Redox Trades Review: Awful Scam

Redox Trades ( is coming in the market with a ridiculous sales tag. This is another platform that claims to generate an immense profit margin. And the truth of the matter is the platform is a hoax. After a thorough investigation, we found out that the platform started out as a binary service provider. A while back, the website was going by the name Redox Trade. And this is why we must expose the platform. It IS A SCAM, beware!

Redox Trades Review

About Redox Trades

The platform claims to have been founded in 2013. These are false claims as there is no evidence to back it up. Scam brokers will entice newbies to sign up by selling their reputation. After receiving a number of complaints from investors, we had to investigate. The findings were as expected; Redox Trades is another Crypto and Real investment scam platform mostly targeting European investors. Investors need to read this entire review and find out why they should stay away from the website.

Crypto trading is gaining traction more and more thanks to the huge advantages available. A smart investor knows that success comes thanks to investing in reliable tools. These tools have been the key to traders’ success. They help investors grow their investments in a realistic manner. Scam brokers take advantage of this market by creating cloned websites. And this is why reading reviews from a reputable platform like helps investors. Get to know more about the traps set by these scam brokers to entice investors. The only one profiting from the platform are the creators themselves, members are just pawns.

Assets Claimed by the Platform

On their about us page, they claim to have a strong technical base for Cryptocurrency trading. Other forms of services available on the platform include Arbitrage Trading and Portfolio management. Real estate is an investment venture that the site claims to recently indulge in. They claim to have attracted investors through online and offline avenues. The platform claims its main goal is to offer solid financial services to investors. These are well-thought-out aims and goals which would attract an untrained eye.

Business Owner

Redox Trades Contact Details

It is a platform that claims to be operated and owned by Redox Trades LLC. The company claims to spearhead the evolution of online investment all over the world. Redoxtrades is a platform claiming to transform the world by offering a number of asset classes. They fail to mention the different asset types. What remains a huge problem with the platform is hiring actors to act as owners of the platform. And this throws away any credibility the platform ever had. The entire platform is a hoax whose owners tend to operate behind the curtain.

Customer Feedback

Customers and members of the platform are unhappy with the turn of events. The members have gone on social media to lament on the terrible encounter with the platform. Most claim that the support team went away immediately the member’s deposited funds. And this is a classic case of a cloned trading website. These scam artists will create a website where users deposit funds and no investment takes place. And this is why we must expose the platform for the rot they create in the Crypto trading world.

Domain Details

According to genuine and trusted domain registers, this website has a number of issues. It seems the site has made three changes on three Unique IP address over two years. The domain tools show for a fact that the platform was not created in 2013. What these scam artists don’t know is that domain registers keep track of any IP change. And the changes coincide with their earlier domain name Redox trade.

Promotions advertising

On the homepage, visitors are greeted with a number of videos. The videos are from persons who claim to have won big with the platform. These are the hired actors that scam artists use to fool unsuspecting investors. On their about us page, we have a CNN reporter who talks about Crypto trading. The video on the CNN video feed has been used in a number of Bitcoin scams. And this is another reason to stay away from Redox Trades.

License and Registration of Redox Trades

Redox Trades is NOT LICENSED OR REGISTERED to offer any trading services to investors. What we find odd with the platform is that they claim to have two regional offices. One is in Malta and the other one in Toronto. We reached out to regulators in both jurisdictions to try and confirm their compliance. None of the regulators have heard of this platform. Their parent platform Redox Trade was blacklisted by the CFTC. And this points to why they continue changing their IP address.

The entire platform has no details or documents to prove that the platform is licensed. And this is a real deal-breaker. Without a valid trading license, members are in for a rude surprise. Redox Trades is not insuring any funds deposited on their platform. And this puts a majority of investors at risk. In the event of bankruptcy or winding down, the members will not get any compensation. And this has been the case once the platform changes its IP address. They shut down and have funds belonging to investors.

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Limitations of Redox Trades

Account Plans

Redox Trades Crypto Plans

It offers two sets of account plans on its platform. They have divided the plans into Crypto arbitrage investment plans and real estate investment. The Crypto plans come in three choices which the platform fails to name. They have a guaranteed daily ROI which is another false feature. There is no expert or robot that can guarantee a daily profit margin. The market is volatile and price changes without any warning. And this is why we have to flag their ROI claims.

