Sponsoo Review: Sponsoo.com a Risky MLM Company

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Sponsoo is a sponsorship MLM company. According to Sponsoo.com, the head offices of the company are in Hamburg, Germany. The owner of the company is Andreas Kitzing, who is also the current CEO of the organization. According to his corporate bio, he got the idea of establishing Sponsoo when he was enrolled in an MBA program at Cambridge University. He was previously worked as a business consultant and a project manager.

After some research, I found out that Sponsoo is the first company of Kitzing. He was not involved with any MLM company before. Initially, the company seems like a perfect opportunity for investment and sponsorship. However, there are some serious concerns about this company. Keep reading this detailed review of Sponsoo to find out about these concerns.

What is Sponsoo?

Sponsoo is a unique MLM company. It is very different from other MLM companies because it deals with sponsorships and investment from famous brands, which is quite uncommon for MLM companies. The CEO of the company is Andreas Kitzing, and the COO is Bela J Anda. There is no substantial information about Anda. One website indicates that Anda is a law graduate from Becerius Law School, but there is no way of confirming this information.

The Home page of Sponsoo.com describes the company as the number one platform for sports sponsorships. It claims that the company can connect sponsors with a vast number of athletes and sports clubs. The website also mentions several advantages of the company, such as quick registration, secure contracts, efficient marketing, and free of cost affiliate membership for the initial affiliate rank.


Products Line of Sponsoo

Sponsoo.com acts as a bridge between the athletes and the sponsors. Whenever a contract is signed between these clients, the company charges 20% of the contract fee. The fee is distributed among the company’s affiliates according to different ranks. The way of distributing compensation fee is highly suspicious because it means that the affiliates will have to keep investing in the company to climb ranks. Ultimately, even if they get some of the money, it is highly unlikely that they will be able to recover all of their investment.

Sponsoo.com Insights

There is no truth to the company’s claims that it is the number one platform of sports sponsorships. Sponsoo.com was created in August 2014. Yet, it has failed to attract a considerable number of people towards it. In fact, the domain analysis shows that it has a very poor worldwide ranking. It is quite evident that the company is far from being a number one sponsorship MLM company. The website says that they have a lot of sponsorships. Nevertheless, there is no proof of that.

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Joining Fee of Sponsoo

The affiliate membership of Sponsoo is entirely free of charge. However, it has a unique way of giving membership. You must submit your resume and a short cover letter to Sponsoo.com and convince them about your eligibility for becoming an affiliate.

Working of Sponsoo

The whole idea of Sponsoo revolves around the selling sponsorships between athletes and different companies. It is a self-proclaimed number one marketplace for sponsorships. When you sign-up as an Applicant Agent, the company recommends you to focus on small sports companies to acquire sponsorships. It means that your target audience will be small-scale businesses and startups. As your affiliate rank keep increasing, you will have to focus on larger companies. The highest affiliate rank is Executive Agent. When you become an Executive Agent, you will have to convince renowned international brands like Microsoft, Honda, and other such enterprises to sell sponsorships.

Theoretically, the whole business structure might sound impressive. However, it is challenging to implement. Sponsoo.com does not have real credibility in the business. It claims to have a vast number of partners. Yet, it does not mention any big name of the industry. Without a famous name and proper branding, there are very fewer chances of Sponsoo becoming a successful MLM company.

Founders of Sponsoo.com

It is also essential to state that selling sponsorships are a highly competitive industry. If you become a part of Sponsoo, you will have to compete with many qualified and experienced agents and sponsorship companies. Hence, it is better that you avoid this company.

 You should consider using the crypto trading bots to make the investments yourself instead of relying on MLM companies like Sponsoo.com to earn profits.

Commissions Plan of Sponsoo

There are two critical things to consider in Sponsoo’s compensation plan. The company gives commissions on the basis of the affiliate ranks.

Affiliate Ranks

Sponsoo has six different affiliate ranks. Following is the qualification criteria of each of these ranks:

  1. Sign-up free of charge as the Applicant Agent
  2. Sell at least one sponsorship and make €100 to become an Associate Agent
  3. Sell at least two sponsorships and make €2500 to become a Junior Agent
  4. At least five sponsorships and €10.000 income is essential to become an Agent
  5. You must sell at least twenty sponsorships and make €50.000 to become Senior Agent
  6. You must sell at least fifty sponsorships and make €150.000 to become Executive Agent

The company recommends its affiliates to approach various companies for sponsorships, depending on their levels. New members are usually assigned the small companies and startups.

Sponsoo’s Sponsorship Commissions

The company gives sponsorship commissions according to the affiliate ranks. Overall, 20% fee of the sponsorship contract is cut by the company. The breakdown of the sponsorships commission is:

  1. Applicant Agents get 25% of the sponsorship fee.
  2. Associate Agents get 32.5% of the sponsorship fee.
  3. Junior Agents get 40% of the sponsorship fee.
  4. Agents, Senior Agents, and Executive Agents get 50% of the sponsorship fee, along with potential bonuses.

The exact amount of commission on the higher affiliate ranks is not disclosed by the company. Remember that the company’s business scheme is designed in a way that it is almost impossible to climb the higher affiliate ranks.

Residual Commissions

Sponsoo.com also distributes residual commissions according to the two levels of recruitment. It uses a traditional MLM uni-level plan to give these types of commissions.

  • Junior Agents can earn 2% on level one if they personally recruit the affiliates.
  • Agents can earn up to 3% on level one.
  • Senior Agents have the opportunity of earning 4% on level one and 1% on level two.
  • Affiliates on the highest rank, Executive Agents, can earn 5% on level one and 2% on level two.

Verdict About Sponsoo

Though Sponsoo.com tries its best to stand out in the MLM companies, the truth is, it is a well-known MLM company at its core. You have to keep making referrals and sponsorships deal to earn profits. The site does not make it clear whether the 20% fee cut is one-time or an ongoing process. You will have to be continuously looking for new sponsorships which means you will not be able to make many profits if any at all.

All of the facts about Sponsoo that you should beware of investing in this company. It will take a lot of your time, energy, and money with minimum returns. Instead of spending your resources in such MLM companies that are eventually bound to collapse, you should rely on the modern crypto trading bots because they are efficient and reliable. Moreover, these bots allow you to make investments with minimum risks and hence increases your chances of earning profits which are not present in Sponsoo.com.

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