Square One Commissions Review: Is it Worth it?

Square One Commissions

Square One Commissions at Phlos.net/square-one-commissions-sales-1/ is basically a tutorial that promises to show you how you can start all over again when you get things wrong. Paul Nicholls and Trevor Carr who claim to be internet and affiliate marketing gurus own it. This product targets anybody who is selling stuff online and wants to know how to start afresh if things go wrong.

According to Nicholls, beginners can also replicate the strategies explained in the Square One Commissions videos because they are easy to implement. In this Square One Commissions review, we will use facts to verify whether it is a scam or not.

Square One Commissions Review

What I Liked About Square One Commissions

Presentation of a Great Idea

Most scam products available online do not have any valid idea that they are basing their products on. That means that apart from losing your money when you buy them, you learn nothing at all from them. Not even what you should not be doing, expect of course not to try scam products again that promise an easy and wide road to success. Square One Commissions is promising to show us how to get started afresh without all the marketing tools and assets.

Square One Commissions Review

These are assets that help gurus get back on track as soon as they encounter problems online such as getting penalized by search engines. Such assets include email lists, author networks, and their social presence. As I was going through their presentation, I realized that indeed, they had a valid challenge that we all have to worry about. Which is something I have to give them credit for, after all, there are very few internet marketers who ever plan for such a scenario.

Square One Commissions’ Sales Pitch

I liked the way Nicholls presents the product by going straight to the point. He does not beat around the bush or promise to solve a problem that he will only mention once you buy his product. In a way, that helps him to earn our trust, which I consider a good sales tactic.

In fact, was it not for the fact that there are several red flags on his site, I could have called off his bluff and bought Square One Commissions. Unfortunately, that is where the positive aspect of this product ends. He does not offer any case study that he has carried out that you can use to verify his claim. Which is a big red flag that indicates Square One Commissions could be scam.

Square One Commissions Review

What I Didn’t Like About Square One Commissions

Square One Commissions Has NO Case Study

In the presentation video, Nicholls informs us that he shares an “over-the-shoulder video” of the steps he takes to start afresh his marketing efforts. However, he does not share any actual case study that has worked. There is no link of an actual money making campaign that is ongoing selling real products that we can use to verify his claim.

A product or service sample that has his name on it and it’s helping people he established using those methods could have been great. That is why I have to say that nothing proves that any of what he promises to show us is actually effective. I like case studies because they are easy to verify and that is why they are very popular in the scientific community.

Square One Commissions Review

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Square One Commissions Product Support

They offer absolutely no product support on their home page. That is typical of most scam products. One of the reasons they do not share any contact is that it makes it easy for them to cash in on the product without experiencing any guilt.

When someone you have wronged tells you he or she didn’t appreciate what you did not them, it triggers some guilt in you. I believe that is what they do not want to experience. They do say that they offer you a 30-Day money back guarantee but how are you going to contact them if they don’t? That is why I urge you to stay away from them.

Square One Commissions Review

Square One Commissions Community

The world is full of scams and the internet made it even easier for them scammers to get off easy. Fortunately, product forums have made it easy to keep scammers in check. That goes for a legit but poor product and services providers as well. However, if the product being offered does not have a forum of any kind, not even a blog, then you cannot really do anything about them.

It’s simply like living in a country where the media is controlled by the government. You only hear what the scammers want you to believe. For me, finding out that Square One Commissions did not have a community forum was a deal breaker.

Square One Commissions

Square One Commissions Offers No Branding

Square One Commissions does not offer us a platform where we can try out their strategy. They offer no hosting, they do not facilitate domain registration, and neither do they offer a site builder. That is why if you are a beginner in the world of internet marketing, you would have trouble getting started. I consider that to be a deal breaker.

I believe every second we have is precious and that means if we are trying something, we should do it as if it’s the real thing. That cannot happen efficiently when we have to hop from one platform to another as we try to implement what we have learned. Without establishing a brand that people can relate to, one cannot establish a reliable business online. People love an image they can put a name to and share if they want.

Square One Commissions Scam


Overall Rating: 3/10

Square One Commissions is a little better than scam. It’s not a product I would recommend to anyone who want to acquire affiliate and internet marketing skills and implement them immediately. Square One Commissions has no community forum, a platform that we can use to implement their strategy or even a live Chat support for any immediate answers we might need. That is why I recommend that you join Wealthy Affiliate.

They offer the following features and many other benefits:
  • A friendly affiliate community that is always happy to help its members.
  • All members get to host their site with the platform.
  • You get a site builder to help you set up your professional site.


Overall, Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to become an established affiliate marketer. That is why I recommend that you join and fulfill your dream of earning a decent income from your online assets. In general, please avoid products like this Square One Commissions as it is just out to steal your money and offer almost nothing valuable in return.

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