R Network Review: RNetwork.io is a traditional MLM Pyramid Scheme

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R Network is an online program that entices the users to make money through referrals and team building. It charges $35 as a monthly fee from its members. The business model is very similar to any MLM matrix structure. The more people you sponsor and maintain, the more money you can earn. However, due to hefty monthly charges, the users do not have the opportunity of making much money. Instead, the founders get most of the money. People should remember that MLM pyramid schemes like RNetwork.io always ends up hurting the members in the end.

Overview of R Network

R Network is an emerging platform that claims to provide several different services. You must pay a $65 for the first month. After that, you will have to pay $35 every month. Members must keep referring and maintaining the members to ensure an income. Otherwise, they lose money even after paying monthly fees. The business structure is a typical MLM pyramid scheme.

Owners of R Network

Richard Smith is the founder of R Network. The website also credits him as the current President of the company. There is no contact information about Richard Smith on the internet. Trend Walker – a self-proclaimed manager of Google finances – is another partner in the company.

What is Digital Vault and RevvCard?

R Network seems to associate itself with Digital Vault and RevvCard. However, there is very little information available about the Digital Vault. The whole organization is shady. Thus, the foundation of the Rnetwork.io is very weak.

Nevertheless, Digital Vault advertises itself and the RevvCard as a real crypto bank account with all of the features of a bank account. It claims to have the most control over the RevvCard. RevvCard is a debit card. It can contain information on all the cards, accounts, and other bank details.

Contrary to what Digital Vault says, RevvCard is not registered with Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). The FDIC website has no records of both Digital Vault or RevvCard. Despite no official records, the Digital Vaults bank accounts claim to be 100% insured.

After a series of reporting about the authenticity of the Digital Vault, Rnetwork.io has stopped mentioning it. However, the company still promotes RevvCard as an essential feature.

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Using RevvCard in R Network

It is important to note that R Network has not fully adopted RevvCard as of yet. Instead, the company keeps saying that it will soon become functional. According to Smith, it is taking time because it is being done for the first time. He claims to provide a fully decentralized cryptocurrency exchange network. The coins on these networks will be stored on the RevvCard.

Pricing of R Network

The price of RevvCard is $150, where affiliate membership of R Network is $100. According to the Rnetwork.io, a RevvCard app will be released in the near future.

According to the director of R Network, Richard Smith, the company can make money because they have partnerships with many banks. But he refuses to name the banks by stating ‘negotiation’ and ‘security’ reasons, which raises some serious concerns about the company.

After some research, I found out that Trent Walker is supposedly handling the bank business of R Network. Walker claims to be running the finances of Google. Some platforms suggest that no agreement has been signed between the company and Walker or any other bank manager. It suggests that there is no external source of funds for the company. Hence, the R network is nothing but a common MLM company.

R Network

The primary source of generating funds for the company is by charging fees on the cryptocurrency exchanges. According to the website, a $1 flat fee will be deducted on cryptocurrency coin to coin transfers. On the other hand, cryptocurrency coin to fiat currency charges $5.95. It does not have any way of generating funds other than the affiliate memberships, which is similar to any other MLM scheme.

It is quite clear that R Network is a shady community trying to get people hard-earned money in excessive charges. You should turn towards real crypto trading bots. Such bots allow you to make a safe investment with minimum risk after careful analysis. Moreover, they will not cost you any monthly charges like the MLM companies.

Referral Commissions

Referral commissions are the only way through which the users can earn some kind of compensation. The very first thing you have to do is become an affiliate member of the company.

The sign-up fee of the R Network is $65 for the first month. After that, you have to maintain your commission status. To withdraw your funds, you must pay a $35 per month from the second month onwards.

According to their referral commission mode, you will earn $11.50 on the first three people who join the network upon your referral. After that, you can earn $2.50 per month in commissions.

Matrix Residual Bonus

Like any other MLM company, R Network uses a matrix structure to pay out the commissions every month. The plan is a common 3×10 matrix structure. It simply means you must sponsor at least three members to increase your residual matrix commissions. You must fill the first three positions through direct referrals. After that, you can fill the other positions through either direct or indirect sponsoring. To earn from all ten levels of the matrix bonus plan, you have to sponsor nine members. These nine members must maintain their status in the network and keep paying the fee every month.

A simple way to understand this is by taking an example. If you recruit and successfully maintain one member, you will be eligible for the commissions on the first level matrix. Similarly, if you sponsor and maintain five members, you can earn five matrix level commission and so on until you have reached level 9.

Hefty Fees

RNetwork.io is taking a lot of money in the fee. Even if you end up earning some money through the network, you will have to pay most of it back in various fees. Other than the monthly fee, you must pay 1% of the money through the RevvCard debit account. Moreover, 1% of mortgage payment needs to made via the network.

Keep in mind that an MLM scheme without a permanent product line and services is a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal. Moreover, the founder of such companies designs them in a way that the participants are losing most of the money in the end.


Similarly, if you look closely at R Network, its compensation plan is meant to earn a lot of money from the members and not paying them much. A $35 monthly fee is huge in this case because you will not be getting much return on investment.

Eventually, people at the end of the referral chain will stop paying the fees. Hence, those at the top of the matrix will lose a lot of money once the recruitment and referrals end. Whereas, the owners will walk with a lot of money earned via monthly fees and other charges.

Final Verdict About R Network

RNetwork.io is a traditional MLM company. It is charging heavy fees from its members. The only way to earn money for the members is through referrals commissions and bonuses. Compared to the monthly fee, the network gives minimal compensation to the members. The referral system has made this network a popular name among investors. However, all of the money collected will benefit only the manager of the company. In the end, the members will suffer losses.

Therefore, you should avoid such MLM pyramid schemes to save money. Instead, use modern crypto trading tools to make smart decisions about investment at the right time and in legitimate companies. If you choose to use crypto trading tools, you will not have to worry about losing your money in shady MLM schemes like the R Network.

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