Soleinvest Review: a Nasty Scam

Soleinvest Review
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Soleinvest is a scam that is eying for naive investors in the market. The company does not have a history of investing in cryptocurrencies. No trading or mining activity is happening on the platform. Their contact details are also false. Invest with reliable companies to avoid losing funds.

Soleinvest is a company that solely deals with Bitcoin investment. The firm states that it is dealing with crypto mining and trading activities. The platform allegedly has been in existence since 2014. However, they decided to venture into online investment in 2019.

Unfortunately, this is a baseless lie, and the entity is only pretending to have an investment history. If at all they are involved in BTC mining, then which hardware and tools are they using? The data regarding their trading condition is also missing.

Soleinvest Review, Soleinvest Company

The information about the team is missing from the website. The company does not make any effort to win the trust of traders. They lack transparency, which is not a good character for an investment venture. Clients ought to know the qualification of the people handling their money unless there is no real professional platform involved.

Mining uses huge electric power and the mining cost, in general, are expensive. When Soleinvest fails to avail such info, it creates more distrust. The company brags that their main goal was to help BTC holders make more returns. Cryptocurrencies are not as profitable as they used to be in the past.

Investors need to be careful with the platform they choose to venture with. Scammers are all over-targeting innocent traders. They use all forms of technique and sweet words to trap them. You cannot become rich overnight all investments need traders to be patient. Review

Soleinvest is a company that is determined to stay relevant in the market. The platform displays statistics showcasing the number of clients they have and the amount of money deposited. The time frame in which the entity has been in the market does not match these figures.

The suspicious firm claims its main objective is to ensure investors get reasonable returns. The company allegedly has quality tools to aid the investment services of their clients. The platform lacks originality, and you can tell by how the information is presented.

Soleinvest state it uses cutting edge technology. Utilizing these machines can yield more returns. However, all evidence points out that this is an unreliable investment scheme. The firm boasts that it has an experienced team. The platform accepts investors from all over the world.

Invest with legit cryptocurrency mining companies that are trustworthy. These platforms are regulated and have no intention of stealing funds from their customers. Furthermore, you will get fund safety from them. The information of the team is available to the public.

Investment Plans

Soleinvest has multiple investment plans for their clients. The company utilizes its professional traders to customize their accounts, ensuring their profits are great. The company has four investment plans. The grammatical errors show that the platform is unprofessional.

The minimum amount that you can cash in is $50. The plan runs for 1 day and will reward clients with a 10% profit. The more money that you invest, the higher your chances are of winning. The most expensive account is the platinum package that requires a deposit of $85,000.

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Soleinvest Scam, Soleinvest Investment Plans

The platform assures investors returns of 22% for three months straight. You also will have accessibility to support 24/7. Soleinvest also has a referral program that they urge their clients to make use of. Scammers rely on the help of their victims to bring more income.

The company operates as a pyramid scheme. Since there are no investment activities available, they use new clients’ funds to pay their pioneer victims. The cycle goes on till the firm cannot satisfy the activity anymore. The investment plans of this firm are absurd.

For starters, the assets which the company is dealing with are unpredictable. You cannot have a constant outcome. Moreover, becoming a millionaire is not that easy. If the objective of this suspicious platform were real, then they would have multiple customers. Sadly, this is not the case.

Contact Details

Soleinvest features their office address on their website. Investors can also contact the support via WhatsApp. The platform allegedly offers support 24/7. Their address shows the platform is based in Paris. Unfortunately, this information is not verified.

We find it very odd that this company does not have a telephone that clients can call. You need to message them, and the platform can choose whether it will respond or not. Given the attributes of this entity, there is no support team involved.

Whoever is running Soleinvest is doing it alone. It is easy to spot the red flags of this scam. The platform should provide more information to its customers. They are accepting people from all countries requesting data from them. It is not right when the company itself remains anonymous.

Regulation and Registration

Soleinvest claims that it is a verified investment venture. The platform also states that it is secure. The company protects clients’ information from landing in the wrong hands. However, this being a scam, you will not get fund safety authority to regulate the platforms.

They don’t even have a registration document.  The founder of this firm remains hidden. Investors can’t know who is handling their money. There is no segregation of funds in this platform. Regulatory bodies ensure investors enjoy high-security measures.

Is Soleinvest Legit or Not?

The company is allegedly conducting investment services in BTC. They falsely claim to be licensed by the government. They have four attractive investment plans that are too good to be true. The range of the amount that you can deposit at Soleinvest is $50-$85,000.

The returns that the platform promises are beyond what legit entities grants to investors. The reality is that you cannot trust this scam with your hard-earned money. You will suffer a lot if you decide to deposit funds with the hope of generating profit.

Soleinvest will eventually fail and exit the industry. We do not know when this will pass, but it does not change the fact that this is an unreliable venture. The physical address of this firm is also fake. A company that lies about its physical address should not be your investment venture.

The platform does not have a license from regulatory bodies in the countries they accept clients. The entity is a fake venture that has an unprofessional website. The real mastermind of this scam is operating in an undisclosed location.

The majority of investors are intrigued by the idea of increasing their money within a short time frame. Unfortunately, it does not end well, and scammers are always on the lookout for gullible customers. It is always great to be informed before falling into their trap.

Final Verdict

The company is providing investors with both trading and mining activities. Sadly, Soleinvest is a scam that does not conduct investment services. The platform has luring investment plans that will attract innocent investors. You need to be cautious and avoid such schemes.

Invest with reliable crypto mining companies in the market that are legit. You will sleep peacefully knowing your funds are in secure hands.  Research on a company before depositing funds to make sure they are regulated.

The platform does not have clients’ feedback. We checked everywhere to see if there are people who have gained profits using Soleinvest. Unfortunately, there is not even a single investor who endorse this shady entity. The red flags which the company has displayed should not be taken lightly.

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