RawCoinFX Review:  A Terrible Scam not Worth of your Time

RawCoinFX Review
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One thing you will notice about Rawxoinfx.com is that it is a poorly designed website. Some of the links on the website do not even work. Additionally, some links lead to other web development websites. You can tell that the people behind this platform are not professionals. You should never hand off your money to such individuals. Invest with the best ventures in the market.

RawCoinFX is one of the most terrible scams in the market. You can tell that the people behind this operation have no idea what they are doing. They are calling themselves a forex and cryptocurrency investment firm. However, we can assure you that these people have no intention of helping you invest.

Additionally, this company has only been in the market since 2019. There is no way they are among the best forex brokers in the market. You are better off investing in companies that have been in the market longer and have thousands of investors.

Ensure you do enough research before investing your hard-earned cash. That is the best way to avoid losing your money to scammers. Right now, the market is full of companies only looking to swindle off investors.

RawCoinFX Review, RawCoinFX Company

Companies like RawCoinFX come into the market promising profits they cannot deliver. Companies that promise you such high returns are normally scammers. Any seasoned trader will tell you that it is impossible to guarantee returns in financial markets. The cryptocurrency market is especially cutthroat because of extreme price volatility.

In the meantime, here is our review of RawCoinFX.

RawCoinFX.com Review

One thing you will notice about Rawxoinfx.com is that it is a poorly designed website. Some of the links on the website do not even work. Additionally, some links lead to other web development websites. You can tell that the people behind this platform are not professionals. You should never hand off your money to such individuals.

Additionally, this company offers clients forex and crypto courses. They claim that you can become a pro-trader in just three months. However, they do not introduce us to any of their professional traders. You should never take trading training from unknown people on the Internet. Moreover, the link to the courses does not even work.

Further, they claim that their team of experts handpick the best trading strategies to help you make a profit. We highly advise against using these strategies for the same reason. You should not trust these people until they can prove that they are professional traders who know what they are doing.

In terms of customer support, RawCoinFX has two main channels to contact them. You can reach the team by giving them a call via +13528016592. Additionally, you can email the team via support@rawcoinfx.com. While this is great, there is no guarantee that the company will respond to you after investing.

RawCoinFX Account Types

We will now look at the investment plans that RawCoinFX offers. There are three main account types to choose from on Rawcoinfx.com. These include the Starter, Premium, and VIP accounts. These accounts differ depending on the investment a user makes. 

The smallest package is the Starter plan. This requires a minimum deposit of $1,000. It has low-frequency trades and a 10% referral bonus. Additionally, the company promises a 2X Bitcoin increase, but they do not specify the duration. Further, this plan has a 5% automated weekly pay-out.

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The next package is the Premium plan. This requires a minimum deposit of $10,000. It has low-frequency trades and a 10% referral bonus. Additionally, the company promises a 5X Bitcoin increase. This plan also has a 5% automated weekly pay-out.

The final package is the VIP plan. This requires a minimum deposit of $50,000. It has high-frequency trades and a 10% referral bonus. Additionally, the company promises a 10X Bitcoin increase. Further, this plan has a 20% automated weekly pay-out.

Unsurprisingly, the links to learn more about each of these accounts do not work. This is despite the company offering some of the most expensive investment plans in the market.

RawCoinFX Trading Environment

One crucial detail that is missing on Rawcoinfx.com is the trading platform in use. We looked at the poorly designed platform and did not encounter a trading platform to execute any trades. On their confidentiality policy page, they call themselves a broker. We do not know of forex and cryptocurrency brokers that do not have a trading platform. We are now wondering where investors’ funds go.

RawCoinFX Review, RawCoinFX Plans

Additionally, there is no mention of the trading conditions that clients enjoy. The company does not reveal the leverage and spreads that they offer. Such a company knows that it is pointless to disclose such details. This is because they do not plan to offer any brokerage services.

The only desire of these people is to steal investors’ funds. Do not believe any of the lies on their website.

Founders and Physical Location

It is crucial to know the people behind the company you are investing in. Any professional organization will recognize this and introduce the founders. But this is not a professional company.

The people behind RawCoinFX did not see the need to introduce themselves to their clients. They operate under total anonymity. This is common with illegitimate companies. Scammers normally hide their identities to ensure the law does not track them down. You should never invest your money in companies operated by mysterious people on the Internet. That is the beginning of a disaster story. There are too many risks involved.

In terms of a physical address, the company claims that they operate from 90405 Neilson Way, Santa Monica, California. However, we have no reason to believe that this is the truth. The company is full of lies, and this could easily be another one. Moreover, in their user agreement, they give a completely different address.

Regulation and Fund Safety

There is nothing worse than an unregulated broker in the market. Investing in an unregulated company is a sure way to lose your money. Regulatory bodies are there to ensure that companies are not running illegal operations. They only license companies that have the right set up to protect investors’ funds.

In the case of RawCoinFX, this company does not have any regulations. This means that this company is an illegal operation in most jurisdictions. The developers claim to be a registered company in Seychelles. The body in charge of forex regulations in Seychelles is the FSA. We searched its registry and found no results matching RawCoinFX.

We can assure you that this company cannot assure you of your funds’ safety. No unregulated company can do that. This is because they cannot assure you that they have the proper banking setup. 

Additionally, the company does not give any evidence that they have systems’ protection in place. There is no mention of the software or hardware they use to keep out intruders. Additionally, there is no SSL certificate. Therefore, hackers can easily access and steal your funds and your data.

Final Verdict

RawCoinFX is yet another terrible scam in the market. They are pretending to be a legitimate broker and account manager. But, you should not trust these people. For starters, this company is an illegal operation. The founders are offering financial services without regulations. Do not be part of this company when the law shuts them down. 

Moreover, these people are not transparent in their operations. They do not even want you to know who they are. Under such conditions, it is easier to lose your money than it is to make any returns.

Save yourself some trouble and invest elsewhere. Ensure you only invest in the top legitimate forex and cryptocurrency brokers in the market. 


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  1. Joel Morwe

    Excellent observation.Rawcoin FX is a 100% scam and nothing more.I am one of their victims who lost about $6375.40 and the self proclaimed forex agent Charles Parker along with his associates DUSKA NOVAKOVICand RENATA CIOBANU.And when he insisted i sent money he confessed to me that indeed they are a scam bcoz i frustrated their effort to solicit more money hence the response.

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