The second plans involve real estate and they are divided into three. They name the plans Basic, Imperial, and Premier. The basic account holder must deposit $100,000 as the minimum set depository requirement. It seems the real estate accounts only offer their services in three jurisdictions. Only investors from Canada, Dubai, and London are allowed to use real estate plans. As we said earlier, these scam artists are targeting investors from wealthy regions which must stop.

Contact and Support

They are using email and phones as a means of communicating with clients. The problem with emails is they tend to take longer than expected. Members have been waiting for days, or even weeks to get a response. The phone number is ever busy which makes it impossible to get the owners on time. These scam artists are using means which give them the advantage. Members-only get to communicate with the platform when they are about to deposit funds. After depositing funds and opening an account, the support team vanishes.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Redox Trades Real Estate Investment Plans

Depositing with this platform is only limited to Bitcoin. They claim that users can also use bank transfer and the platform will convert the funds to Crypto. Withdrawing funds with Redox Trades is the biggest challenge facing members. None of the members have received any funds after clicking the withdrawal tab. The platform claims to send funds to your Bitcoin wallet which is not the case. Stay away from the platform as it is not a genuine Crypto or real estate investment option.

Safety of funds with Redox Trades

Investors should know that there is no compensation plan on the table in case of insolvency. With withdrawing being an issue, it is clear there is no genuine investment taking place. These are scam artists whose goal is to steal from anyone willing to try them out. Without a valid license, the platform will swindle funds, and recovering them is impossible. No recovery agent will be able to recover funds from an anonymous platform.

Scam or Legit Redox Trades

Redox Trades is a scam that has caused pain to hundreds of investors. Extend a hand and share this post with your family and loved ones. Stay away from any of their affiliate programs which they plan to roll in the coming weeks.

Bottom line

To protect our readers, we will be adding this platform to our blacklist. Stay safe and invest in credible Crypto mining companies. It is time to get the best crypto trading tools. The tools are a safe way of ensuring a trader is safe in the trading world.

127 Replies to “Redox Trades Review: Awful Scam”

  1. Jlv

    Can you contact me? I’m an investor with redox trades and I’ve made money with them, more than my initial investment. I also have the transactions from coinbase and going to my bank. I need more information..

  2. Friedman

    I have consistently got my weekly profit for about 7 months now, till date. And have got my capital returne. Maybe some people copied their website and scamming with it. Also when I was doing my search before I started with Redox Trades LLC, I found some other platforms with close names, and one was Redox Trade (without the ‘s’) which I checked now and it doesn’t seem to exist again. Maybe more information is needed, because going by my personal experience so far, I wouldn’t readily agree with this article.

    • ashley

      All you have to do is search their current domain, and it shows the domain history. was originally and so forth. It has had about 4 different domains in the past few years. Also, scams are no longer quick and easy return. I fell victim to a scam that lasted several months, to build trust, and rob me of more money. With this platform, you’ll likely get a return of some kind, which will convince you to recruit others and invest more money. When they feel ready to disappear on you, they may.

      • leila vega

        How long did the scam actually last and did you make any profit of any kind? I have made over 40 thousand dollars with redoxtradesllc (besides my initial investment which I can get returned at the end of the contract). My whole family has invested and they are profiting weekly. I have friends whose entire familiy have also joined and they are all very grateful with Redox, especially because of how responsive they are.

      • Wessel

        Hi Ashley i am investor with redoxtradesllc staying in RSA
        This morning 30.12.20 i found log in gone cant make any contact with redoxtradesllc
        Do you have similar problem

    • Leila Y Vega

      Hi Friedman,
      I am also an investor and have been doing great with them. Could you email me at to share some more information about this company? I would like to know who introduced you and things like that. Thanks

  3. Delma

    To be fair, I bet to disagree with most part of this.
    As at yesterday I still received my earning to my personal wallet.
    Redox Trades LLC support is one of the most responsible you’d come across. Today I decided to tried their live chat and was joined by an agent in roughly 12 seconds. As someone above me said, I guess there’s a mix up, maybe people trying to use the same name of their company to cheat people.

