole testimonial section is a forgery and one of the biggest lies so far.
Qprofit system review

Some of the testimonials used are fictional characters and can be easily hired on Fiverr. Yes, you can hire these actors to do or say anything on Camera for a mere $5. These are people who are used to manipulate data and make you believe that this is legitimate.

Fake Accuracy Levels

The final sales video claims that QProfitSystem has zero risk and a 95% accuracy levels. This is simply a nail in the coffin. This is simply not possible. The fact that this app is apparently automated means everyone can be a millionaire. This is simply a hook and bait Technic to draw victims in.

Fake News Alerts

We found some disturbing news about Q Profit System. Apparently, Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu commented on this software. You should note that Mark is one of the richest men in South Africa. He has been claiming his picture is being used illegally to promote fraudulent bitcoin trading software. He also gives warning for people to stay alert and vigilant when dealing with Bitcoin apps. We strongly agree with him.

NB: Here, Genuine alternatives to QProfit System can be found. If you are serious about investing, there are reasonable trading systems for you.

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Who Are Sasha and Jerry?

According to the video presentation, Jerry is a professional big data investor and an EX Goldman Sachs employee. Apparently, Jerry is the lead person behind the software. He says he needed tech help to get his project going and this is where Sasha comes in. Sasha was recruited by Jerry since they were both at the same college. We are even told that Sasha worked as a developer for NASA which is a big lie.
Qprofit system review

Jerry presents himself as a guy who worked hard to support himself during while attending university. He insists his bank account used to be frequently overdrawn but he managed to put himself through. He graduated with first class honors with Masters of Financial Sciences. This is how he landed his first job at Goldman Sachs. Here, he worked and solely specialized in data mining as well as data analysis.

He claims QProfit System makes a minimum of $2500 daily all these on auto pilot mode. He claims it’s your time to get a piece of this pie.

Fake Auto-Pilot Mode

Q Profit System is a software marketed as a CFD robot that trades in various cryptocurrency pairs and Forex. In order to achieve success, we are told even an amateur with no trading experience can win big with QProfit System. Jerry and Sasha claim they have implemented concepts from their big data investment. This is simply a ploy used by these two and affiliate marketers to defraud unsuspecting bitcoin traders.

Is QProfit System Free?

Absolutely Not! You will first part away with $250 as signing up fee. You will then be required to invest a minimum of $500 to get a quick turnaround. All these will be charged to your credit card. Remember we told you these are credit card thieves? This is how they deplete your funds after you give them your credit card information. We urge you to stay away completely.

 Final Verdict

Qprofit system review
QProfitSystem is a fraudulent Crypto robot that should be avoided at all costs. This is a software designed to steal your money. This investigation has produced concrete proof of a scam that cannot be refuted in any way. Any person who is associated with Q Profit System should be counted as a scam artists and should be turned to authorities. This is simply internet fraud at its best.

Remember that QProfit System is blacklisted and you shouldn’t sign up. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Get approved and recommended bots for guaranteed and safe trading

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