Silwana Brokerage Review: a Nasty Platform

Silwana Brokerage Review
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Silwana Brokerage cannot make anyone a successful trader. They also lack legal documentation. It is dangerous not to know what you are signing up for. The company can change the terms and conditions overnight. You are investing with a licensed platform that grants you peace of mind.

Silwana Brokerage is a company that wants investors to attain success. They send two daily trading strategies every day. They also claim to offer superior trading software. Their educational program allows users to gain more profits. Before registration to any venture, ensure you perform thorough research on the website. 

Silwana Brokerage Review, Silwana Brokerage Company

The first thing you should check for is the ownership data of the platform. A genuine company will operate in full transparency. They will credit the team behind their success. On the other hand, scammers observe anonymity. They understand exposing themselves would only lead to the authority tracing them down. 

Silwana Brokerage state it is a reliable and fast enterprise. Therefore, they can meet the goals of their customers. The customer support allegedly works 24/5. Unfortunately, the venture provides insufficient data regarding its operation. The safety of your money should always be your top priority. Offshore firms will fill their website with sales pitches.

We were hoping the entity would provide its performance report. However, this did not happen. Why would they shy away from providing the results if they are as good as they claim? The company expects us to believe it has industry-leading analysis. Their team of researchers is anonymous. Nothing is guaranteed on this platform. We recommend walking away while you still can and looking for more genuine entities. Review

Silwana Brokerage is providing free educational training. We did not have the courtesy to check out the material. Hence, we cannot guarantee the information is helpful for both novice and expert traders. There is no course outline. Nonetheless, it is an excellent deed for a company to care about their client’s development. Improvement of trading skills is essential. 

To become a member, you need to register an account. Then verify the account using government-issued documents. We do not recommend sharing such critical data with anonymous people. The majority of offshore entities are involved in identity theft. They will either sell the data to criminals or use it to manipulate you. 

Silwana Brokerage is a venture which was established in December 2020. Their domain name is expected to expire in 2022. It’s uncertain whether the entity will renew its contract. The information of the registrar is not available. The entity is determined to remain anonymous. 

Invest with some of the best forex trading companies in the market. These are leading ventures with verified trading results. The safety of traders is guaranteed and the withdrawal process is handled in time. 

Trading Conditions of Silwana Brokerage 

The platform advertises leverage of 1:500. It does not charge commission and guarantees a tight spread. Silwana Brokerage is allegedly providing the MT5 interface. This is an award-winning software. Clients can track their orders efficiently and keep track using VPS. The software allows users to trade automatically. Review, Features

The available products include; forex, commodities, stocks, and indices. The company invests in various markets. They can generate high returns, which are distributed to their clients. They do not offer the superior software displayed on the website. The leverage is also risky, and users can make huge losses.

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The platform allegedly accepts funds via; Visa, MasterCard, PerfectPay, Bank Transfer, CashU, Bitcoin, and Tether. The only safe method you can use is bank cards. You can ask for a cashback from up to 540 days. The rest of the options are futile. The money goes directly to the con artist’s pockets. 

The minimum amount users can use $100. There is no trading on the platform. Investors only need to select a plan suitable for them. Then await passive income.  Silwana Brokerage’s yearly ROI range from 25% to 50%. 

Customer Support and Contact Details

The company’s office address indicates the scheme is operating from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The only way users can contact the entity is via email. The address is fake. We found out the scheme is operating from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The location is infamous for accommodating shady schemes.

The moment you start questioning scammers on matters regarding your funds, they will cut you off. They deactivate the phone number and never respond to your emails. Offshore firms do not have enough money to hire professional teams. Their sales reps do their dirty biddings. 

To get world-class support services, trade with genuine investment schemes. The best firms will respond in time to any query you may experience. Additionally, it will help you improve your trading skills. 

Regulatory Status of Silwana Brokerage 

Investment schemes must acquire a license before collecting money from public members. Silwana Brokerage claims it originates from Dubai, but the platform is not in the DFSA database. The money you deposit with an offshore company is not insured. 

Investors can visit the website of their country’s regulatory body and check if a platform is licensed.  If you are having difficulty determining whether a company is legally in business, you can contact the watchdog and confirm with them. Silwana 

Brokerage is an SVG venture. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines financial body issued a warning stating it does not license online investment services. Therefore, trading with the broker only exposes you to severe risks.

The company is not working with a top-tier 1 bank. Therefore, investors’ money can end up being used for unintended purposes. The platform is not reporting its daily transactional results. Hence, it is impossible to keep track of their performance. The least the firm can do is provide trading performance. 

Silwana Brokerage cannot make anyone a successful trader. They also lack legal documentation. It is dangerous not to know what you are signing up for. The company can change the terms and conditions overnight. You are investing with a licensed platform that grants you peace of mind. You are assured of fund safety. The legitimate platform also stores data securely.

The Major Red Flags of

The company is advertising unreasonable returns. The maturing rate is also unrealistic. Silwana Brokerage states users can earn up to 124.58% yearly. There is no proof that anyone has earned using the platform. The broker is looking after itself. When they realize there is no money coming into their system, they will shut down their operation. 

The information about the founder is missing. The offshore scheme observes anonymity to limit the authority from coming after them. It is safer for them to run their murky business behind the shadow. The customer support service of the broker is lurking. Fraudsters tend to work with unethical and rude teams. Once you start doubting them, they will become unprofessional.

There is no guarantee investors will receive Silwana Brokerage’s advertised returns. Moreover, we have yet to encounter a successful investor who has earned from the website. The lack of customer experience proves the company is not reputable. What the scheme is advertising should make them attract more customers.

Final Verdict 

Silwana Brokerage is an outrageous platform. The entity is untrustworthy, and investors are better off without them. The safety of your money should come first, and offshore ventures are unpredictable.

Invest with proven genuine forex trading schemes in the market. The best companies in the market will generate passive income for traders. Their trading conditions are also excellent. They also have a demo account which you can use to familiarize yourself with trading. 


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