  4. Judy

    Every investment opportunity that I am with I am making money but if you type in if it is a scam then there will always be someone saying it is a scam , many people are happy with Redox

        • Shawn Brown

          Hi Judy,

          I have drawn out of Redox no problem. Scam warning, what are you selling??
          Steenkamp sounds like a good South African name!
          I’m also with Redox and Carrera. Can you point me to CBI and Finalmente website?

          • Mister G

            Just go to the telegram group. Only positive comments are allowed.any negative comments and users will be banned. Only small amounts are being paid at a time and a lot of people are waiting since Dec 2020 for their money. Looks like it’s slowly coming to an end. It will be a miracle if it lasts much longer.

            • Leonore Botes

              It was so strange for me to see on this page that DANIEL 1 of the admin people for REDOX received a CAR plus he posted on the TELEGRAM GROUP OF REDOX that he is getting all of his money every day plus on the one screenshot which HE HIMSELF posted on TELEGRAM REDOX you can see that he is receiving ALL of his weekly withdraws up to an amount of 510 USD in 1 WEEK??? plus it seems to me that people are still joining becasue they have been encouraged to join BECASUE ALL OF THE WITHDRAWS ARE BEEN PAID out??? when i contact DANIEL and GERRIE who is the 2 admin for REDOX, not DANIEL or GERRIE could explein to me why or answer any of my questions INSTEAD GERRIE blocked me on so needless for me to say, THIS IS A SCAM and by receiving goods from a SCAMMER it makes you part of it!!!!!!!!!!!!! lets see what happens to these people because there is companies who just LOVED to investigate these kind of scammers so ja, im also from SOUTH AFRICA and at this stage i cant even say that GERRIE or DANIEL is also from south africa because not even REDOX TRADES LLC address is REAL?????? but let me say this: GOD DOSN’T SLEEP, MILLIONS OF PENSIOENERS ARE BEING SCAMMED BUT LET ME TELL YOU ON PUBLIC MEDIA: KARMA IS A B*TCH AND YOU WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS BECAUSE I SERVE A LIVING GOD AND YOU AS SCAMMERS WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH OUR HARD EARNED MONEY… LOOK, WATCH AND LEARN FROM THIS BULLSHITTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


              • Shan

                Hi Leonore

                I think our job as investors now is to plague the internet with reviews of this company and help flush out the founders/owners responsible for taking our money.

                Check out the Trustpilot review site and search for RedoxTradesLLC. I’ve also written 2 reviews there. I also took a large screenshot of the man on the RedoxTradesLLC website who explains how this company works. He is definitely a main part of this!

                Will be using that photo on the internet. We have to flush these people out. They must not rest and should sleep with one eye open!

                I have also figured out that the 1st video image on the RedoxTradesLLC website was a ‘fake office background’ which they got from Youtube named ‘Office Background 2’. It wasn’t their real offices. But the guy on the photo is real so we can use his face in facial recognition.

                RedoxTradesLLC – You f&(*ed with the wrong investors!

  5. Mynhardt Swanepoel

    To me I personally think someone is trying to bad mouth Redoxtradesllc. A lot of us already made more than our original put in capital back over the last 2 year’s. I still get money back on a weekly basis.
    I agree that there is a lot of scammers out there, but Redoxtradesllc is for sure not one.

    • Trienie Dickinson

      Middag Mynhardt, ek is ‘n beginner by Redoxtradesllc, het die 3de Nov my 1ste beleggings gemaak op die Arbitrage Imperial plan. Ek sal dit waardeer as jy my bq gemoedsrus kan gee tov Redoxtradesllc. Ek het ook geld verloor op ‘n platvorm wat almal gepromoveer het, en net nadat ek belê het, het alle kommunikasie verdwyn, withdrawals het bly ‘pending’. So ek is maar senuweagtig!
      Is daar enige Telegram of Whatsup Groepe waarby mens kan aansluit?
      Trienie Dickinson

    • Tricia

      Mynhardt, al ons betalings sedert Desember 2020 wys pending….
      Ons is al raad op, nog geen betalings weer gekry nie, selfs al probeer ons klein bedrae trek…
      Asb as jy enige advies het om ons te help sal ek dit só waardeer!
      Ons doen dit ook nog nie lank, eers van Okyober 2020

  6. Mariska

    I have to disagree with this scam alert. I am receiving my weekly profit on time and is withdrawing it to my personal wallet. I have never encountered any problem with them. There must be a mix up somewhere. I am very happy with there services so far.

