Is Rank Hijack A Scam? Honest Review!

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Rank Hijack
Rank Hijack

Rank Hijack is a traffic generation product, according to its website; Matt Garret and Cindy Donovan created it. It promises to send you enough traffic to generate meaningful business without you having to learn any internet marketing skills. Looking at their detailed presentation, I couldn’t help but notice how they played around with words to try and explain what the product does for you to make it look legit. What I mean is that the Rank Hijack claims to help you do what others do not do to get free traffic but in the actual sense, they teach nothing new. The parasite pages they bases their sale on are nothing but guest posts and articles that people have been using for a long time to get quality backlinks. In this Rank Hijack review, I look at their top features to determine whether Rank Hijack is scam or not.

What I Liked About Rank Hijack

Rank Hijack review

Marketing Techniques

Most scam products do not promise to help us learn about internet marketing in any way. They simply tell us their product is more of a “push button” that will bring us overnight results without barely any effort on our side. Rank Hijack on the other hand tells that what we will be doing is implementing techniques that other people have missed to implement in their internet marketing campaigns.

Rank Hijack promises to help us put our content on other sites and send the traffic to our sites or affiliate products. Since that is one of the things that earns us backlinks, I liked it that they did include it in their strategy. Unfortunately, they do not call that technique by its name which is guest posting, they call “Parasite Hosting.”

Keyword Research

Rank Hijack scam

Most scam products that promise to bring you insane buyer traffic do not mention anything to do with use of targeted keywords. I have to give Rank Hijack credit for including that feature even though they misrepresent what it will do for you. They indicate that the keyword research will help you find keywords that can rank easily without much effort apart from parasite posts. That is wrong because Google looks at how relevant content is to the rest of the pages before it ranks your content’s keyword.

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It is its way of making sure that what you provide to the world is unique and supported by facts. Any authority site will not have just diverse topics, but will also have in-depth content on each topic. Unless of course it is a totally unique subject that is only found on your parasite article. The misrepresentation of that fact is something I didn’t like about Rank Hijack.

What I Didn’t Like About Rank Hijack

Content Spinning

Rank Hijack

In order to get traffic from guest posting, you need to create useful content that will be allowed on the host site. No one will accept to post your content on his or her site if you are creating spam content that no one would like to read or has already read. Furthermore, search engine penalize sites that provide duplicate content or content that duplicates existing information in any way.

In fact, that is why search engines like Google rank blog sites lower than authority sites. Bog sites most of the times peddle duplicate content, especially in the comment sections. That is also why in forums, most sites try to eliminate re-posting of the same topic in new strings.

They recommend that users find an old string with the same topic and ask a question there. It is the same reason that makes webmasters close discussions once a suitable solution is posted. It is all about making sure that duplicate content is eliminated. Therefore when Rank Hijack encourages us to spam the internet with duplicate content, the I know for sure that Rank Hijack is scam.

Parasite Posting

Rank Hijack System

Rank Hijack says that they are going to show us how to do parasite posting to other people’s sites. Well, that is not going to work because everybody these days knows the danger of accepting duplicate content. Webmasters from authority sites with quality backlinks know better than accepting content without evaluating how much value it will add to their sites. Even if they didn’t want to do quality control, and turned a blind eye, search engines such as Goggle will penalize their sites the instant they detect low quality posts and pages.

Therefore, Rank Hijack is promising us to use a technique that will only bring us pain in the end. The days when marketers would get backlinks using duplicate content from authority sites is gone. As of now, quality content is must for one to get backlinks from authority sites. You need an “asset” that you will be ready to share with others even if it isn’t on your site. That is why I was disappointed to see that Rank Hijack advocates spam posting as a way to generate affiliate traffic.

Timer and Fake Posts

Rank Hijack

I was not surprised to see a timer running on the Rank Hijack and a message that I need to hurry up to buy Rank Hijack or risk paying a lot more in future. That is a sales technique that all scam products use all the time. They want us to forget that any valuable idea does not get expensive with time because as time goes by, more people get to know about it, and therefore it becomes less effective. Unfortunately, Rank Hijack uses the same technique to trick us into buying it because it is really a little better than scam.


In this Rank Hijack review, I have discussed the features that define Rank Hijack and I hope that you now understand why it is more or less a scam. This is a product I would not recommend to anyone who wants to establish a long-term affiliate business. In fact, I would not recommend Rank Hijack to anyone who wants to learn about internet marketing all. Other superior products offer better training and don’t misrepresent facts. Wealthy Affiliate is a great example of such products. Here are some of their features and benefits:

  • They have a live Chat Support that is available 24/7.
  • You get to learn about building reliable internet traffic without spamming..
  • They include a site builder and hosting in the membership plan.
  • They have a community forum where fellow members help each other and offer instant help.
  • You get free affiliate tools such as a keyword research tool from the membership plan.

I like Wealthy Affiliate program because there is no promise of magical traffic, content spamming, or other tricks that we know lead to disappointment afterwards. That is why I urge you to disregard the Rank Hijack scam because you will be frustrated after using their product and you’d be better off not hearing about it in the first place.

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