StarkMarkets Review: is an awful Scam

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Another horrible online trading platform is StarkMarkets ( The platform is outright denying members the chance to withdraw funds. And this is a considerable problem for members who have already signed up. They are on the verge of being banned by most European regulators. The Italian Financial watchdog CONSOB already blacklists StarkMarkets. Complaints regarding the broker have reached our help desk, and we decided to investigate. Find out more in regards in this detailed review.

About StarkMarkets

StarkMarkets Review

StarkMarkets is a trading platform whose actual whereabouts remains a mystery. The homepage claims the platform is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. They have gone ahead and claimed to have offices in Austria and Malaysia. From our initial investigation, it is clear Stark Markets is another anonymous online trading platform. Scam brokers will try and associate their trading platforms to Europe. They do this in the hope of gaining favor from European based investors. After claiming to be found in Europe, investors will trust the broker.

Before opening an account with Stark Markets, there are a few options you should check out. A reliable broker is a gem when it comes to online trading. Finding a reputable and transparent online expert is what makes the difference. Avoiding stark markets is one way of ensuring you stay ahead of the game. And this is why no one should sign up with unregulated brokers. Find out the reasons why the Italian regulator blacklists Stark Markets. It is a platform that has already caused headaches to members.

Assets found on the platform

The platform only deals with Forex assets. From the look of things, the broker is offering exotic, major, and minor currency pairs. What is missing from the platform is information regarding the trading conditions. The broker knowingly hides the trading conditions from members for a reason. After signing up, members get the shock of their lives after realizing how harsh the platform is. And this is why it is essential to read reviews before signing up with any online investment platform. The claim of offering over 100 assets is nothing but a lie.

Contact Information

Leo is the customer care representative who is on the chat tab. What people don’t know is that Leo is a bot and not a real live agent. And this is a problem as Leo is programmed to take personal information. Leo will ask for your contact details as well as an email address. The platform is selling this information to third parties. Members who don’t sign up will start getting promotional emails from products. StarkMarkets is to be held responsible for the spam messages filling your email account.

Domain Details

Thanks to domain registers, one can determine the reputation of any website. After using the trusted domain register, a few damning factors propped up. Records indicate the site is barely six months old. The website was registered on 3rd January 2020. Claims of being a reputable broker with over five years of trading experience are a lie. These are scam brokers who have nothing else to do than steal from investors. The proof is in the cloned website they are using to fool unsuspecting investors.

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Leverage and Spread

What kind of a broker does not indicate the leverage and spread available? Only a scam broker with ill-intent will try to hide this valuable information. The platform has no information regarding the trading conditions, which is odd. Investors should be aware of the terms available before signing up. The reason why the broker hides this valuable information is that they want to throw off investors. After signing up, the investor will have no other option but to comply with the terms.

Disadvantages of StarkMarkets

Account Details

StarkMarkets Account Details

Stark Markets has four account types to choose from. Accounts listed include Basic, Silver, and Gold. They claim to have regular, silver, and gold spreads, which they fail to give a ratio. The features on these accounts include daily market reviews and educational centers. Members are also offered a personalized trading strategy and a one-on-one trading trainer. How the trainer helps members is beyond us. The members we contacted did not have a trainer to help them with day to day trading.

Account Managers

Another problem with StarkMarkets is having inconsistent account managers. These managers are said to be hired call agents who act as experts. After signing up, members are assigned an account manager. The manager does not offer any expertise; they only call members and demand more deposits. They claim the more a member deposits funds, the higher their chances of winning. And this is probably the reason why investors have lost funds with the platform. They believed they are in the hands of professionals.

Deposit and Withdrawal of funds

The platform offers MasterCard, wire transfer, and Visa as part of their depository channels. Depositing funds is accessible and takes less than five minutes. The problem with scam brokers is they rarely allow newbies to withdraw funds. Stark Markets is not allowing anyone to withdraw funds. Another problem is the platform does not disclose the withdrawal procedure to members. It seems Stark markets are hell-bound to block any attempt from members to withdraw funds. Why bother signing up with a platform that hides relevant information?

Partner Programs

Members get the chance to sign up with an affiliate program. Users can become dedicated affiliate managers, thanks to top conversion rates. Affiliate programs of scam brokers rarely pay users. None of the affiliate members we contacted have seen any funds releases. The affiliate programs help these scam brokers to widen their trap. And this is another reason to stay away from this ridiculous trading platform.

Trading Platform

Stark Markets is using a custom-made trading platform. The problem with such platforms is they tend to become invalid over time. Most of the members are facing a compatibility problem with the platform. Smartphones are not compatible with their platform, which is a problem for traders who are on the go. Security is another concern as the platform is not able to offer ample safety to members. Lack of DDoS protection and SSL encryption is a massive problem as third parties can attack the website quickly.

License and Registration of StarkMarkets

None of the official regulators in the industry have licensed the platform. And this is proven by the fact that they fail to post any license details on their website. A legitimate broker will post copies of their certificates for all to see. Members can verify the details using the regulator’s search engines. Stark Markets IS NOT LICENSED OR REGULATED to offer any trading services. They have been blacklisted by the Italian financial watchdog, which is proof of their inadequacy.