    • Roy Khan

      You must be talking about a different company with a very similar name. I have been scammed over $7,000, including initial investment and then asking me for 15% of the “profit” in order to receiving back anything. When I paid up (like a sucker), I was asked another “transfer fee”, which at this point I refused.
      They have a phony website ( with 1 number, via encrypted WhatsaApp ( a favorite communication platform in Africa).
      Their “brokers” give themselves pseudo names (Adams Baker, Charlotte Logan (X-Men), Taylor Smith…really!!).

      • LEONORE


  7. PdJ

    So far I have made my profits weekly as published on their website. Very strange that no one so far that was so called “Scammed” did leave any reply?

  8. John

    If you want more information just follow @usredoxtradesllc on Instagram. She is an investor who shared her experience and knowledge. Pretty good information! Redox is definitely not a scam but a blessing for many.

    • Roy Khan

      Probably a very similar company name to steer away serious investors. Do not communicate via encrypted WhatsApp to a broker with a suspicious name, asking for a 15% commission on a “profit” of $23K over 3 weeks. I was gullible once but not twice.

      Their method is to leave comments on sites with a positive review of so-called “satisfied clients” as a hook.


      just want to ask you if you still stick to your comment that REDOX is not a scam? my 14 week contract with them is over, why dont they pay out my money which was now ever since NOVEMBER, DECEMBER JANUARY PLUS FEBR COMPOUNDED and all off my withdraws which is still PENDING not paid out???????????? can you sent me any proof that you receive your money back please

      • DC

        Leonora. I too started my investment in Oct 2020. Compounding started in Nov and then suddenly in December they stopped paying. My investment was also supposed to end 1st week in Feb 2021. As per Daniel, the so called Admin, Redox was reinvesting everyone’s investments. We were not contacted via email to even ask whether we wanted to reinvest. Daniel is holding a carrot in front of us all on the Telegram group. And people keep on adding people onto that group.

        I personally sent Daniel a Telegram message asking why people are still being added when the platform is not functioning at all. My question obviously did not warrant a response from him. I am still waiting. Yets Daniel and Gerrit get their payouts and cars etc.

        There are thousands of people out there waiting for pending payments. I have not received my initial investment back, only 50% thereof and I have 5 pending payment from 23 Dec. I can now also no make withdrawals as the system gives you a message to day, please wait for your pending amounts to be paid outperform you make another withdrawal. I know many people who have pending amounts since November 2020.

        My honest opinion, Daniel posts a message once every 2 weeks if we are lucky, just to keep us quite for another couple of weeks. I really have a bad feeling about this. I wouldn’t suggest that anyone trade with them.

        I also thought about the fact that new investors are added onto the Telegram group daily, and maybe they have started another platform where these investors are actually being paid and Redox is taking their money. So it seems to me they are starting the whole process again, scamming more people. That’s just my own personal opinion.

        The sad thing is, people, like me, put everything they had into Redox. With covid etc this felt like the right thing to do, especially if you are unemployed. But people are battling now to pay rent, support their families, pay their debts, because Redox is not paying.

        The last message from Daniel was that the Redox team are all going back to the office as covid restrictions are being lifted. So let’s see what the next carrot holds in. Daniel and Gerrit are not appropriate Admins to begin with because they are abrubt. They remove you from the Telegram group when you ask an appropriate question, and they treat you like kindergarden kids. They even said that if you complain to Redox and send multiple messages, they will put you wayyyyy down the line for payment. Where is the professionalism? Its non existent.

