SO FX Review: A Doomed Ponzi Scheme

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SO FX ( is an illegitimate company. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), UK financial body, has warned against the academic institution.  The entity targets United Kingdom citizens but has not met the regulatory agency’s requirement. 

SO FX ( is not a forex trading company but a forex trading institution. The company allegedly offers the best educational materials to investors. Later, they provide trading signals to investors via social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

SO FX Review, SO FX Company

In most cases, genuine investment companies provide free learning materials to their customers. You can also find resourceful free material on YouTube and other online platforms. Unfortunately, we cannot verify whether the course the broker offers is worth. There is a high possibility this is a vague venture. 

SO FX urges novice traders to join them to supercharge their trading skills. They have everything at their disposal to make you a professional trader. They offer the learning material in the form of videos. The course starts with the basic foundation. They attest that 95% of their customers started as beginners. 

Unfortunately, the platform fails to feature the course outline. Therefore, we do not know what to expect from their services. Providing such information would help those who haven’t signed up to know what to expect. Additionally, they would decide whether the course is meant for them or not. 

Ensure you run a thorough background check on a company before opening an account. Despite the market being plagued by many scammers, there are genuine forex trading brokers and transparent crypto companies. You do not have to rob a bank to get started. Review

SO FX allegedly offers a fully uploaded course in its e-learning program. Investors can signup and access the information in their free time. The company is mainly targeting rookie investors from the United Kingdom. Nonetheless, anyone interested in learning forex trading can join their website regardless of location.

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The only requirement to be a member is to have access to an internet connection, a phone, or a laptop. After you complete the course, promise to offer lifetime access to a mentorship program and weekly webinars. Sadly, this website has already collapsed, which proves they were unreliable from the word go. 

SO FX is also targeting individuals who have busy work schedules. They put the course together for this specific category. All you need to do is spare a few hours, and you will have made great progress quickly. 

There are many companies and individuals selling forex trading courses online. They promise successful trading outcomes after the successful completion of the learning process. Sadly, this does not come to pass. You only have more gaps, as their program only teaches the basics. 

SO FX promises something else; a chance to acquire adequate knowledge and guidance on opening and closing trade successfully. Unfortunately, the information is for marketing purposes. The scheme is unworthy of your trust. 

Trading Accounts and the Available Trading Platform

The company is an educational program that does not have different account packages or an active trading platform. It claims to provide investors with free trading software. However, this is another false promise. The scheme is not trading, yet it guarantees access to trading signals. 

Unfortunately, we cannot say these signals are authentic because this is a malicious entity. SO FX state that the time it takes to yield results varies from person to person. There are those who complete the course and start making money within a few weeks, while others may take more time. 

They give sober advice to focus on the learning process, and the profit-making would follow.  The big question is what makes the program exceptional from all other online materials. 

SO FX claims that, unlike other programs that teach Forex’s generic and broad concepts, theirs focus on proven step-by-step systems. You can combine their aspects together to get real results. Unlike other programs, this one grants students limited support after course completion. Their community offers real support and success. 

Sadly, has proven to be like all other shady companies in the market. They are dangerous, and currently, their website is inaccessible. No one has seen what the course entails. It is also hard for novice traders to know if a course is genuine or not, as they are unaware of the trading concept. 

SO FX Withdrawal and Deposits

SO FX fails to provide withdrawal and deposit information. We do not know the price of their course or the acceptable payment methods. These two categories are essential for every investment platform. 

Legitimate brokers offer a wide variety of payment methods. Traders can use bank cards, wire transfers, cryptocurrency, Neteller, Wise, Skrill, and e-wallets. The most secure option is the Visa and MasterCard option, allowing investors to issue chargebacks from up to 540 days. 

SO FX does not have a terms and conditions policy. Therefore, it is impossible to know what the applicable charges are and if there are hidden fees. Any platform collecting funds from investors should feature legal documentation. The problem with scammers is they change their conditions overnight without giving notice. 

Contact Details and Customer Supports

SO FX does not feature contact details. Every entity offering investment services must have an office address. The lack of transparency is wanting. Additionally, the company’s ownership information is missing. There is no guarantee you are getting educational resources from qualified individuals. 

It is also unwise to share personal data with anonymous companies. The featured social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are nonfunctional. How will you reach the platform if you have any questions? 

The quality of customer support services depends on available channels. A dedicated broker will have a phone number for customers. You can easily reach the team 24/7, and they will answer professionally. 

Regulation Status of SO FX

SO FX is an illegitimate company. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), UK financial body, has warned against the academic institution.  The entity targets United Kingdom citizens but has not met the regulatory agency’s requirement. 

Before depositing cash in any institution, check the regulatory status. The process will save you the trouble of venturing with scammers. The safety of your money is also guaranteed since the government oversees these companies. Review, FCA warning

SO FX has many red flags, making them a dangerous venture. There is no fund safety or legal documentation. The company also fails to feature its alleged software trading performance. They claim to offer educational resources, yet they also promise trading signals. There are no trading products or tools on the website. 

Avoid this obvious scam and look for transparent and legitimate companies. You will enjoy fund safety and data security. Above all, your money is going to be safe. Stay away from offshore entities without a trading history. Such schemes are doomed to fail. They also exit the market prematurely. 

Final Verdict 

SO FX platform has already collapsed. We doubt the broker will resurface again unless it uses a different domain name. Fraudsters tend to revamp their websites by changing a few things and spicing up their lies. However, one thing stays constant they never deliver on their promises. They are also illegitimately in business. 

Regardless of the many scammers in the markets, some genuine cryptocurrency companies and forex brokers can yield reasonable returns. All you have to do is perform a background check, and you are good to go. 


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