SenseTrade Review: A Shady broker

SenseTrade Review
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SenseTrade claims that your money is safe and in segregated accounts. However, on the other end, scammers tend to keep funds in personal accounts while you expect profits. The anonymous people behind the company are the only ones benefiting from its services.

SenseTrade is an offshore broker that looks forward to becoming your progressive trade partner. They claim to be reliable for investment options, but we do not think the company will attract profits your way. SenseTrade showcases so many red flags that should only warn you against going any further with trading.

SenseTrade Review SenseTrade Company

The company has a shady method of operation, and the sales page is poorly designed, raising more doubts about the services they promise customers. Therefore, they claim to be reliable in the offering; forex, Indexes, metals, shares, and more products contain a lot of ambiguity. Accordingly, in this unbiased review on SenseTrade, we highlight some of the red flags they expose, and you decide whether you want to deposit your money with them.

Consequently, you can count on these transparent forex brokers and earn sensible returns via transparent strategies. They apply tried and tested techniques, including risk measures in place such as stop-loss to take profit which is highly effective while trading.

SenseTrade does not reveal how they plan to tackle the high volatility in the market. Moreover, the trade industry is not child’s play, and you may encounter inevitable risks while trading. Thus you should fully understand how the company operates before you invest real money. SenseTrade does not have a demo account so that traders can familiarize themselves with how the software works. Review assures its investors of modern services and professionalism while venturing into trading with them. They also claim to have a qualified team with top-notch experience in the trading world. They also claim to understand the needs of every customer, and they try to adhere to them. Therefore if you probably think all this is false, you are right. The company does not show any transparency, and no expert trader would waste time here, and you shouldn’t either. does not reveal any information regarding the founders or that of its employees.

Accordingly, they do not show any qualification data that shows you are dealing with people who understand the market as they claim. In addition, you are required to provide personal data when you register for their services. Your personal information may fall into the hands of criminals. SenseTrade class to have more than 200+ instruments and over 300+ members. Working for the company and not a single one of them reveals their identity.

How Operates only brags about providing reliable trade conditions, but they do not seem to have any plan to do so. They give you access to a powerful trading platform and charting capabilities, yet not a single data on how the software works are available. The kind of algorithm it uses in coming up with pleasing results is not known. They do not reveal any suitable trading platform that they use, such as MetaTrader 5. SenseTrade looks forward to working towards the interest of its customers. Additionally, they assert the best market analysis and investment decisions from third parties who are also anonymous.

SenseTrade showcases so many scam traits, and no trading activity is going on in the platform. Also, if there are any, they are probably attracting negative returns. They do not feature any past trade information that should help determine the kind of returns to expect. Newbie traders are also guaranteed a spot in the trading world. They promise education materials that include courses for you to learn your way into becoming an expert. So you should expect to find helpful material, yet this is not the case. SenseTrade has information that you can easily see across the at no extra cost. 

SenseTrade show so many scam characteristics that prove they will operate no different from a pyramid scheme. They promise you attractive returns with no actual plan to generate the same profits. Thus when you fall for the catch and make a deposit, that’s the end of the business. They may even result in denying you access to the platform. Nothing they promise customers to add up, and you will end up losing all your money.

Funds Safety 

SenseTrade claims that your money is safe and in segregated accounts. However, on the other end, scammers tend to keep funds in personal accounts while you expect profits. The anonymous people behind the company are the only ones benefiting from its services. Not only do they put your funds at risk, but also personal data may end up in the wrong hands. The safety of your funds is paramount, and only shows multiple reasons why you should not invest a single dime with them.

They do not have a demo account you can use to test the credibility of the software they have created. SenseTrade does not reveal any banking information that can confirm that your money is indeed safe. They do not have any deposit and withdrawals transactions that prove customers can access funds quickly. SenseTrade applies its knowledge to trades, and you risk trusting unqualified personnel with your funds.