        I personally wouldn’t get anyone on board with Redox because they do not live up to the expectations thst we as investors have.

        That is my 5c worth.

  9. SACryptoClub

    Off course, all the above people can be the same person/orginasation pretending to save face.
    BUT where are the people that was scammed? Surley there must be at least one!
    Lets hear from you and be frank, how much did you loose and when? Who was the person that intrudused you to Redox?
    Were they scamed as well?

    Henry, did you just investigate and voice your opinion about your findings, o, did you walk the extra mile to confirm your suspitions and invest the minimum amount and lost it all?

    • Roy Khan

      ME! Why would I waste my time alerting others if I was satisfied? Spare me the excuse that it would come from “a competitor”. There is enough for every legitimate brokers to make a decent profit without scamming others.
      Charlotte Logan, Adams Baker (Adams is a first name?!), Taylor Smith, where is my $7,383.00??

      Their emails:

      After communicating over the phone (WhatsApp), I can tell you this dude is from West Africa.

      Again, why would I waste my time exposing these scammers? As a competitor? Then logically I would need to tell you which company we are to bring you over….Obviously, I am not directing you anywhere but away from scammers.

  10. Mark VanAmburg

    Another article written by an ignorant hack who is trying to bash Redox in favor of a competing platform. I have to laugh. I have been a customer for over 4 months and had zero problems. And, neither have the other 20 or so of my family members and friends who are investing with Redox. You can get all upset that some things aren’t in place the way you want them to be, and make unsubstantiated claims and accusations, but most investors are probably more concerned whether they will make money, and not lose it. Personally (I say that because the writer of the article obviously has no personal experience with Redox), I give Redox a 10 out if 10. Maybe a 20 out if 10. But, please don’t open a Redox account. It’s too crowded now with people making money.

      • Patric

        Hi Daniel, No you won’t receive a call. You didn’t leave a number…
        How can you only be on 9x your initial investment after 57 weeks if the smallest investment has an ROI of 1,5% daily? Am I missing something.
        I’m interested in investing, just doing my due diligence first.

        • Leonore Botes

          No his number is HIDDEN on TELEGRAM and DANIEL receive ALL OF HIS WEEKLY PAYMENT like he himself posted on TELEGRAM more than 510 USD per week???? strange because all of our withdraws is PENDING FOR WEEKS??????????????? i wonder why

      • Roy Khan

        Read the comments above I left.

        When I spoke with so-called supervisor Adams Smith regarding my trade WhatApp phone), I told him that it was time for me to alert the cybercrime FBI department, and the OLAF Investigations Outside the European Union.

        Check out their LinkedIn ….It doesn’t exist!

        Verify the NY address….more than suspicious.

      • Roy Khan

        Read my comments about so-called competitors. RedOx is a big African scam. When I finally got a hold of someone via encrypted WhatApp (An African favorite platform of communication), Adams Baker, his broken English and African accent confirmed my suspicion.
        Where is your LinkedIn page you advertise on your website? It simply does not exist, and LinkedIn’s algorithm strongly reviews the connections as you build your page. RedOx Crypto is a pyramid a best, a fraudulent scam at worst. Cybercrime and OLAF are on their tale.

  11. Daniel Scholtz

    Ive been woth Redox trades for 1 year and 3 weeks
    Im proud to be the Ambassador for Redox South Africa
    Scam comapnies dont give Out Cars yes I recieved a car and Im currently on 9x on my initial investment so anybody been scammed contact me
    I bet I will not recieve a call
    Redox may not have all the info available to everyone which need a safe haven but honest and legit is very fair to say
    Thanks Redox

    • Charles Roberts

      This is encouraging news Daniel. Is there some way I can call you sometime to just chat. I would prefer that to a public forum to ask my questions.

      • Roy Khan

        Charles Roberts (really!) Why don’t you contact your “buddy” Adams Baker or Taylor Smith or Charlotte Logan ( British names in Africa). You guys are paid to place “phony positive comments” as a hook. Why don’t you contact me and I’ll transfer our encrypted WhatsApp message to a traceable platform since you are a “legitimate” trading company. I am open for communication

    • Patric

      Hi Daniel, No you won’t receive a call. You didn’t leave a number…
      How can you only be on 9x your initial investment after 57 weeks if the smallest investment has an ROI of 1,5% daily? Am I missing something.
      I’m interested in investing, just doing my due diligence first.

