Sorare Review: Can you Get Quality NFTs on

Sorare is another NFT marketplace for sports, including NBA, NFA, NHL, and soccer stars worldwide.

One your own game is their mantra and allows users to trade these player NFTs for profit.

Sorare is now gearing up to become one of the biggest NFTs marketplaces dedicated to sports lovers in the United States.

It offers global fantasy football users a chance to earn points from the performance of real game players.

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Launched in 2018 on the Ethereum network, this is one of the biggest NFTs brands for sports. And their reputation is growing.

Sorare pros and cons

Thanks to sports fantasy leagues, NFT creators can now move ahead with creating high-quality art for these players.

The number of art collectibles is impressive, with creators pricing these arts at pocket-friendly prices. And that’s one of the crown pullers in the Sorare NFT marketplace.

With no commissions incurred, it lowers the price as creating these NFTs also incurs low gas fees.

About Sorare

The website needs work as it doesn’t offer any information on who runs it. All we know is that the platform is run in two locations.

We have a platform claiming to be made in Paris and New York. Who the creators remain unknown.

To the naked eye, this seems like an anonymous NFT marketplace. After all, it helps to know the people behind the brand.

Accountability and transparency are the keys to success in any story. And that’s why we insist on having the best platforms reveal the team behind them.

Who knows the founder of Sorare? A quick search reveals that the platform’s founder is Nicolas Julia.

Adrian Montfort is another name mentioned as one of the developers of the platform. And this gives the platform more to move forward.

We only hope the owners can give visitors little information on the marketplace’s background and history.

Overall, navigating through the platform is seamless, with collectibles available for anyone looking to get one.

Stability of

Sorare SAS is a platform incorporated in France, and since it started in 2018, the company has raised over $60 million in funding.

That shows how versatile the world has become in accepting NFTs as a legit way to trade crypto.

There are no individual artwork listings on Sorare, making it a different NFT marketplace altogether.

The platform has trading cards for most players in all of the major leagues in the United States.

And the buck doesn’t stop there, and the platform has agreed in principle to have art for leading European football teams.

These include football/soccer giants such as Ajax, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Liverpool, and PSG.

That means the world’s greatest Lionel Messi NFT will also be available on Sorare.

It helps give the platform more credence when choosing the right NFTs for sports trading.

And the brand Sorare has been around, with most crypto lovers having heard about it through mainstream media.

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Advantages of using Sorare

There are considerable advantages to dealing with a platform with a stable financing background. Furthermore, it shows how best the platform works with good art collectibles.

You also get leading art collectibles on the platform with ease. Sports NFTs generate high profits, especially with the backing of fantasy leagues.

There’s a high chance of increasing in value of the NFT depending on the real-life success rate of the player.

And that drives up the value of the NFT.

Another exciting feature of NFT is that the pricing of these NFTs is incredibly affordable to users.

And that means you can gain access to some of the best NFTs for players in any league at a bargain.

The store also lists these NFTs differently from other marketplaces. There are three categories of NFTs to get from the platform.

These include limited, rarity, and scarcity.

Opening an account with Sorare

available sports NFT art on

Opening an account is easy for those who want to buy from Sorare. However, you must also have a wallet or pay using credit cards.

Payment Methods

Sorare accepts several payment methods, including bank and wire transfers. You can also buy NFTs on the platform using PayPal.

A wide array of payment options makes the marketplace ideal for anyone looking to open an account with the platform.

And that’s why we insist that Sorare is a growing platform and best suitable for newbies looking to get into the NFT business.

Other features of Sorare

Contact and support

You get a FAQ section instead of live chat or other communication means. We have to fault nearly all NFT marketplaces for failing to offer live chat.

Even after placing a bid, you can’t contact the creators with any queries. And that limits any form of communication which is bad news for clients.

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions on the platform are fair. However, there’s no denying that the platform wants buyers to feel comfortable.

Competing with some of the world’s best fantasy league players adds an exciting element to this NFT marketplace.

And that’s precisely what most NFT lovers want, a chance to increase the value of these players.

Rating of Sorare

The marketplace has a high rating, with users placing an increased rating of 4 out of five stars. In addition, user engagement is high on the platform.

Your experience on the platform when buying and building your player network will also be memorable.

The platform ensures there’s accountability and transparency in the bidding process. Then, with the price to beat listed, the buyer can decide to move anytime.

Verdict on Sorare

It’s one of the best NFT marketplaces for sports art, with the collectibles fetching points depending on actual player ratings.

That’s the beauty of it. We recommend it to anyone who loves sports.

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