RenovoVita Review: RenovoVita.Com Has An Unreliable MLM Scheme

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RenovoVita Review
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Review Summary

You are unlikely to make any significant profits from RenovoVita because you will have to sell a very large number of products to achieve this goal. Therefore, it is much better if you stop spending your money, energy, and time on MLM schemes like Instead, you should learn crypto trading and use user-friendly crypto trading bots to earn huge profits via reliable and efficient trading techniques.

RenovoVita is a company that focuses on providing anti-ageing supplements. The company is claiming to be the best platform that combines the power of science and nature to give you everlasting youth. There are three main products listed on

It is important to review RenovoVita in detail because it is asking users to invest a considerable amount of money in the MLM scheme to generate profits from the company. This review will help you in determining whether you can trust the company with your investment.

Overview of RenovoVita

RenovoVita is claiming to be operating with the goal of providing you optimum cellular health that can preserve your youthfulness and overall fitness. The company is similar to many other platforms that operate in the nutritional supplement MLM industry. states that Brent Payne, Linda Baer and Eddie Asian are the co-founders of the organization. Brent Payne was previously running an MLM company called Liberty League that collapsed in 2009. The other two co-founders also seem to have experience in the MLM industry.

Registration Fee of RenovoVita

RenovoVita does not provide any specific information about the amount of money you have to invest in becoming an affiliate of the company. Instead, the website is encouraging users to go all-in on the website that simply means getting all of the company’s products.

If you choose to buy all three products of, you will have to pay about $290. However, it is quite surprising to see that this kind of MLM company is not being upfront about its registration fee and joining criteria.

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Products of RenovoVita is offering the following three products to the users:

  1. With-N to slow down the effects of ageing. It costs about $140 for a bottle that contains 60 capsules. 
  2. Virg-N is a youth activation serum that costs about $100 for a 30 ml bottle/ 
  3. Zero-N is being marketed as a brain health formula. It costs about $50 for a bottle that contains 60 capsules.

It is important to note that there is no external information available about these tokens. As a result, there is no way to verify the tall claims made by RenovoVita. You cannot judge the benefits of these products only from the claims of the company. Hence, you should be extremely careful while buying any of these products or any supplements that are not verified by experts. 

Income Structure of RenovoVita

The primary focus of the income structure of is on making sure more and more people are buying the products and selling to retail customers. There are a total of 13 affiliate ranks in the company. Some of them are:

  1. Associate Rank for which you have to register as an affiliate
  2. Level 1 Bronze Rank, for which you must generate 800 group volumes per month. 
  3. Level 2 Bronze Rank, for which you must generate 1200 group volumes per month. 
  4. Silver Level 1 Rank for which you must generate 3500 group volume per month. 
  5. Silver Level 2 Rank, for which you must generate 700 personal volume and 600 group volume per month. 

Other than these levels, there are many different ranks and strict qualification criteria of RenovoVita. It shows that the company wants you to keep working for the company round the clock and keep selling the products to earn any meaningful profits from the company. 

You are unlikely to make any significant profits from RenovoVita because you will have to sell a very large number of products to achieve this goal. Therefore, it is much better if you stop spending your money, energy, and time on MLM schemes like Instead, you should learn crypto trading and use user-friendly crypto trading bots to earn huge profits via reliable and efficient trading techniques. 

Retail Commissions

RenovoVita promises a 25% retail commission to the affiliate members. The website provides the following breakdown of these commissions:

  • Make 500 to 2500 personal volume per month to get a 5% commission. 
  • Make 2500 to 4000 personal volume per month to get a 10% commission. 
  • Generate 4000 to 6000 personal volume per month to get a 12% commission. 
  • Generate 6000 or more personal volume per month to get a 15% commission. 

Other Bonuses

Other than the affiliate ranks and retail commissions, RenovoVita is offering several other types of bonuses. However, all of these commissions revolve around how many people you are recruiting to the business and the number of products you sell to the retail customers. 

Generally, companies that rely on recruitment commissions tend to collapse in the long run due to a lack of recruitment. It is highly possible that RenovoVita will collapse due to a lack of investment. The domain insights also show that the company is not getting much traffic, so its collapse is imminent. 

Features of RenovoVita is making very tall claims about being a reliable platform. Let’s discuss these features and claims one by one:

Combine Science and Nature

RenovoVita is presenting itself as a highly innovative platform that is merging the benefits of science and nature to provide you with complete cellular health. Yet, the website does not go into much detail about how it has achieved this goal. It is possible that the company is only making such claims to attract users and make them buy the products. 

Renew Your Life states that the company is capable of renewing your life by offering products that can help you sustain youth and restore cellular health. However, as discussed before, there is no data or medical evidence available that can back up the claims of the company. 

It is not clear that the company’s products are actually capable of providing the promised profits. There has been a lot of supplements by MLM companies in the past that promised path-breaking products. However, most of them eventually collapse due to a lack of investment and sales. 

Work History of Owners

The co-founders of the company, Linda and Brent, are claiming to have run multimillion-dollar companies in the past. Such claims are not verifiable by any other source because they do not mention the name of any of their previous ventures. It is clear that owners have been involved in the MLM companies, but it would be wrong to assume that they were very successful companies. 


Overall, RenovoVita is good at marketing its income structure and products. However, it is extremely disappointing that the company is not clearly disclosing the cost of its affiliate members. The registration fee is the foundation of any MLM scheme. Yet, is providing ambiguous information. 

It is also difficult to trust the company’s claims about its three products because they are not backed up by any medical data. It is possible that RenovoVita is making false claims to attract people and sell its products. 

If you choose to invest in this company, you cannot expect to make any significant amount of profits. Instead, you might even lose your initial investment because the qualification criteria for the higher affiliate ranks is too strict. 

The retail and recruitment commissions also indicate that wants to use you for its free marketing. You will have to keep recruiting more and more people to get considerable profits, and it will contribute to the growth of the company. 

The bottom line is that you should not be investing in RenovoVita because it is not a profitable opportunity. Instead, you should consider using crypto trading bots to earn profits via efficient and user-friendly crypto trading strategies.

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