      • Marais Smit

        I’m with Redox 2 and half months and must say they are very good and I withdraw without any problems the longest I have waited for the money to be in my crypto wallet was 2hours. And that says a lot they are a great company. I got scammed by 3 other companies Cryptoonlinefxpro, My coin auction and Carrera.

          • VF

            Hi All,

            So Carrera managed to scam me out of alot of money too. I got an Cyber Security Specialist involved and they are working on gathering information and submitting this to a Cyber Squad. This has been a terrible situation for me and im hoping something can come of it and that they will be tracked and prosecuted. Has anyone else got any info on them? I assume if you were invested, you have lost everything too!

            • CDM

              Hi VF!
              Have you managed to make any progress with Carrera? A lot of us lost a LOT of money with them.
              Been super happy with Redox though!

    • Muzamana Chinoriwa

      Hi Daniel

      Do you have any kind of platform for South Africans who are investing in redoxtrades. Want to know if there support mechanism locally since you said you are their ambassador. Given a car means you are their representative in this region. My whatsapp number is 079 123 6282. I would be happy to hear from you. I have also invested with them. Thanks. Chino

    • Jason

      Well done Daniel on your hard work. However, receiving a car is no indicator of whether redox is a scam or not. I’ve seen people receive greater rewards than that from ponzi based incomes. I’m not saying Redox is definitely a scam. However, receiving a car is no indicator… If you’ve brought in investors in South Africa where millions have been invested I also won’t be surprised, IF it is a scam, that the scammers (intelligent and crafty people generally), would give you a vehicle to fuel a flourishing ponzi scheme…. Again… I’m not saying it is one… Merely responding to the fact that your receiving a car “proves” that it is not a scam… It is not a proof…

    • Paul

      Daniel you are the lucky one that jumped in early and made millions off Redox Trades investment. I know about the car you received and so did one of your friends that live in the same town as you do. He is also my friend.

      For many other people it is all over now the Scam has come to an end. The fact that you made money does not mean that it is not a Scam because it is 1000% a SCAM.

      Mooi dag.

    • Zelda Nell

      Hi Daniel , I invested in Redox Trades LLC ( Imperial Arbitrage) in October 2020. By the middle of Nov 2020 their RSS kicked in and since then I have not received even small withdrawal amounts of less than $400. i have sent numerous emails to, but have not received a single response. Even though the RSS has ended, I still cannot withdraw ,as there are too many pending amounts.On one of my accounts the 14 week period has already expired , and although I sent an email stating that I did not wish to reinvest for another 14 weeks , the compounding still continues. So what do I do now?

    • Pradeep BHOLA

      Hi Daniel. Unfortunately I’m getting a little sceptical about about Redox. What the scam alert guys say makes sense. I invested in November and received regular payments until they came up with technical glitches. My withdrawals are way below the recommended amount and this is the second week in a row I haven’t received any money after withdrawal. I have a strange feeling they are consolidating their profits and getting ready to disappear, but still enticing new investors until the last minute. My view is they are scammer. They just seemed to have stayed on longer than the others.


      hi daniel. ons het al ontmoet met ‘n paar w.apps wat ek jou gestuur het op telegram plus epos… so wat se jy nou rakende REDOX wat nie ‘n scam is nie MAAR JY KRY GEEEEEN TELEFOON OPROEP terug van hulle af nadat jy dit geboek het op hul webblad nie, AL ons witdraws le PENDING en hulle betaal tans GEEEEN withdraws uit nie. die support mense wat daar vroeer was, het net nou verdwyn so waar is hulle nou??? ek het 700 vrae nes al die ander mense en ons word die heeltyd gesmooth talk ons moet net faith he maar hoe kan jy faith he in ‘n company wat NIE produce wat hulle in hul KONTRAK se die dag as jy invest nie??? dan is dit mos ‘n scam, so jy is meeer as welkom om MY te kontak om jou stawing wat jy hier doen te bewys aan my dat redox nie ‘n scam is nie want dan betaal hul definitief JOU geld alleen uit maar nie een van ons vriendekring wat gejoin het kry ‘n sent uit nie??? 071 464 0212

