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Quanticon Review
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Quanticon has not provided an email or phone number for communication. There are several reasons why a company should provide contact details. Transparency: A company that is open and transparent about its location and contact details is seen as more trustworthy and reliable. This information can help potential customers, and investors feel more confident in the company and its operations.

Quanticon is a Ponzi scheme masquerading as a crypto trading bot. Although it claims to be the most advanced trading bot in the world, it fails to justify it. They claim that once you turn on your trading bot, you just need to refer your friends and family so that they can join the trend. Joining is free. However, you have to buy the bot if you want to earn. Such are the tricks of Ponzi schemes. They always want you to recruit other people into their scam. Always invest with reliable, legalized crypto companies.   

Trading bot Ponzi schemes are fraudulent investments in which individuals are promised high returns on investments made through automated trading bots. These bots are supposed to use advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to make profitable trades on behalf of investors. However, in reality, these schemes are nothing more than scams designed to steal money from unsuspecting victims.

One of the hallmarks of a trading bot Ponzi scheme is that the company behind it will often promise unrealistic investment returns. For example, they may claim that investors can expect to see 10% or more monthly returns. This is a red flag, as legitimate trading bots and investment strategies are unlikely to generate such high returns consistently.

Another warning sign is that the company often requires investors to invest significantly. This ensures they can quickly raise a large amount of money before the scheme collapses. When a Ponzi scheme collapses, the individuals behind it will often disappear, taking the investors’ money with them. This leaves investors with nothing to show for their investment and a difficult financial situation.

About Quanticon.io

The company reveals very little information about itself. From its website, we could only find that it operates all year round and uses quantum technology to record, sort, and analyze complex data. The users do not need any prior experience in trading to use the bot. They claim to allow people to let their money work for them.

Ponzi schemes, including trading bot Ponzi schemes, do not reveal much information about themselves on their websites. This is because they are operating illegally and are trying to hide their fraudulent activities from potential investors and regulators.

Firstly, they do not have legitimate business operations, so they cannot provide substantial information about their company or products. They will use vague or misleading language or create fake information about their trading bots, performance, licenses, or registration.

Secondly, they fear the information could be used to trace them and potentially lead to their exposure and prosecution. They prefer to keep a low profile and avoid attracting too much attention. Lastly, they rely on recruiting new investors to pay returns to existing investors. They therefore do not want to reveal any information that could make it harder to attract new ones..

Founders and Team

Although the website does not reveal this information, we found some marketing material that listed Aldo Toleto as the CEO of Quanticon. Toleto is a notorious scammer who has been promoting Ponzi schemes for a long time.

The company founder’s reputation speaks a lot about it. For this one, the founder is already an established scammer. This is a red flag. You should always be skeptical about working with such a company when you know it is run by scammers.

Contact Details

Quanticon has not provided an email or phone number for communication. There are several reasons why a company should provide contact details.

Transparency: A company that is open and transparent about its location and contact details is seen as more trustworthy and reliable. This information can help potential customers, and investors feel more confident in the company and its operations.

Legal compliance: Many countries require companies to disclose their location and contact details.

Customer service: Contact details such as a phone number or email address allow customers to contact the company in case they have any questions or concerns. This can help to build customer trust and loyalty.

Accessibility: Revealing a physical location allows customers and investors to visit the company in person and get a sense of its operations.

Traceability: In case of legal disputes or complaints, having contact details and location information can help authorities trace and hold the company accountable.    

Company Products

Quanticon’s products cannot be bought in a shop. Despite their claims to offer a state-of-the-art trading bot, you can only sell affiliate membership. They, however, have a compensation plan once you buy their trading bot. It works as follows:

Quanticon.io Review, Quanticon.io Features

Pay $300 for the bot and trade up to $3000. This is called Quantum300. The amount increases in the same ratio up to $900 for the chance to trade up to $9,000. Affiliates can also invest between $3,000 and $90,000 to trade between $30,000 and $9,000,000.

Referral Commissions   

The firm pays commissions for the referrals through a unilevel compensation plan. In this structure, an affiliate is at the top of a team. When they recruit another person, the recruit goes directly under them, forming level one. This earns them a 20% commission. When the level one recruit brings other people, they form level two, and you make a five percent commission.  

There are also residual commissions that the company pays through a 3×9 matrix. In this setup, an affiliate is at the top of the matrix, and directly beneath them are three positions.   

The three positions are what form the first level of the matrix. The second level is generated by subdividing those three positions into three more. This makes a total of nine positions. The subsequent levels are generated similarly. Each new level has three times as parts as the preceding one.     


Ponzi schemes are illegal, and regulators such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States may take action to shut them down and prosecute those involved. It is essential for individuals to be cautious and thoroughly research any investment opportunity before handing over their money.

Quanticon is not regulated to offer MLM services. If they were, they would provide an operating license. Regulating such Ponzi schemes is hard. This is because they can be complex and challenging to understand and have often operated anonymously. This makes it hard for regulators to identify and prosecute the individuals responsible.

The operators can also use new technologies and platforms to promote, operate and execute their schemes. It’s sometimes hard to keep up with the pace of new technologies. Due to the internet, they can easily work across international borders remotely, making it difficult for regulators in one country to take action against them.

This company does not have any customer reviews. Ponzi schemes do not have customer reviews because they are fraudulent operations. As a result, there are no satisfied customers to give reviews. Also, those who invest in the scheme are unlikely to speak publicly about it for fear of being implicated in the fraud. Additionally, Ponzi schemes are often shut down by authorities or collapse before they have the chance to accumulate a large number of customers.

Final Verdict

Quanticon is a multi-level marketing cryptocurrency trading bot Ponzi scheme. To have access to a trading bot, affiliates reportedly have to pay. The bot will take on more trading duties as the user spends more. The investors are tricked into thinking the bot cannot interfere with their funds. This is not true.

If you want to invest in a crypto trading bot, only work with legalized crypto companies. Avoid any that promises money when you recruit your friends. It is a Ponzi scheme, and you will lose your money while looking for more.     




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