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Deposit and Withdrawals

SenseTrade minimum amount that you can deposit is $250, and you can invest up to $2000. However, when it comes to making a deposit, they only seem to accept Bitcoin payment. Cryptocurrencies and wire transfer funding options are irreversible, and once you make a deposit, there is no turning back. Thus you should always find your account through credit/debit payment options as they allow chargeback up to 540days. Review, Firm

SenseTrade does not show any customers who are successfully capable of withdrawing funds. In addition, you may go through a hard time accessing your funds after successful trading. Also, you may come across hidden fees that are incredibly high. They do not talk about how you will withdraw your funds and how long it takes. 

Customer Support

SenseTrade does not have a reliable support method that you can use to reach them, such as telephone numbers or email. Working customer support is beneficial in boosting the level of trust between customers and the company. There is no guarantee that you will receive any response to your query after they have your funds. 

SenseTrade claims that they are always to answer all your trading questions. They also have a multilingual customer support team that works round the clock to give reliable services.  Also, they feature a section that shows support is only available Monday- Friday from 12:00 – 17:00. Hence they are not sure if help is available 24/7 or on a timely basis.


SenseTrade does not fall under any regulatory body, and they are illegally generating funds from the public. In most countries, if not all, it is illegal to access public funds without adhering to the mandatory regulation laws. Accordingly, regulated forex brokers always survive the market, and the level of transparency they showcase is commendable.

Scammers like SenseTrade can barely afford regulation fees, and they usually make up false data to appear legit. The founders of the shady broker risk facing criminal charges and could be the reason they hide similar data. The company may also go against trade guidelines for they do not follow any laws. The shady broker may even get shut down by the law enforcers for their illegal operations.

Final Verdict

SenseTrade does not have a reliable trading approach that they use, and your money is not safe. Also, your funds at risk your delicate personal data may end up in the wrong hands. They do not have any past trade data to help determine what you should expect from them.

Therefore you can avoid falling for scammers by investing with these transparent forex brokers for reasonable profit returns. SenseTrade is only after your funds, and they will not make any profits for you.

2 Replies to “SenseTrade Review: A Shady broker”

  1. Avery

    I fell for the sensetrade scam. I’m embarrassed to say. They made off with all my investment and made you feel like a horrible person if you doubted them. I delt with an initial women named rachel, she set me up to pay which they took very quickly after making me buy bitcoin throught Shakepay. She then put me under the care of a women named Jessica Samberg. She says she’s from Switzerland she assured me my money was safe and then showed me how to trade with what seemed like a fake trading platform, trading on energies, like natural gas and oil. After a week or so she told me she was going on a buisness trip and set me up with another man named Peter. Peter try to convince me to invest more money for bigger pay outs. After I refused to invest more I literally never heard from them again. I started sending rude messages and tried to withdraw my money. Jessica samberg responded and told me my money had been invested and that is why I couldn’t withdraw my money. She then showed me my money had progress over %800 percent. I tried to withdraw again and she said someone would be in contact with me to finalize the transaction. But I never heard from anyone again. I tried calling the number on there webpage but it said the number didn’t exist. I tried emailing them but that didn’t exist either. Beware of sensetrade.

  2. George C

    One of the worst experiences.
    I made a withdrawal request from SENSETRADE https://sensetrade .cc, after a deposit of 1100 dolars, and they told me that in order to receive the money from them I have to transfer in exodus 30% of the amount I have to receive, 5,652.00 USD.
    I transferred this amount in exodus and after using anydesk, with the idea of helping me with the registration process, she sent the amount to the address “15EeJVY1ds9zUqdaz2D3Ba3Ce6ACnZyV6p”.
    I think she transfer my money to her account.
    After I transferred these funds, I gave the statement received from ING BANK, but he told me that the bank I use does not meet all the criteria and that I have to create a revolut account, an account that we will use for the new one statement. The idea is that he asks me once again for 30% of the amount I have to receive and I don’t know if he’s fooling me or it’s ok. He also tells me that the amount I deposited for the first time is blocked in the blockchain due to the ING money statement, and after I deposit the sum again all the money will be unblocked. The second time I didn’t transfer another 1700 dolars, because I understand that is a SCAM.

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