    • Leonore Botes

      your number is HIDDEN on TELEGRAM so they people cannot call you???? email address: and GERRIE cell nr: 082 944 9141 HE BLOCKED ME after i confronted him why DANIEL posted ON TELEGRAM REDOX group himself that ALL OF HIS WITHDRAWS to the amount of 510 USD per week is being paid out but all of our amount is PENDING???? something smells here and i wonder what that might be????
      1. weekly payouts
      2. cars

      but our withdraws are lying PENDING?????????????????????????

      OUR contracts doesnt pay out after the contract is over?????

      you can contact me. i have nothing to hide but you are being blocked while trying to make an conversation, something is definately WRONG!!!

    • afzal

      You are a fake pastor that has benefitted from this Pyramid Scheme .

      You are still getting more people to put money into this scheme

      You quote the bible but you are a sc*mbag

      You claim payments under USD 200 will be paid out but they arent

      God will show you !

  12. Roy Khan

    Here’s the primary website for the scammers RedOx Crypto, which may be different from the Redox you’re referring to:

    Here’s the way their scam works. They insert “positive” reviews about a certain broker (i.e. Charlotte Logan ) and someone else answer with affirming words and leave a phone number that can be only used on Whatsapp. After contacting this “broker”, they have you transfer your trade money (with pics of your account to see what’s left in it). Then they will ask for 15% of the “profit” 2 weeks later BEFORE sending back your initial investment plus profit. IT”S TOO LATE BY THIS TIME and you got conned by REDOX CRYPO trading.

    Again, they might be a different group but use a similar name.

    • Daniel

      That happen to me I invested with them
      They said they take 15% but when I ask to withdraw they told me I need to pay it before I can collect the money …
      So now because I have more the 20k profit
      Basically I need to pay 3000% in order to “receive” the money.

      • Roy Khan

        Exactly right! Moreover, after you pay the 15 % (Which I did like a sucker) their “administration department” sends you a very poorly written letter telling you to send them a “transfer fee”. They will ask whether you’re from the US or other, since the fee is higher for US citizen (they conmsider US traders wealthier so they can ask for a higher fee). At this point I was done and down by $7,380.00)

  13. Filip Ravn

    This is a very intelligent scam. They pay out to their investors, to “proof” that the system works, but the money only comes in by other people believing in this scam and paying in money.

    If everybody pulled out their money they would go bankrupt immediately, and would not be able to pay out to everybody. So many people will loose money, and only very few will profit. If you get more paid out than what you have invested, it´s because you are stealing from other investors.

    Redox will never show how the money is generated, only let you believe that they are very profitable. Truths is that nobody can be this profitable.

    It´s a pyramid game, and you won´t know until the company is shut down.

    But please do the maths and you will easily see that the weekly interest rates adds up to redicilous yearly interest. 21% weekly interest = 2500000% yearly interest. Compare that with Tesla who had 700% profit last year.

    Wake up guys!!!!! SCAM

  14. Charles Roberts

    My understanding of this platform is that it is unlike any stock market or conventional investment in property or other equities. Those require your brokerage to be scanning all the opportunities all the time which is impossible for a human. By contrast, our investments are managed by a bot (or bots) which scan all the forex and crypto exchanges globally, working tirelessly 24 hours a day, to find price changes. They then buy and sell automatically on these, accumulating millions of small profits to be able to pay out at the rates they do per day.

    Am I correct in this thinking?