Safety of funds with StarkMarkets

The platform is not able to safeguard funds deposited by investors. They are not segregating accounts as dictated by trading regulations. And this is why no one should sign up with the platform. Transparency is an issue as the broker does not indicate the terms and conditions present. The platform is pooling funds into one account, which is extremely risky. Expect no compensation as the broker is not in any compensatory scheme.

Scam or Legit StarkMarkets

StarkMarkets Trading Platform

Evidence is clear; this is a scam that has already been blacklisted by CONSOB. Stay away and use reputable industry brokers backed by experts. They are the only safe partner when it comes to trading.

We wish you all the best in your trading endeavors.

3 Replies to “StarkMarkets Review: is an awful Scam”

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    • - Can't withdraw your funds from this fraudulent company or broker?
    • - Have they asked you to pay excessive withdrawal fees or to deposit more funds?
    • - Or is there an excessive delay in processing your withdrawal?
    • - Are they trying to push you into depositing more money with them even without withdrawing the one you've already put in?

    It's a CONFIRMED scam broker/company, recover your stolen funds by filling out the form below and you will get a FREE Got-Payback consultation today:

    Fill in the form in the page below to recover your lost funds from this scam company
    You will be redirected to after clicking the image

  2. Avatar
    JL Lee

    I am too late to read this article. I already been scammed into Starkmarkets and I have difficulty to withdraw me balances, any help I can get from any government agencies,. I could not even find their address in United Kingdom which they claim they have a branch there. The credit card transaction reveal the transaction is at St Peterburg

  3. Avatar
    Derrick Mills

    WOW! What an experience! CANADIANS STAY AWAY. The time that I signed up to StarkMarkets, I could not find any reviews – good or bad. I will start off saying our experience has not been good at all. Is it a scam or not? I will chalk it up that they have poor customer service and only care about themselves. First, I want to start off that I found this information on Facebook and then I signed up with the minimum of $250. They responded quickly with a phone call and I was set up with an adviser. The adviser was set on us depositing $1500 as there was a ‘deal’ that the company would then give us another $500 to work with. I tried to put this on my credit card and it did not go through so we put smaller payments on it. I had a smaller payment go through and I did this a few more times and it did not work. She asked if there was another credit card I could use and I said that I would check with my wife and that did not work either. I called my credit card company and they deemed it as suspicious and would not authorize it as they didn’t know enough information about the company. My credit card company wouldn’t tell me if it was a scam or not. I found online from my research that credit card companies frowned upon using their credit to make money. I ended up getting a prepaid credit card and then that actually worked. I invested about $1100 CND in total. I am typically a skeptical and cautious person. My wife felt that I should take a chance on this as we have very little idea how the stock market works and we wanted to learn. I did get upset when the adviser indicated that women were smarter than men and the female adviser seemed to connect better with my wife than me. We did end up getting a new adviser due to this situation. It was not just her comment about women being smarter than men. It was the build up constantly being on the computer trying to put through our funds as they kept getting denied. She was clearly distracted as she was ‘multi’ tasking as she indicated with other clients. A lot of our time was eaten up waiting for her to respond back.

    We ended up getting another adviser which seemed to be really great. We were on the phone every day or every other day for about month. Things seemed to go downhill when we wanted to withdraw money. We asked on a Thursday and he responded on the Friday saying that we would talk on Monday as the financial department was closed for the weekend. On Monday, he wanted us to take some training before discussing a withdrawal. We ended up losing contact with him for nearly a week after this. One of our investments ate up most of our profit. We finally got back in touch and he asked us what happened to our investment. We wanted to take a loss, but he always indicated to us to ride it out. He suggested that we should ‘hedge’. He indicated that there were two different ways to do it and he asked us which way we wanted to go. We went with the one option whereas we bought the same stock on the opposite and multiplied our investment by three. We did this for a day and we made a little bit of money, but not enough to correct it. We bought a couple of investments that put us over the suggested margin (10%). He said that he was really busy and he said that he would talk to us later. At this point, I decided that I was going to close the particular stock that I was losing in which meant that we were barely breaking even. When I talked to him, he asked why I had done that. He said that I could have leveraged/borrowed money to counteract that, but I didn’t know this was an option. I told him that I felt that this was the best decision and he supported that. I didn’t want to be completely out of the game. We had a couple of more training sessions, but they were vague. We tried to communicate again with him to review what we had learned, but the communication was very weak. The directions were hard to follow as there was music playing in the background and another time when there was wind in the background making it hard to hear. He indicated that he was outside. We had been watching the reviews as things have been developing and have come to the conclusion that we have been taken advantage of as it has clearly been about their needs and not ours. We are not giving up on investing in stocks, but we have chosen to close everything off, leaving them a few hundred dollars. We are clearly leaving because of the poor costumer service.

    On a side note, here are some things that I found frustrating. Once we connected, I received several phone calls saying that your account is setup and when I indicated that I had already set it up, one of the companies told me that the company I was using was not accredited. When they were talking to me they were affiliated and this is how they got my information. Our credit cards all had to be replaced due to credit card fraud shortly after signing up. I am not indicating that they had something to do with it, but it is very suspicious. I am a Canadian, polite, but also feel that they took advantage of that. I do believe in the motto: Shame on them, but shame on me to allowing them to continue taking advantage of me. I am sure there are good companies out there and I will find them and they will have my loyalty.

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