Sky Cash Investment Review: Notorious Pyramid Scheme

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Sky cash Investment is an online best trading platform that claims involvement in multi-currency trade. The platform allegedly trades in Forex as their main income for investors.

The company, however, does not provide any evidence to back up their claims nothing they promise you makes perfect sense. The trading platform promised investors even with minimal knowledge in the trade will have an opportunity to trade.

Skycash Investment claims to have the experience and ultimate prospects in the trading world. The platform promises you high-yield investment in different financial markets.

The company promises investors the combination of various strategies and the use of wide range currency pairs. The company promises you risk-free investment while you indulge in the trading.

Ponzi scheme always boasts having top-notch experience teams. How the company plans to operate is not transparent to the investors and only raises more doubt than trust in the platform.

About Sky Cash 

Sky cash claims it us based in Britain, but their services are not only for the UK members that people all over the globe can join. The company founder and employees for the Investment investment firm are not known. Legit platforms showcase their members and employees to gain your trust

It also creates credibility as you will be aware of who is handling your money. The company boasts that most of the members are mostly natives of Britain. Skycash investment was allegedly formed by professional traders who participate in the market analysis online marketing and profitable trade.

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The platform states the experience they have gained in the past years have earned them the title of best brokers in the world. Skycash investment promises you safe trading with the competent distribution of financial assets and flows.

Sky Cash Scam Review, Sky Cash Investment Platform

Unfortunately, there is no evidence to back up their allegations. The shady company does not avail of any financial report or managerial performance of their team. You will trust them blindly that they deliver the best services only to get disappointing.

Digital trading will like any other business to incur losses while trading. The company promised you a unique trading style with zero risks. Despite these claims, the method used by the system to prevent the zero-risk is not explained to investors. Skycash investment additionally, claim they are continuously looking and using an innovative approach to investing your money.

How Does Works?

The trading company promises investors unimaginable income every hour; however, how they plan to generate this income is not mentioned. Investors with experience in the trading world will, at first glance, realize the red flags behind it and keep the company.

Without knowledge of the platform founders, once they swindle funds getting the people behind the company will be a difficult task. The company claims that cooperation with them is key to financial freedom and attaining pleasing profits.

Skycash investment accepts payment via Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. The Investment firm claims to have the best investment offers for you to choose from. The method of payment does not allow transaction reversal, and once you deposit money you would be able to get it back.

The platform showcase numerous characteristics of the scam; hence you should not trust them. The use of massive numbers in the investment plan is a major red flag.  You can deposit funds into the account through various methods, but how you will withdraw your money is not known. Invest only with legit Forex brokerage company in the industry. boasts having the best protection of funds and that investors’ personal data is safe with them. The company promises quick and increases in profit thanks to its able team. The company claims they calculate Returns weekly monthly and even yearly, and the result is credited as your balance.

Fund Safety

Funds safety is not guaranteed. The investment company has no banking information. You deserve to know who is handling your funds. Sky Cash Investment HYIP experts allegedly control your fund. The company claims instantly cash out, yet the method of withdrawal is not Known.

Financial watchdogs require investment companies collecting money from investors to avail of the banking information where they segregate their funds. Skycash has no observed this measure.

Your money is not safe in their system as they also do not have an SSL and DDoS encryption certificate. They may steal your money and blame it on hackers.

Legit trade companies will always provide you with banking information, and in return, they will earn your trust to trade with them. The platform mainly focuses on your deposit. Once this is done, you may never hear from the company again, and they may even block your details.

Regulation and Customer Support

Sky cash investment is not a regulated company. For any legal platform to be allowed to generate money from the public, it is a mandatory requirement to have a license.

An unregulated company will quickly go against the set guidelines governing trade companies. Legit platforms will always provide you with a legal certificate asserting genuineness to investors.

The platform address is 575 Redwood Drive Culpeper, VA 22701. During or a researcher, we discovered that it was just made up, and the location does not exist. Customers can contact the platform email No telephone contact is available for investors.

Sky Cash Investment Company members risk facing criminal prosecution once they are caught by the authority for operating without the legal needed documents. The platform also features an online chat section which they claim operates around-the-clock but do not be quick to trust this information.

Sky Cash Investment Plan

Some companies use various lucrative, attractive return numbers to lower you into depositing money into your account. give you multiple investment plans you can choose from:

The starter plan grants you 210% in 10 minutes, 240% in 15 minutes in Advanced plan. The professional plan promises you 260% in just 20 minutes. The super plan offers you 310% in 30 minutes; in a period under 25 minutes, the last plan. The Best plan you earn up to 290%. Review, Plan

Any key investor with experience in the trading world at first glance on looking at the investment plan prepared by this company will realize the red flag and stay away.

Domain Insights

According to company was registered on 2020 May for one year till 2021 May. The domain name for the company is

According to Alexa global ranking, the company ranks at 1, 644, 260. The primary target audience for the platform in Bangladesh. They do not have a lot of traffic coming to their website. Additionally, their domain is only registered for one year, which they may cease their operations.

Sky cash Investment Final Verdict

Sky Cash Investment is, in no doubt, a professional Ponzi scheme. The company is not regulated the problem with the unregulated company once they meet their target; they smoothly go out of the market.

You risk losing your funds to scammers, and tracing the company will be a hard task because no contact information has been provided. The profit you expect to earn in the company is way above the limit and only requires time and patience to attain such returns.

Banking information is of the essence for any legal platform to earn your trust in depositing funds. Scam platforms will always use massive return figures to lower you into trading with them. However, the only result that may occur is you losing your funds’ trust, only legit company.


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