      • Roy Khan

        I lost over $7K.

        a) hooked by reading positive reviews like a few above and dropping a WhatApp number

        b) You contact someone who will ask how much you want to “invest” initially

        c) They send you their BTC address, asking you to take a pic before you send your investment ( I suspect this allows them to see what’s remaining in your account)

        d) They ask whether you want to participate in a short trade (2 weeks) or a long trade (2+)

        e) They say you may “follow” your trade on their website, but then their site is down and apologize for the inconvenience.

        f) they contact you via WhatApp (written messages only) to tell you your trade is over and very profitable (over some $23,000 in 2 weeks based on $ 4000 initial investment!!!)

        g) Before cashing in, you must send them their 15% commission (about $3,280 for me). They can not send you anything before that.

        h) After that’s done (yeah, I am a sucker but I learned), they need a transfer fee after their Adm department asked whether you are in the US or anywhere else. The fee was about $ 2,000. I even talked it down to $500 which “broker” Adams Baker accepted. Who in the world barters like we are at the flee market?

        FBI cybercrime division is on their case.

        If anyone got anything from them, It’s a pyramid scam about to crash

  15. Tania

    I have only recently been introduced to Redox and must say that I am very happy with the results up and till now. Every week I have withdrawn my interest and within 2 – 3 hours received my money in my bitcoin account.

    I agree with everyone on here, Redox to me is a blessing thus far. I will always be careful and distribute my risks accordingly….as they say never put all your eggs in one basket.

  16. Luz Nelly

    He invertido y todo lo he recuperado la verdad no entiendo porque dicen todo eso….yo estoy feliz de lo que he ganado vivo dando gracias por redox …

  17. SvdB

    Has anybody here been with Redox for longer than a year – or more? I would like to know more about this Responsible Savings System that starts next week through to January. If anybody that invested with them since last year has any input regarding this

    • AMR

      You can follow @usredoxtradesLLC , she invested in January and has been doing amazing! The RSS is a program done each year to protect investors and the company from massive changes in the system during the holiday seasons (I.e. everyone over spending and withdrawing for the holidays. All they do is re-invest 50% of your earnings into your investment, and the other 50% is available for normal withdrawal. This will end in January.

      • Morgan

        Hi AMR,do you think everything will go back too normal end off January 2021?And do you still receive youre weekly withdrawels?Alot off people i know havent received any payments since 6 December 2020 all withdrawels are pending,was it like this December 2019?have a good day

  18. Karen

    Scam Scam
    Redox Crypto is an scam.
    If you are reading this posts it already. means that you been scammed by Redoxcrypto and you already lost your money.
    It works on Ponzy scheme.

  19. Truth & Love

    Carrera exited scam and caused a lot of pain to many investors. Beware of PPI, GoldenPay, Northern Hedge Fund and other similar scam companies.

  20. Greg

    I joined Redox Trades LLC a few months back. Got paid for the first 5 weeks and from week 6 payments are now suddenly “pending”! Emails are not replied to and their live help is always unavailable!!
    Be careful! It’s a scam for sure.

  21. Paul

    Hi all, I have invested in Redox and have been able to withdraw my funds on a weekly basis. From the day I invested I was aware that this is a Ponzy Scam. I still took the risk and it did not payoff. For many others it did. This is a Scam and NO ONE can give you the interest that Redox Trades offers. The fact that you received money from your withdrawal does not change the fact that its a scam.

    I have friends that introduced me to Redox Trades that made Hundreds of thousands if not millions from their investments. I jumped in to late and lost some money.

    The withdrawal process has stopped and it is all over, they took our money and ran. Sorry for those that lost money including myself.

  22. grant

    I have been following the RedoxTrades channel on Telegram and looks like there are constant problems with withdrawals. It appears that only small amounts are being paid, under $300 , and smaller amounts are paid out quicker. There are a lot of complaints from the investors on teh channel, not a good sign for someone looking to invest.

  23. Peter

    Biggest phony scam out there!! Me and everyone that were connected in our circle of investors have been scammed with no payouts since mid December 2020. No contact, no replies from these scammers. As Paul commented above, they took our money and ran!

    • Leonore Botes

      they can run, but they cant hide… well find them and make them an EXAMPLE … im ashamed to say that our own south african people has scammed us in our own country. GOD DOSNT SLEEP. LOOK AND SEE WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU… KARMA IS A B*TCH

  24. Heila Levina van Heerden

    The said situation is that Danie Scholtz is still going strong with other companies?! And not owing up to introducing many many people to a ponzy scheme???

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